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Lubriplate Lubricants – Food Grade Lubricants, Fluids, Oils, Greases

Lubriplate Page LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Lubriplate products listed on this page and others found on lubriplate.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Founded in 1870, Fiske Brothers Refining Co—now Lubriplate Lubricants Co.—is the oldest independent lubricant manufacturer in the United States. Lubriplate produces a full range of both synthetic, long life, and petroleum-based industrial lubricants that are formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide the protection needed to meet current production demands.

Lubriplate’s environmentally responsible lubricants are formulated to help reduce their impact on the environment without sacrificing performance, while also helping customers comply with increasingly-stringent environmental regulations.

Automotive Lubricants

345 Motor Oil345 Motor Oil

HDS Motor OilsHDS Motor Oils

Auto Marine GuardAuto/Marine Guard

Transmission FluidsTransmission Fluids

GPO SeriesGPO Series

Non-Detergent Motor OilsNon-Detergent Motor Oils

Compressor Fluids

AC SeriesAC Series

SFGO Ultra SeriesSFGO Ultra Series

Syncool SeriesSyncool Series

Natural Gas Compressor FluidsNatural Gas Compressor Fluids

Syn Lube SeriesSyn Lube Series

SynXtreme ACSynXtreme AC

Refrigeration Compressor FluidsRefrigeration Compressor Fluids

Synac SeriesSynac Series

Turbine OilTurbine Oil

Environmentally Responsible Lubricants

Biobased EP-2Biobased EP-2

Bio-Synxtreme HF SeriesBio-Synxtreme HF Series


ZF SeriesZF Series

Biobased SeriesBiobased Series

Marine-Safe SeriesMarine-Safe Series

Special Auto MarineSpecial Auto Marine

Bio-Synxtreme EGOBio-Synxtreme EGO

PGO SeriesPGO Series

UTF-Bio-Based GreenUTF-Bio-Based Green

Food Grade Lubricants

3H Direct3H Direct

Clearplex SeriesClearplex Series

FGL SeriesFGL Series

FML SeriesFML Series

Pan Divider OilPan Divider Oil

Pure FlushPure Flush

Seamer Oil FG SeriesSeamer Oil FG Series

Syn H1-220Syn H1-220

Syncool FGSyncool FG

Synxtreme FRH1-46Synxtreme FRH1-46

78 Series78 Series

CS-FG EP SeriesCS-FG EP Series

FMO SeriesFMO Series

FP SeriesFP Series

PGO-FGL SeriesPGO-FGL Series

Pure TacPure Tac

SSO-FG SeriesSSO-FG Series

Syn MPFG-7Syn MPFG-7

Synflush FGSynflush FG

Barrier FluidBarrier Fluid

FG Cooker OilFG Cooker Oil

FMO-AW SeriesFMO-AW Series

HTCL-FG SeriesHTCL-FG Series

PM SeriesPM Series

SFL SeriesSFL Series

STO SeriesSTO Series

Syn ST High Perf. H-1 SpecialSyn ST High Perf. H-1 Special

Synxtreme FG SeriesSynxtreme FG Series

Gear, Bearing, Chain & Recirculating Fluids

APG SeriesAPG Series

CP SeriesCP Series

HTCL-FG SeriesHTCL-FG Series

SPO SeriesSPO Series

Synthetic High Temp SeriesSynthetic High Temp Series

Kling Gear SeriesKling Gear Series

Super Chain OilSuper Chain Oil

Syn Lube HD SeriesSyn Lube HD Series

Syn Lube XHD 3200Syn Lube XHD 3200

Chain and Cable SeriesChain and Cable Series

HO SeriesHO Series

Machine Tool SeriesMachine Tool Series

Synthetic Worm Gear SeriesSynthetic Worm Gear Series

Hydraulic Fluids

Bio-Extreme HF SeriesBio-Extreme HF Series

Fiske AW SeriesFiske AW Series


Metalworking Fluids

No. 35 Soluble OilNo. 35 Soluble Oil

Darl No.2 Cutting OilDarl No.2 Cutting Oil

No. 405 Dark Cutting OilNo. 405 Dark Cutting Oil

Flokool XX Cutting OilFlokool XX Cutting Oil


Multi-Purpose Greases

176 Gear Grease176 Gear Grease

630 Series630 Series


3000 Series3000 Series

CS-FG EP SeriesCS-FG EP Series


Low TempLow Temp


NO. 1444NO. 1444

Power Hammer & ChiselPower Hammer & Chisel


Synxtreme HT MaxSynxtreme HT Max

Wheel Bearing LubricantWheel Bearing Lubricant

100 Series100 Series

730 Series730 Series

1240 Series1240 Series





Multi-Lube AMulti-Lube A

NO. 5555NO. 5555

SFL SeriesSFL Series

SYN 1600 SeriesSYN 1600 Series

SYN GR-132SYN GR-132

Synxtreme HD SeriesSynxtreme HD Series

130 Series130 Series

930 Series930 Series

1500 Series1500 Series

Clearplex SeriesClearplex Series


Gear Shield SeriesGear Shield Series

High TempHigh Temp

MAG SeriesMAG Series

NO. 777NO. 777

Poly HP-2Poly HP-2

Special Auto MarineSpecial Auto Marine

SYN 3000 SeriesSYN 3000 Series

Syn ST High Perf. H-1 SpecialSyn ST High Perf. H-1 Special

Specialty Lubricants

Air ToolAir Tool

Rock Drill SeriesRock Drill Series

Syn HTF-LightSyn HTF-Light

Vacuum Pump Oil SeriesVacuum Pump Oil Series

Heat Transfer Oil SeriesHeat Transfer Oil Series


Spray Lubricants

Synxtreme FG-2Synxtreme FG-2


Chain & Cable FluidChain & Cable Fluid


Silicone FluidsSilicone Fluids



Oil Well in a BottleOil Well in a Bottle

Marine & Auto GuardMarine & Auto Guard

Biodegradable Penetrating OilBiodegradable Penetrating Oil

SFGO Ultra 7SFGO Ultra 7

Spray Lube ASpray Lube A

Gear Shield Extra HeavyGear Shield Extra Heavy

Metal Working Fluid SprayMetal Working Fluid Spray

Perma Automatic Lubricators

Perma Automatic LubricatorsPerma Automatic Lubricators

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