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Adams-ISC in Rapid City Offers Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies and Hose Repair

Did you know that Adams-ISC fabricates custom hydraulic hose on an almost daily basis?

Our trained hydraulic experts can manufacture and repair custom hydraulic hoses to your exact specifications. We have an unmatched parts inventory with a wide selection of hose, fittings, and adapters. Adams-ISC understands that hydraulic hose failures never happen at a convenient time and that you need your equipment back up and running as soon as possible. We want to help you by providing a solution that is made for your application, is cost effective, and will help to prevent future repairs.

The Adams-ISC GC32-XD Crimper

Gates GC32-XD Crimper

Our shop houses a Gates GC32-XD crimper, which allows us to crimp every hose and coupling in the Gates hydraulic catalog. Our fast, open crimper head accommodates any Gates hose or coupling configuration and makes them at a rate that’s twice as fast as the Gates OmniCrimp 21, (which the GC32-XD replaces).

Internally, the GC32-XD uses a cloverleaf design that produces a better crimp. Unlike standard annular head configurations, Gates exclusive cloverleaf design reinforces the piston so the dies move smoother for more consistent crimps without any taper in the crimp O.D.

GC32-XD Crimper Features

  • The world’s first global crimper
  • Crimps every hose and coupling in the Gates hydraulic catalog
  • Features a 2-stage pump and 5 HP motor
  • Twice as fast as the Gates OmniCrimp 21 crimper, which it replaces
  • Equipped with color-coded die sets and a Quick Change Tool

What advantages does the Gates GC32-XD crimper give Adams-ISC?

  • We can crimp every size of hose that Gates has available. Many crimpers can’t crimp larger hose sizes.

Top brands of hose we sell:HoseAssemblies-Cutout

  • Gates, Dixon

Types of hose we offer:

  • Air, Oil, Water, Fuel, Hydraulic, A/C, Air brake, Pressure washer

Maximum I.D. (Inside Diameter) hose we crimp:

  • 2 inch I.D. (any hose length)

Types of applications we make hose for:

  • Industrial machinery, Agricultural equipment, Automotive fuel, A/C, Power steering, Return lines for low and high pressure hydraulic lines, up to 6,000 psi

Hose couplings / fittings we offer:

  • National pipe thread, Jic, Oring boss, Flat face, British pipe, DIN, Compression, Banjo, Code 61 and 62 flange, Japanese industrial

Types of repairs we offer:

  • Splicing new hose, Shorten and lengthen new Gates hose, Reuse old hose ends if needed via soldering

Custom hose cost:

  • Custom hose is sold by the inch plus assembly fee. Assembly fee goes up as I.D. increases in size.

Custom hose fabrication and/or repair lead times:

  • If we have the parts on-hand, hydraulic assemblies can be made in minutes. Custom hoses that require soldering can take an hour or more depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

So…What is a Hydraulic Hose Assembly and What’s In It?

Hydraulic Hose Construction

There are three major components of all hydraulic hoses. A hose consists of a tube, reinforcement, and a cover.


  • The tube is specially compounded to chemically resist any adverse effects of the fluid flowing through it. It must be resistant to corrosion, deterioration, and the effects of extreme temperatures. The inside diameter (ID) of the tube is the key measurement of hose size. It must provide the proper volume of fluid for the specific application. For an SAE specification hose, the smaller the ID of the tube, the higher the pressure it can handle.
  • The reinforcement determines the working pressure of the hose. It is either a braid or a spiral wrap and is made from natural fibers, synthetic materials, or wire. Some hoses have a reinforcement that is a combination of fiber and wire, or multiple layers of wire braids or spiral layers.
  • The cover protects the tube and reinforcement from heat, abrasion, corrosion, and deterioration. It can be made from synthetic rubber, fiber braids, or a combination of both. Synthetic rubber covers are more resistant to abrasion than textile-braid covers. Textile-braid covers are preferred when gases are present because gases traveling through the hose will not cause a textile-braid cover to blister or separate from the tube. However, textile-braid covers can trap oil, dirt, and other contaminants which can shorten hose life.

Basics of Couplings / Fittings

Couplings are the metal components of a hydraulic hose assembly and attach the hose to the equipment. The stem end connects to the hose and the thread end attaches to the equipment.

Field-Attachable (Reusable) Couplings / Fittings

Higher pressure hoses can use field-attachable (reusable) couplings or permanent couplings. Field-attachable couplings can be fit right on the hose using a wrench and a vise. No special equipment is required.  Even though they are convenient, they typically cost more than permanent couplings and take more time to attach.

Permanent Couplings / Fittings

Crimping and/or swaging equipment is needed to put a permanent coupling on a hose. Permanent couplings can be pre-assembled (one piece), such as the Gates MegaCrimp couplings. One-piece couplings have the ferrule permanently attached to the stem.

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