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Renold Online Chain Selector for Any Application

Specify the right chain for any given application using this free online tool that is easy to use and does not require software installation or user registration. www.renoldchainselector.com

Determining the right chain for an application can be time-consuming and difficult and selecting wrong can lead to shortened working life, increased maintenance, and costly repairs. Engineers and specifiers are tasked with correctly choosing the best option while considering several factors such as wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and production processes quality (heat treatment, coating, lubrication).


Simply enter data points such as power, speed, dynamic load, maintenance option, manual/automatic, lubrication, and environment, and the program will automatically select the smallest chain available that will last a minimum of 15,000 hours. Results are derived from a database of more than 400 solutions and 11 different product types and have been determined based on calculation algorithms, real-life customer experience, and information from lab and field tests.

About Renold Jeffrey

Renold Jeffrey designs and manufactures high performance transmission chain that is focused on the key areas of wear resistance and fatigue resistance and is used in applications such as food processing, printing, cement production, mining, meat packing, asphalt production, and conveying. Whether it is used to drive, lift, or convey, chain is one of the basic necessities in the industrial world.


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