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Warner Linear

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Warner Linear (Thomson) Linear Actuators, Controls

Warner Linear_Altra Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Warner Linear/Thomson products on this page and many others found on the Warner Linear on the Thomson website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Warner Linear is an important product line of electromechanical actuators and actuator controls under the Thomson brand. In 2018, Thomson was acquired by Altra Industrial Motion, a leading designer and producer of power transmission and motion control components and systems. Altra products are marketed under a variety of well recognized and established brands.

Thomson Brand LogoThomson offers a broad selection of maintenance-free, long-life electric actuators under the Warner Linear name designed to meet the needs of light-duty, general-duty, or rugged-duty applications. A wide range of actuator controls is also available from simple-to-use switch box controls to state-of-the-art microprocessor based digital electronic models.

Long-lasting Warner Linear actuators are utilized in a variety of markets including material handling, off-highway, agriculture, marine, turf, garden, and medical on applications such as conveyors, mower decks, balers, ATVs, hood and cover lifts, spouts, chutes, scooter lifts, cycle lifts, sprayer booms, scanner beds, combines, pavers, and scissor lifts.

Warner Linear Actuators from Thomson

A Warner Linear actuator with a 2 in. stroke can provide up to 2800 lbs. of force capacity in a compact package. Units are lubricated for life during assembly, so adjustments and/or maintenance are not required after leaving the factory. Warner Linear actuators can push-and-pull or lift-and-lower loads ranging from 1 lb. to over 2800 lbs. up to 24 in. with equal capacity in both directions of travel.

Warner Linear actuators consist of an electric motor combined with a high efficiency gear train and lead screw. This direct conversion of electrical to mechanical energy results in effective, economic linear movement. Units are self-contained and require minimal installation hardware or wiring.

Warner Linear Actuator Advantages:
  • No hydraulic pumps, hoses, valves, or leaks
  • Holds load when power is off
  • Overload clutches prevent damage due to excess weight
  • Simple to install and use
  • Easily adaptable for position control
  • Integrated sensors provide electrical position signals

Light Duty Linear Actuators

M-Track 1 compact units are completely self-contained and sealed to allow for use in small spaces without sacrificing power or capability. These actuators are easily interchanged with comparably sized hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders on intermittent duty applications. They provide consistent, repeatable performance even for applications with operating conditions including temperature extremes, high humidity, or significant dust. An Acme Screw drive delivers up to 165 lbs. of force at a minimum extension rate of 0.25 in. per second

Ideal for light load and short distance applications such as:
  • Valve and vent adjustmentsWarner Linear M-Track Linear Actuators
  • Light weight tilt or lift positioning
  • Vise and clamp operations
  • UTV differential locks
  • Transmission shifting

Rugged Duty Linear Actuators

B-Track K2 Linear ActuatorB-Track electric actuators incorporate a patented in-line load transfer design which provides high load capability for rugged-duty use, efficient power use, compact package size, corrosion and washdown protection, and high performance synthetic lubrication for life, all at an affordable price. Select models feature a ball nut screw for up to a 4,000 lb. load capacity and a bi-directional wrap spring brake for load holding capability.

B-Track K2JS K2XJS Linear Actuator

The B-Track Jack Stand actuator incorporates a large diameter extension rod, providing maximum offset load capability, while B-Track Power Lift models are modified K2 or K2x actuators without the external cover tube. This allows the Power Lift actuator features to be integrated into a variety of customer-designed structures where a cover tube is not needed.

Common applications for B-Track actuators include:
  • Heavy duty platform and engine lifts
  • Deck and implement lifts
  • Table positioning
  • Wheelchair and scooter lifts
  • Flow gate open/close
  • Ergonomic lift tables
  • Roof vents
  • Conveyor diverters
  • Bin/tank cover lifts
  • Paving equipment
  • Spray booms
  • Scissor and dump box lifts

Actuator Controls and Linear Power Supplies

BTc Controls

Wireless Actuator Control

Enhance the performance of your Warner Linear actuators with control accessories and linear power supplies. Controls include wireless remotes, extend/retract switch boxes, microprocessor-based controls, digital electronic options and basic controls for adjustable and fixed stroke limits, bi-directional current limit control, and position feedback options. Power supplies provide a handful of input/output, switching, fusing, and potentiometer options.

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