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Sumitomo Drive Technologies

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Sumitomo Drive Technologies – Gearmotors, Reducers, Inverters

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Sumitomo Drive Technologies products listed on this page and others found on the Sumitomo Drive Technologies website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been trusted for over 130 years to provide quality products and innovative solutions to solve complex challenges. This rich history has made them a leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products in a wide variety of applications around the world. Since 1966, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America has served the United States by providing sales and support to industries such as food and beverage, parcel handling, automotive, and mining.

Sumitomo trade names: Cyclo, Paramax, Hyponic, BuddyBox, Beier, Hansen, Hedcon, Seisa, Altax, Compower, Fortress

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Altax Neo GearmotorALTAX NEO Gearmotor

Bevel BuddyBox 5Bevel BUDDYBOX 5 Gearmotor

Compower Planetary COMPOWER Planetary Gearmotor

Cyclo Overhead Conveyor DriveCYCLO Overhead Conveyor Drive

Prest Neo GearmotorPREST NEO Gearmotor

Astero GearmotorASTERO Gearmotor

Bevel BuddyBox HBevel BUDDYBOX H Series Gearmotor

Cyclo Drive GearmotorCYCLO 6000 Drive Gearmotor

Hyponic GearmotorHYPONIC Gearmotor

Rhytax GearmotorRHYTAX Gearmotor

Bevel BuddyBox 4Bevel BUDDYBOX 4 Gearmotor

Helical BuddyBoxHelical BUDDYBOX Gearmotor

Cyclo Drive Gearmotor with Torque LimiterCYCLO Gearmotor w/Torque Limiter

Paramax 9000 GearmotorPARAMAX 9000 Gearmotor

SKK Gearmotor AF/SFSKK Gearmotor AF/SF

Gear Reducers

Bevel BuddyBox 4 ReducerCYCLO Bevel BUDDYBOX 4 Reducer

Sumitomo Bevel BuddyBox H ReducerBevel BuddyBox H Reducer

Hansen M4ACC ReducerHansen M4 ACC Reducer

Hansen P4 Single Stage ReducerHansen P4 Single Stage Reducer

Helical Shaft Mount ReducerHelical Shaft Mount Reducer

Paramax SEB Series for ExtruderPARAMAX SEB for Extruder

Bevel BuddyBox 5 ReducerCYCLO Bevel BUDDYBOX 5 Reducer

Cyclo Drive ReducerCYCLO 6000 Reducer

Hansen P4 Multi Stage Horizontal ReducerHansen P4 Multi Stage Horizontal Reducer

Hansen P4 Uniminer ReducerHansen P4 UniMiner Reducer

Paramax 9000 ReducerPARAMAX 9000 Series Reducer

Paramax SFC Series for Cooling FanPARAMAX SFC Series for Cooling Towers

Sumitomo Cyclo Helical Buddybox ReducerCyclo Helical Buddybox Reducer

Cyclo Drive Reducer with Torque LimiterCYCLO Reducer w/Torque Limiter

Compower Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 ReducerCOMPOWER Planetary Reducer

Fortress Stainless SteelFORTRESS Stainless Steel

Hansen P4 Multi Stage Vertical ReducerHansen P4 Multi Stage Vertical Reducer

Hedcon Worm Gear ReducerHEDCON Worm Gear Reducer

Special Reducers

Large Industrial Gearbox for PaperLarge Gearbox for Paper Machines

Large Industrial Gearbox for MillLarge Gearbox for Mill

Motion Control

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes FC-A SeriesFine CYCLO A-Series FC Type

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes F3C-AFine CYCLO A-Series F3 Type

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes UA SeriesFine CYCLO UA-Series

Planetary Gear Reducer IB Series P1 TypePlanetary IB Series P1 Type

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes F1C-A SeriesFine CYCLO A-Series F1 Type

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes C SeriesFine CYCLO C-Series

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes T SeriesFine CYCLO T-Series

Cyclo Drive for Servo MotorsCYCLO Drive for Servo Motors

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes F2C-A SeriesFine CYCLO A-Series F2 Type

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes D SeriesFine CYCLO D-Series

Fine Cyclo High Precision Gearboxes W SeriesFine CYCLO W-Series


Beier Variator Beier Cyclo Variable Speed ReducerBEIER CYCLO Variator Variable Speed Gearmotor


SEISA GC CouplingSEISA GC Coupling

DC CouplingSEISA DC Coupling

VFDs & Predictive Maintenance

Sumitomo Optidrive E3 AC Variable Frequency DriveOptidrive E3 AC Variable Frequency Drive

Sumitomo Inverter HF-430 SeriesInverter HF-430α Series

Sumitomo Optidrive P2 Variable Frequency DriveOptidrive P2 Variable Frequency Drive

Sumitomo CycloSmart Predictive MaintenanceCycloSmart Predictive Maintenance

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