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Hub City HERA High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drive

Customers who use right-angle gearboxes are discovering the power and efficiency of Hub City’s HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) gear drive, featuring hypoid helical gearing, to replace traditional worm gear drives.

Worm gear reducers are mechanical drivetrain components that are used to reduce shaft speed and increase torque. Typical applications include conveyors, mixers, food processing equipment, hoists, augers, and packaging equipment. While worm gearing is an economical means of torque multiplication, it is also quite inefficient due to the friction between components. The added power it takes to overcome this friction is lost in the form of heat, which significantly reduces operating efficiency. So, even though they are inexpensive to purchase, worm gearboxes are relatively costly to operate.

HERA Gear Drive

The Hub City HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) gear reducer is a direct replacement for worm gearing and offers 90% operating efficiency, which means it converts power from an electric motor into mechanical power with only a ten percent loss of energy. The HERA delivers up to two times more torque than traditional worm gear drives plus it has a smaller footprint.

In many applications, because the HERA allows the motor to work less while delivering more power, the total energy requirement is reduced enough to allow for motor downsizing. This results in a lower initial cost and efficiency gains.

Energy savings from the HERA gearbox translates to massive cost savings over time.

Why HERA Gear Drives?

  • Up to 40% more efficient than standard worm gearing
  • Dimensionally interchangeable to up to 11 sizes of worm drives for inventory consolidation
  • Available with a variety of Marathon Premium Efficiency motors for even more energy savings
  • Bronze Bushing Quill Liner to prevent fretting and for easy motor removal (56C & 143TC)
  • Increased Torque Density and Efficiency allow for downsizing of units and motors
  • Filled with PAG460 premium synthetic lubricant for enhanced efficiency (Meets USDA H1)
  • Viton Double Lip Seals protect against leaks at higher temperatures
  • Longer life expectancy than that of standard worm gearing
  • Rapid payback – Up to $550 savings per year with each increment of motor HP
  • Three year warranty

HERA Brochure from Hub City


Also Available: HERA Stainless Steel ModelsStainless Steel HERA

The Stainless Steel HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) Gear Drive made for operating in harsh or wet environments. Features include:

  • PAG460—food grade lubricant
  • Viton seals—work well in hot applications
  • Quill-style units—use 2 bearings, instead of 1
  • IP69K Certification

HERA Stainless Steel Brochure from Hub City

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