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NACHI Deep Groove Ball Bearings

NACHI 6200 Deep Groove Ball BearingNACHI deep groove ball bearings, or radial ball bearings, are the most popular of all the ball bearing types because they are available in a wide variety of seal, shield, and snap-ring arrangements.

The bearing ring grooves are circular arcs made slightly larger than the radius of the ball. The balls make point contact with the raceways (elliptical contact when loaded). The inner ring shoulders are of equal height (as the outer ring shoulders).

Deep groove ball bearings can sustain radial, axial, or composite loads and because of simple design, this bearing type can be produced to provide both high-running accuracy and high-speed operation.


  • Longer Life Adopted NACHI original seal design to prevent contamination and grease leakage. Contains special grease for wider temperature ranges and longer life.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation The precision level of our bearing components has been enhanced to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
  • Low Torque Lower rotating torque by improving seal lips.


  • Electric Motors Quiet operation realized by proper clearance, recommend fitting practice. Lower noise lubricants. Suitable for all speed ranges applications requiring low noise.
  • Automotive Alternators Longer life in vibrations and high temperature environments.
  • Automotive Starters High reliability in periodic use of vibrations and high temperature environments.
  • Compressors Long life pump rotors which compress air in low temperature and low viscosity lubrication environments.
  • Blowers Quiet and stable operation on fan rotors at high speed, in environments with vibration and high temperatures.
  • Transmissions Compact design for light weight to achieve high performance.

Dimension Tables

  1. http://www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp/eng/jik/pdf/147-158.pdf
    Bore Diameter:10 – 320mm
  2. http://www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp/eng/jik/pdf/159-166.pdf
    With snap ring groove / With snap ring / Shield type with snap ring
    Bore Diameter: 10 – 130mm

NACHI Ball Bearing Configuration

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