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ISC Companies has SealMaster Skwezloc Concentric Locking Bearings

Originally designed and patented in 1966, SealMaster SKWEZLOC concentric lock has become synonymous with concentric locking and has been redesigned to accommodate “Commercial” grade Turned & Polished (T&P) shaft tolerances with improved lock reliability on Turned Ground & Polished (TG&P) shaft tolerances.

skwezloc bearings

SKWEZLOC concentric locking collar clamp design results in near perfect concentricity of the shaft to bearing bore and maintains near perfect ball path roundness, while reducing fretting corrosion. This design eliminates the shaft damage of setscrew locking, and minimizes bearing induced vibration for smoother, quieter operation. The collar has a TORX Plus head cap screw that outlasts stripping 12 times longer than hex head cap screws.

SealMaster SKWEZLOC Brochure

Design Features:

  • Innovative circumferential groove on the inner ring bore that improves shaft grip and reduces raceway distortion for quieter smoother operation allowing for improved lock reliability.
  • Larger cap screw and collar for improved clamping force to the shaft.
  • Designed for use on “Commercial” T&P shafting, potential user cost reduction on shafting by specifying “Commercial” tolerances.
  • Same simple single screw installation, no axial movement during installation or risk of preloading the bearing which are concerns when using an adapter lock design.

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