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Bando – Industrial V-Belts and Timing Belts

Bando USA Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Bando USA products listed on this page and many others that can be found on bandousa.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Bando USA is a manufacturer of power transmission belts for industrial and automotive applications including V-belts, timing belts, serpentines, high temperature conveyor belts, power equipment belts for clutching, pulleys, bushings, trapezoidal pitches, and metric constructions. Bando Belt Design Worksheet.


Power AcePower Ace (3V, 5V, 8V)

Power King Combo Power Ace ComboPower Ace Combo (3V, 5V, 8V)

Rib AceRib Ace V-Belts (J, PK, L, M)

Duraflex GLDuraflex GL (3L, 4L, 5L)

Metric V BeltsMetric V-Belts

Power Ace Cog ComboPower King Cog Combo (BX)

BanFlex ComboBanFlex Combo (5MS, 7MS, 11MS)

Power KingPower King (A, B, C, D, E)

Power King Combo Power Ace ComboPower King Combo (B, C, D)

Power Ace Cog ComboPower Ace Cog Combo (3VX, 5VX)

Double VDouble V (AA, BB, CC)

Duraflex VC Cogged and DC Double CloggedDuraflex DC

BanFlexBanFlex (3M, 5M, 7M, 11M)

Ultrapower AG KCUltrapower AG KC

Power Ace CogPower Ace Cog (3VX, 5VX)

Power Ace CogPower King Cog (AX, BX, CX)

Power King Combo Power Ace ComboPower Ace Aramid Combo (5VK, 8VK)

Power MaxPower Max (Variable Speed Belts)

Duraflex GL CogDuraflex GL Cog (2L)

Duraflex GL CogDuraflex VC

Timing Belts

Synchro Link STSSynchro-Link STS

Synchro Link High TorqueSynchro-Link HT

Synchro Link Double Sided PolyurethaneSynchro-Link Double Sided Polyurethane (ARPM)

Synchro-Link Double Sided-Timing Belts PolyurethaneSynchro-Link Double Sided Polyurethane

High Performance HPSSynchro-Link HPS

Synchro LinkSynchro-Link (Trapezoidal)

Synchro-Link Timing Belts PolyurethaneSynchro-Link Polyurethane

King Power KPSII SynchronousSynchro-Link KPS

Synchro Link PolyurethaneSynchro-Link Polyurethane (ARPM)

Synchro-Link Double Sided Timing Belts NeopreneSynchro-Link Double Sided Neoprene

Timing Belt Pulleys

Synchro-Link HT MPB Timing Belt PulleysSynchro-Link HT MPB

Synchro-Link HT QD Timing Belt PulleysSynchro-Link HT QD

Synchro-Link Trapezoidal TL Timing Belt PulleysSynchro-Link Trapezoidal TL

Synchro-Link Trapezoidal MPBSynchro-Link Trapezoidal MPB

Synchro-Link Trapezoidal QD Timing Belt PulleysSynchro-Link Trapezoidal QD

Synchro-Link STS MPB PulleysSynchro-Link STS MPB

Synchro-Link STS TL Timing Belt PulleysSynchro-Link STS TL


QD BushingQD Bushing

TL BushingTL Bushing

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