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Nexen FMCBE Flange Mount Clutch-Brakes

Precise, Compact, and Powerful

FMCBENexen FMCBE Flange Mounted Clutch-Brakes Enclosed are designed for controlled starts and stops in hostile, dirty environments. The totally enclosed design prevents contaminants from interfering with operation of the units while keeping worn friction material from escaping into the environment. Flange mounts directly to C-face motors up to 20 HP and reducers. An optional foot mount is available for belt drive applications, and an optional input unit allows you to incorporate pulleys or couplings into your application.


Stopping, holding, cycling and indexing, jogging and inching, connect/disconnect, accurate positioning, controlled acceleration, controlled deceleration, high inertia start or stop

FMCBE Features

  • IEC or NEMA input and output flanges
  • Clutch torque: 10 to 220 Nm at 5.5 bar
  • Brake torque: 10 to 240 Nm at 5.5 bar
  • Shaft diameter: 14 to 42 mm; 0.500″ to 1.625″
  • Compatible with IEC frame sizes 71A to 160M
  • Accommodates 1/6 to 20 HP and 0.25 kW to 15 kW motors
  • Air-engaged/spring-release design
  • VISSC, USDA, NEMA 4, and National Dairy 3-A approved
  • Spring engaged brake models available
  • Totally enclosed or open models available
  • Self-adjusting for friction facing wear
  • Electroless nickel plating or black oxide coating
  • Electroless nickel meets NEMA standard for 1.26.5 for waterproof machines
  • BISSC units ideal for baking, food and dairy industries
  • Totally enclosed design is perfect for dirty, dusty or wet environments
  • Flange or foot mount capabilities for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Foot mount units ideal for couplings for pulleys
  • Single piston design eliminates clutch/brake overlap
  • Optional locking key eliminates key wobble and roll over
  • Operates on static air pressure
  • Optional integral valve units allow for simple installation
  • Modular clutch-brake system allows for custom designing
  • Simple design means easy, quick and inexpensive to repair
  • Faster cycle rates than electric: ideal for cycling applications
  • Up to 40% more heat dissipation than electric units
  • Higher torque ratings than electric units
  • More efficient than electric units – requires 60% less energyto operate
  • Up to twice the operating life of electric units
  • Lower upfront cost – average of 21% less than electric units
  • Standard NEMA or IEC motor frame sizes makes it easy to replace electric clutch/brake models

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