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Adams-ISC Services – Repair Shop

Industrial Services, Heavy Equipment Repair, Hydraulic Rebuilds

Map of Locations 2020 Highlight Rapid CityAdams-ISC in Rapid City is your one-stop-shop for industrial parts and service—including equipment repair (both in-shop and in-the-field). Repair services include machining (milling and turning), certified welding (including portable), reverse engineering and custom parts fabrication, boring, hydraulic rebuilds, parts replacement, inspection, and analysis.

Our service technicians are trained to handle mechanical and hydraulic repairs on trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, heavy and compact equipment, and attachments.

Adams-ISC Field Service TruckWe specialize in standard and specialty industrial equipment repair and rebuild – plus we’ll take on those one-off projects that other shops won’t touch.

Service Area: South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Nebraska, Eastern Montana, Wyoming

Types of equipment we can repair: forklifts, trucks, articulated trucks, semis, trailers, air compressors, blowers, pavers, bulldozers, crushers, logging trucks, loaders, planers, compactors, concrete equipment, tractors, combines, excavators, snow plows, dump trucks, bucket trucks, motor graders, skid steer loaders, cranes, backhoes, asphalt equipment, scrapers, wheel loaders, log splitters, windrowers, balers, hydro swings, attachments, and more

Industrial Air Compressor Blower RepairAdams-ISC Industrial Equipment Truck Trailer Repair

Adams-ISC Hydraulic Hose AssemblyAdams-ISC Line Boring Service

Industrial Air Compressor & Blower Service

Air Compressor Blower Repair

Adams-ISC offers industrial air compressor service and repair (diagnostic testing, preventative maintenance, reconditioning, etc.) for all types of portable and stationary air compressors, both on-site and in our shop.

  • Inspection, repair, and replacement of critical air compressor system parts
  • Identification of deficiencies and safety hazards of air systems
  • Screw compressors, reciprocating, all brands and models
  • OEM and MRO replacement parts (filters, separators, oils, lubricants, fluids, kits, etc.)
  • Mobile service and repair in W. South Dakota, Nebraska Panhandle, and North Dakota
  • Diagnostic testing and preventative maintenance schedules
  • Rebuilds and reconditioning

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Cylinders are essential pieces of hydraulic equipment and keeping them serviced and maintained can improve lifespan and performance. Adams-ISC offers a full range of industrial hydraulic services, including hydraulic cylinder repair up to 17 feet long. Re-torque capability up to 10,000 psi.

All brands and types of cylinders repaired to factory conditions:

  • Two main styles of cylinders: tie rod and welded body
  • Special styles: telescopic, plunger, differential, Position Sensing

Common cylinder issues: leaking seals, scratches or pits on the bore, and bent rods. Scratches, gouges, or pitting in the cylinder bore or a bent piston require special equipment to perform the repair. To get the job done quickly and done right the first time, a professional hydraulic repair shop with the right training, tools, and equipment is your best option.

Cylinder repair process consists of these basic steps: disassembly, diagnosing the problem, repairing or replacing damaged parts, rebuilding, and diagnostic testing

Repair of basic cylinder parts:  2- and 4-stage, pneumatic, hydraulic, barrel, base/cap, head, piston/rod, seals

Repair of  internal parts of a component: cylinder base connection, cushions, internal threaded ductile heads, head glands, pistons, cylinder head caps, butt plates, eye and clevis brackets, mounts, rod eyes and clevis, pivot pins, spherical ball bushings, spherical rod eye, alignment coupler, ports and fittings, follower blocks

Here are some of the services you can expect during your repair:

  • Assessment: The cylinder is stripped, inspected, measured, and pre-tested. A failure analysis may be required.
  • Design enhancement: Cylinders experiencing continual problems could be the result of poor design. We will review the design and make adjustments to improve performance and lifespan.
  • Milling/Turning: Machines are used to repair and re-manufacture threads, pistons, barrels, rods, end caps, etc.
  • Barrel honing: An abrasive rotating tool removes internal wear and metal from the interior surface of the barrel. Honing is done to finish the bore surface to a precise diameter with an improved surface finish.
  • Welding: Specialized welding techniques including TIG and MIG are used to repair parts.
  • Assembly/Testing: Cylinders are re-assembled to achieve original closed center and stroke distances.

