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WEG Electric – Electric Motors, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Drives & Automation

WEG Brand Logo

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Founded in 1961, WEG Electric Corp. has grown into a global solutions provider of industrial electrical technologies. WEG is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world producing more than 21 million units annually. WEG offers a diverse and integrated product line that includes motors, drives, soft starters, controls, panels, transformers, generators, and custom solutions.

Electric Motors

WEG manufactures a complete line of electric motors complying with and even exceeding all globally-required efficiency levels. Improved efficiency provides reliability at a lower operating cost, which results in a more efficient production process.

  • General Purpose Industrial Motors: W22, W22 Magnet, W50, HGF, W40, W11, W20, W22 Quattro
  • Definite Purpose Industrial Motors: W22 Mining, W22 WELL, W22 Wash, W22 Close-Coupled Pump, W22 Brake Motor, W22 Smoke Extraction, Fan motors, Roller table, Water cooled, W22 for classified
  • Traction Motors: Light duty vehicles, Heavy duty vehicles, Delivery vehicles
  • Commercial Motors: Jet pump, Steel Laminated Motors, Fuel pump, Poultry Fan, IEC 56, WPump, Explosion proof, Grinding Motor, W22 Single Phase, Swimming pools and bathtubs, High pressure washing machines

AC Motors – NEMA

2021_WEG ODP/TEFC General Purpose MotorsODP/TEFC General Purpose Motors

2021_WEG Pump MotorsPump Motors

2021_WEG Washdown Motors Washdown Motors

2021_WEG Definite Purpose MotorsDefinite Purpose Motors

2021_WEG Severe Duty MotorsSevere Duty Motors

WEG Air Handling MotorsAir Handling Motors

2021_WEG Variable Speed MotorsVariable Speed Motors

2021_WEG Explosion Proof MotorsExplosion Proof Motors

2021_WEG Brake MotorsBrake Motors

2021_WEG Farm Duty MotorsFarm Duty Motors

AC Motors – IEC

2021_WEG IEC General PurposeIEC General Purpose

2021_WEG Definite Purpose IECIEC Definite Purpose Motors

2021_WEG Severe Duty IECIEC Severe Duty Motors

2021_WEG Hazardous Locations IECIEC Hazardous Locations Ex/ATEX Motors

Large Motors (Induction/DC)

  • Low Voltage 3-phase motors up to 2,500HP
  • Motors up to 150,000HP and 14,400V
  • Wound Rotor Systems (including starters) up to 70,000HP and 13,200V
  • Synchronous Motors up to 150,000HP and 14,400V
  • Explosion proof motors (Ex-d) up to 1,500kW and 11kV
  • Ex-n, Ex-e, Ex-p motors

2021_WEG Cast Iron TEFC MotorsCast Iron TEFC Large Induction Motors

2021_WEG Custom Induction MotorsCustom Large Induction Motors

2021_WEG Hazardous Duty MotorsHazardous Duty Large Induction Motors

2021_WEG Water Cooled MotorsWater Cooled Large Induction Motors

2021_WEG Drilling MotorsDrilling Motors

2021_WEG Wound Rotor Induction MotorsWound Rotor Large Induction Motors

2021_WEG Hazardous Duty MotorsIEC Large Induction Motors

Other Motors & Options

2021_WEG Synchronous MotorsSynchronous Motors

2021_WEG Motor ScanWEG Motor Scan

2021_WEG Fractional DC MotorsFractional DC Motors

2021_WEG Electronically Commutated MotorElectronically Commutated Motors

Gearboxes and Geared Motors

  • Gearboxes and Geared Motors: Helical, Parallel shaft, Helical bevel, Helical worm, Motor Adapter, Drive Shaft

2021_WEG WG20 - Helical Geared MotorsWG20 – Helical Geared Motors

2021_WEG MAS - Helical Geared MotorsMAS – Helical Geared Motors

2021_WEG MAS - Helical Bevel Geared MotorsMAS – Helical Bevel Geared Motors

2021_WEG TG-90 Speed ReducerTG-90 Speed Reducer

2021_WEG WG20 - Parallel Shaft Geared MotorsWG20 – Parallel Shaft Geared Motors

2021_WEG MAS - Shaft Mounted / Parallel Shaft Geared MotorsMAS – Shaft Mounted/Parallel Shaft Geared Motors

