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Accurate Bushing / ABC / Smith Bearing

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Accurate Bushing Company / ABC / Smith Bearing

ABC Smith Bearing Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the ABC / Smith Bearing products listed on this page and many others that can be found on smithbearing.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Smith Bearing is a trademark of Accurate Bushing Company (ABC). Products include a wide range of precision bearings including cam follower needle roller bearings (inch/metric, stainless steel, self-lube bushing), SMITH-TRAX with tapered roller bearings and deep-groove ball bearings for high-thrust loads, aerospace and military needle roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, and drill jig bushings. Smith Bearing Product Catalog

Cam Followers (Needle Rollers) Yoke/Stud Type

Cam follower (needle roller) bearings are for applications that have radial loads. They are not intended for axial or thrust loads. Sealed and pre-greased versions are the most common.

  • CR and YR Series (Stud and Yoke Type Cam Followers) are made from high-alloy steel and used where running and shock loads are moderate. Bearing capacity is limited by the moderately sized stud.
  • HR Series (Heavy Stud Type Cam Followers) are made from high-alloy steel and have a larger diameter stud for use in applications with high running and/or heavy shock loads where deflection is held to a minimum. Rollers and outer races are identical to the standard CR series.
  • CR-XB-SS and YR-X-SS (Stainless Steel Cam Followers) are made from 440 stainless steel and intended for applications in harsh environments that require increased corrosion resistance.
  • DCR and DYR Series (Double Row Heavy Duty Cam Followers) have a double row of heavy duty rollers, thicker outer rings, and full-contact seals for improved grease retention.
  • BCR and BYR Series (Non-Metallic Bushing) have non-metallic plastic bushings, which eliminates or reduces the need for lubrication. Continuous feed oil lubrication can be used to reduce wear.
  • MCR and MYR Series (Stud and Yoke Type Cam Followers) metric needle roller bearings are made from high-alloy steel and used where running and shock loads are moderate. Capacity is limited by the moderately sized stud.
  • MUTD and NUKR Series (Double Row Heavy Duty Cam Followers) have a double row of heavy rollers for extremely high load applications. Metallic side shields help to retain grease and keep out contaminants.

Stud Type Industrial

CR SERIES Study type : ScrewdriverCR: Screwdriver

CR-BC/CR-XBC SERIES Stud type: Crowned with Hex HeadCR-BC/CR-XBC: Crowned Hex

HR Series Heavy Stud Type : Screwdriver SlotHR Heavy: Screwdriver

HR-BC/HR-XBC Series Heavy Stud Type: Crowned with Hex HeadHR-BC/HR-XBC Heavy Crowned Hex

BCR SERIES Stud Type: Hex HeadBCR: Hex

CR-B/CR-XB SERIES Stud type: Hex HeadCR-B/CR-XB: Hex

CR-E Series Eccentric Stud Type: Hex DriveCR-E Eccentric: Hex Drive

HR Series Heavy Stud Type: Hex HeadHR Heavy: Hex

DCR SERIES : SMITH XTREME Double Row Heavy RollerDCR: Dbl Row Heavy

CR-C/CR-XC SERIES Stud type: Crowned with Screwdriver SlotCR-C/CR-XC: Crowned Screwdriver

CR-SS SERIES : Stainless Steel Corrosion ResistantCR-SS: Stainless Steel

HR-C/HR-XC Series Heavy Stud Type: Crowned with Screwdriver SlotHR-C/HR-XC Heavy Screwdriver

BCR SERIES Stud Type : Screwdriver SlotBCR: Screwdriver

Yoke Type Industrial

YR-C & YR-XC: Crowned Outer RaceYR-C/YR-XC: Crowned Outer Race

DYR & DYR-C SMITH EXTREME Double Row Heavy RollerDYR/DYR-C Dbl Row Heavy

YR & YR-X: Non-Sealed/SealedYR & YR-X: Non-Sealed/Sealed

BYR: Yoke Roller with Non-Metallic BushingBYR: Yoke Non-Metal Bush

YR-X-SS: Stainless Steel SealedYR-X-SS: Stainless Sealed


Metric Stud Type Industrial

MCR/MCR-S Series Caged: Screw-Driver SlotMCR/MCR-S Caged: Screwdriver

MCRV-B/MCRV-SB Series Full Complement: Hex-DriveMCRV-B/MCRV-SB Full: Hex

MCR-B/MCR-SB Series Caged: Hex-DriveMCR-B/MCR-SB Caged: Hex

NUKR SERIES : Metric Double Row Heavy RollerNUKR: Metric Dbl Row Heavy

MCRV/MCRV-S Series Full Complement: Screw-Driver SlotMCRV/MCRV-S Full: Screwdriver