All hydraulic cylinders are tested in-house before being returned. Testing ranges from basic pressure testing to more rigorous testing, tailored to the application.

Adams-ISC Hydraulic Cylinder Test Bench

Adams-ISC Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Adams-ISC Hydraulic Cylinder Service

Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Our hydraulic experts can manufacture and trouble-shoot custom hydraulic hoses to your specification. We have an unmatched parts inventory with a wide selection of hoses, fittings, adapters, and fluid. We understand that hose failures never happen at a good time and that you need your equipment back up and running fast.

A broken hose can be the result of aging, friction, pressure spikes, poor installation, and many other reasons. That is why we have trained hydraulic specialists to evaluate your hose and determine what caused the failure.

We take the following into consideration to make sure we build a hose assembly to meets your needs: hose size, application, material flowing through, maximum working pressure, and fittings needed.

Our Adams-ISC shop houses a Gates GC32-XD crimper, which allows us to crimp every hose and coupling in the Gates hydraulic catalog. The GC32-XD uses a cloverleaf design that produces a better crimp than standard annular head configurations and reinforces the piston so the dies move smoother for a consistent crimp without any taper in the OD.

Adams-ISC Crimper and Hose Assemlies

Adams-ISC Custom Hose Assemblies

Adams-ISC Gates Hose Assemlies

Heavy Equipment, Forklift, Truck/Trailer & Component Repair

Adams-ISC Ag Field Service TruckAdams-ISC wants to help you get the most life and use out of your heavy equipment, compact construction equipment, and agricultural equipment. Our repair shop is equipped with state-of-the-art machines that enable us to perform repairs quickly and efficiently. We also have highly specialized mechanics to perform in-shop and on-site repairs including portable line boring and welding. We are ready to respond to your emergency calls with our fleet of field service trucks.

Repair services for: idlers, rollers, pins, buckets, bushings, rails, pads, steering, clutches, plow blades, cutting blades

Major brands we can repair: Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Case, Gehl, Bobcat, Thomas, Link-Belt, Terex, Hitachi, Dae-Woo, Kubota, Manitowac Cranes, Kobelco, JCB, Dynapac, New Holland, Liebherr

Equipment repairs: welding, mechanical rebuilds, hydraulic repair, custom parts fabrication, key-cutting, component repairs, fabricating hydraulic hoses, machine modification, line boring, plasma cutting, milling and turning, machining


Forklift Repair

Your forklifts are a key component to your distribution or warehousing operations so it’s important to make sure your lifts are running at peak performance. Adams-ISC has qualified professionals who can inspect and repair your forklift trucks, scissor lifts, and boom lifts. We can diagnose, identify, and fix problem areas to minimize your costs and increase the lifespan of your equipment.


Truck & Trailer Repair

Adams-ISC offers a wide variety of repair services to keep your truck or trailer moving. Our repair shop has the resources and manpower required to provide a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services for trucks, trailers, semis, commercial vehicles, and all types of over-the-road equipment.  No repair job is too big or too small for us to service.

Adams-ISC Truck Repair Service

Adams-ISC Forklift Equipment Repair

Adams-ISC Truck and Trailer Repair

Line Boring Services

Line boring is a machining and welding process to repair holes that have been worn beyond tolerance parameters. This is done by building up the inside diameter of the bore through a welding process and precision machining the hole back to original  specifications. Upon completion, the bore will have a slip or press fit to accept new bushings or pins.

Equipment tear-down, disassembly, attachment removal, and transporting equipment from the job site to a repair shop is not only time consuming, but expensive. For your convenience, we offer portable line boring and on-location service.

  • Precision welding and boring, holes from 1.375″ to 24″ in diameter
  • On-site service for Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming
  • Repair of worn and uneven faces
  • Removal and installation of new bushings
  • Timely service and fast turnaround

Repair services for: hinge pins, bearings and bushings, arms and links, center pivot points, excavator buckets and booms, quick attachments, tractor front suspension, gearbox housings,crane booms, truck axles, bulldozer blades, forklift steer axles and masts, articulating joints

Adams-ISC Line Boring Repair Service

Adams-ISC Line Boring Repair Service

Adams-ISC Line Boring Repair Service