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ISC Automation – Control Parts Distribution & UL Listed Panel Shop

ISC-Companies ISC-Automation Location MapIn the fall of 2020, ISC Automation (a division of ISC Companies) moved to a newly-renovated office and manufacturing space that’s located just across the highway from our company headquarters in Plymouth, MN. The new location provides the added space that was needed to accommodate the rapid expansion of this division.

Office Space = 1,466 sq.ft.

Production Floor Space = 5,114 sq.ft.

  • Electrical parts inventory and storage
  • Control panel workstations for assembly and testing
  • Loading dock for shipping and receiving

Who is ISC Automation?

ISC-Automation LogoISC Automation is the rebranded “Sensors & Controls Group” from ISC Companies. Because sensors and controls is only a small part of what we offer, we created a new identity that better encompasses our range of capabilities. ISC Automation is both a distributor of electrical control components and a UL listed (508A/698A) panel shop that specializes in designing, building, programming, and testing industrial control panels.

Control panels are used in virtually all manufacturing settings and are an essential part of any automation or process control system. Every control panel application is different and each job site has specific spatial requirements, load requirements, and component requirements. Our team of engineers, designers, and programmers work with the customer to gain an in-depth understanding of their process requirements and equipment. With a thorough understanding of their system, we can create a control solution that fits their specifications, budget, and project needs.

Our commitment to our UL certifications means that every control panel is built using fully-tested components that meet industry standards. As a distributor, we source and integrate only the highest quality components from our trusted manufacturer partners to ensure a long-lasting, safe, and reliable system.

Let us help you modernize your control panel.

We also offer build-to-print services for clients with pre-designed control panels. We can update and optimize the design and documentation and review the components to identify any upgrades or parts with a more economical equivalent.

Why to choose ISC Automation—a UL-Listed Panel Shop—for your industrial control panel needs?

  1. UL listed control panels must be built by a UL listed panel shopISC Companies UL Listed Logo Picture
  2. Some industries require UL listed control panels
  3. UL certified control panels are easier to approve by third-party inspectors
  4. We help customers determine if their existing panels meet UL standards
  5. Once a panel is UL certified, we can produce subsequent panels without having each inspected by UL
ISC Automation Office Space

ISC Automation Office Space

ISC Automation Shop Floor Work Station

ISC Automation Shop Floor Work Station

ISC Automation Conference Room

ISC Automation Conference Room

ISC Automation Protected Work Station

ISC Automation Protected Work Station

ISC Automation Parts Bins

ISC Automation Parts Inventory/Bins

UL Panel Shop Work Station

ISC Automation Shop Floor Work Station

Typical ISC Automation Project Phases:

  1. Client site visit / On-site machine reviewControl Panel Board
  2. Review of old equipment / Existing equipment details
    • Customer to provide existing documentation, if any
    • Research and development
    • Component assessment
  3. Address any issues discovered upon review of existing equipment
  4. Review non-conformities, component and programming upgrades, component alternatives/lower cost equivalents
  5. New equipment details / Project Proposal / Timeline
  6. Engineering Services
    • Mechanical engineering / design (mechanical drawings created)
    • Electrical engineering / design (control schematics created)
  7. New equipment details / Final design review / Customer approval
  8. Final machine build / Full documentation
  9. Programming / Software development
  10. Equipment testing / Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  11. On-site startup support

ISC Automation Highlights & Facts

  • We maintain our UL508a/UL698a certification to better serve our customers
  • Our team works together to design and build custom control solutions that meet the needs of our customers
  • Whether your control panel needs to be UL certified or not, we design and build all control panels to the same high quality standards
  • Precise project quotes with alternative options offered to reduce costs and/or shorten lead times when possible
  • Volume purchasing of industrial control components at distributor levels helps to minimize costs
  • Internal QC inspections to ensure customer expectations are met
  • Personnel to assist in FATs to solve problems before installation
  • Company truck for local deliveries
  • ISC Companies machine shop for custom fabrication solutions

Learn more about ISC Automation and UL Panel Shop Capabilities here.