2021_WEG Motor AdaptersMotor Adapters

2021_WEG WG20 - Helical Bevel Geared MotorsWG20 – Helical Bevel Geared Motors

2021_WEG MAS - Helical Worm Geared MotorsMAS – Helical Worm Geared Motors

2021_WEG Input ShaftInput Shaft


Variable Speed Drives

  • Low Voltage 1/4 to 2500 HP, 230V – 480V
  • Medium Voltage 500-8000 HP
  • Multi-pump systems
  • Dynamic braking resistors
  • Line and load reactors
  • Plug and play technology
  • Network communications: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU
  • PLC functions integrated

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW08 SeriesCFW08 Micro/Mini Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Variable Speed Drive CFW100 G2CFW100 G2 Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW700 SeriesCFW700 General Purpose Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW701 SeriesCFW701 Variable Speed Drives HVAC-R Drives

2021_WEG AFW11M - Cabinet-built Modular Frequency InverterAFW11M Modular Frequency Inverter Cabinet Built Drive

2021_WEG MVW3000 - Medium Voltage DriveMVW3000 – Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW10 SeriesCFW10 Micro/Mini Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Variable Speed Drive CFW300CFW300 Micro/Mini Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW11 SeriesCFW-11 Variable Speed System Drives

20211_WEG MW500 Decentralized DriveMW500 Series Decentralized Variable Speed Drives

2021_WEG Enclosed Drive Panel EDP11EDP11 Enclosed Drive Panel Cabinet Built Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW100 SeriesCFW100 Micro/Mini Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Variable Speed Drive CFW500CFW500 General Purpose Variable Speed Drive

2021_WEG Frequency Inverter - CFW501 SeriesCFW501 Variable Speed Drives HVAC-R Drives

A2021_WEG FW11 - Cabinet-built Frequency InverterAFW11 Cabinet Built Frequency Inverter

2021_WEG MVW01 - Medium Voltage DriveMVW01 – Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive


  • Soft-Starters (3 to 2,500 HP)
  • Medium voltage Soft-Starters (up to 16,000 HP)
  • Oriented start-up
  • Built-in bypass contactor
  • Universal source voltage (230-575V, 50/60Hz)
  • Network communications: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU
  • Complete line of options and accessories

2021_WEG Soft-Starter - SSW05 SeriesSSW05 Series Soft-Starter

2021_WEG Cabinet Built Soft-Starters TPH2Combination Soft-Starters TPH

2021_WEG Medium Voltage Soft-Starter - SSW7000 SeriesSSW7000 Series Medium Voltage Soft-Starter

2021_WEG Soft-Starter - SSW06 SeriesSSW06 Series Soft-Starter

2021_WEG Mounted Panel Soft-Starter - ASW06 SeriesASW06 Series Mounted Panel Soft-Starter

2021_WEG Soft-Starter - SSW07 SeriesSSW07 Series Soft-Starter

2021_WEG GPH2 - Combination Soft-StartersGPH2 Combination Soft-Starters


  • Mini/Micro Contactors: up to 15HP @ 460V or 25 amps – highest rating in industry
  • Contactors: up to 600HP @ 460v or 800 amps
  • Thermal Overload Relays: class 10, phase loss sensitive, current unbalance, temperature compensation
  • Manual Motor Protectors: up to75HP @ 460V or 100 amps.  Motor circuit disconnect and short-circuit up to50kA @ 460V, motor control and overload protection
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers: up to 800Amps, 35kA and 65kA SCIR, thermal and magnetic adjusted trip units, rotary and flange type handles
  • Smart Relay: low voltage motor management system up to 840 amps, network communications and PLC capabilities
  • Enclosed Starters: combination and non-combination, metal and non-metal housings
  • Timing and Motor Protection Relays: (8) timing functions, phase loss, phase sequence, over and under voltage, motor temperature (thermistor)
  • Terminal Blocks: screw and spring connection available, control and power connections
  • Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights: 22mm and 30mm industrial and hazardous series – LED pilot lights one of the brightest in industry


2021_WEG Enclosed StartersMotor Starters and Protection

2021_WEG Push Buttons 22mmPush Buttons & Pilot Lights

2021_WEG Circuit BreakersCircuit Breakers

2021_WEG Electronic RelaysElectronic Relays

2021_WEG Terminal BlocksTerminal Blocks

2021_WEG ContactorsContactors

2021_WEG Disconnect SwitchesDisconnect Switches

2021_WEG Contactors for safety CWBS SeriesCWBS Series Contactors for Safety

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