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ISC Companies Hosts 2021 AD Field Marketing Summit March 23

It was a day of fun, food, prizes, and most importantly strategy at the ISC Companies AD (Affiliated Distributors) Field Marketing Summit held on March 23, 2021, at ISC headquarters in Minneapolis. This year, ISC Companies selected the following AD vendors as 2021 FMS supplier partners: Bando, Beltservice, Fenner Drives, NACHI, Solve (IPTCI, PTI), and Tsubaki. In attendance were sales and marketing representatives from ISC Companies Minneapolis (HQ) and ISC Companies Sioux Falls (branch) and from our affiliate Adams-ISC in Rapid City (branch) and each vendor was represented by one or more field sales team members.

The 1-day FMS included 20-minute power point presentations from each vendor, 20-minute one-on-one meetings between ISC Companies sales reps and our vendor field sales reps, and—to close out a successful day—we planned a post-FMS social hour (or two) with food, drinks, socializing, and prize drawings.

A major benefit of holding this event is that it allows our sales team to meet face-to-face with each of the manufacturer’s field sales representatives, where they can plan and strategize which customers to target and what products to promote to help drive mutual market share growth.

Thank you FMS 2021 Supplier Partners

What is an AD Field Marketing Summit?

As an AD member, ISC Companies is taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in AD’s Field Marketing Summit (FMS) program, which features integral planning events, where members from our selling team come together with members from our selected supplier partners to build relationships and create actionable marketing and sales plans for the upcoming year. The result is the creation of Sales Stimulator Programs, featuring AD-incentivized action items that drive more sales for both us (the AD member) and our supplier partners (the AD vendors).

Participation in the Field Marketing Summit not only helps our sales and management teams build personal and working relationships with our vendor partners, but also provides a means of aligning sales goals with participating vendors and establishing deadlines to help us hold each other accountable for the commitments we agreed upon during the FMS.

Overall, it was a very productive day and we look forward to participating in future AD Field Marketing Summits!