Metric Yoke Type Industrial

MYR/MYR-S Series: CagedMYR/MYR-S: Caged

MYRV/MYRV-S Series: Full ComplementMYRV/MYRV-S: Full Complement

MUTD: Metric Double Row Heavy RollerMUTD: Metric Dbl Row Heavy

SMITH-TRAX Track Rollers

SMITH-TRAX track rollers are high carbon steel or corrosion resistant stainless steel. The internal tapered roller or angular contact ball bearing design is ideal for applications with both high radial and high axial loads. They are available in stud or yoke style with a plain straight, flanged, or v-shaped outer race design.

PCR: Plain Stud TypePCR: Plain Stud

PYR: Plain Yoke TypePYR: Plain Yoke

MPCR: Plain Stud TypeMPCR: Plain Stud

MPYR: Plain Yoke TypeMPYR: Plain Yoke

FCR: Flanged Stud TypeFCR: Flanged Stud

FYR Flange Yoke TypeFYR: Flange Yoke

MFCR: Flanged Stud TypeMFCR: Flanged Stud

MFYR: Flange Yoke TypeMFYR: Flange Yoke

VCR: V-Groove Stud TypeVCR: V-Groove Stud

VYR V-Groove Yoke TypeVYR: V-Groove Yoke

MVCR: V-Groove Stud TypeMVCR: V-Groove Stud

MVYR: V-Groove Yoke TypeMVYR: V-Groove Yoke

Ancillary Bearings

Yoke type chain rollers are typically used in fork-lift style equipment or other chain guide applications with a double flanged outer ring design. Spherical plain bearings (GEZ Bearings) are assembled units, with a spherical outside diameter inner ring and spherical inside diameter outer ring. Inner ring races (IRR Series) are hardened and ground and are used as bushings or sleeves. They have radial oil holes and an annular lubrication groove.

YR-Chain Rollers: Yoke TypeYR-Chain Rollers: Yoke

IRR: Inner Ring RacesIRR: Inner Ring Races

GEZ: Spherical Plain BearingsGEZ: Spherical Plain Bearings


Drill Jig Bushings

Drill jig bushings are manufactured to ANSI standard tolerances and made from select steels known for long wear and stability.

P Type: Headless Press-FitP Type: Headless Press-Fit

SF Type: Slip-Fixed RenewableSF Type: Slip-Fixed Renewable

LS Type: Lock Screws for ANSI Carbide and Extended Renewable BushingsLS Type: Lock Screws

H Type: Head Press-FitH Type: Head Press-Fit

L Type: Headless LinerL Type: Headless Liner

TW Type: Lock Screws for Thin Wall Renewable BushingsTW Type: Lock Screws

F Type: Fixed RenewableF Type: Fixed Renewable

HL Type: Head LinerHL Type: Head Liner

Aerospace Bearings

Smith aircraft bearings meet the standards of the aerospace industry and conform to military standards.


YAFYAF (as,ms)

YASYAS (as,ms)

YADYAD (abma)

YAGYAG (as,ms)

HRSHRS (nas)





YADYAD (as,ms)

YAG (abma)





YAT (SMITH)YAT (as,ms)


YASYAS (abma)


HRSHRS (as,ms)

CHRSCHRS (as,ms)



Smith Rail

Hardened and precision ground, Smith guide rails are available in multiple lengths and configurations.

SRV-SRP-SRHP: Inch Guide RailSRV-SRP-SRHP: Inch Rail

MSRV-MSRP: Metric Guide RailsMSRV-MSRP: Metric Rail

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