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The Benefits of Buying through a Distributor

Some people might think of a distributor as just the “middleman” between the manufacturer and the end user. And, they might think that buying direct and cutting the “middleman” out of the equation will save them money. But, we want to prove that way of thinking wrong. The value that a specialized distributor like ISC Companies brings to the table far outweighs any cost savings you might get out of buying direct.

ISC Companies does so much more than take orders and stock shelves. We think of ourselves as a complete industrial solutions provider. At our base level, we represent a wide range of power transmission and electrical parts from hundreds of manufacturers. At the value-add level, we offer much more, such as parts selection assistance, CNC machining, engineering and design, UL panel build, safety audits, custom fabrication, specialized welding, automation services, technical support, and more.

Here are just a few of the advantages you will get when you partner with us:


We can help identify parts and services to help facilitate business supply chain functions.


We are focused on sourcing and supplying the correct parts and services for our customers.

Product DepthProduct Depth

Our warehouse is stocked with a wide range of parts from our well-known manufacturer partners.

Problem SolvingProblem Solving

When problems and breakdowns occur, we are here to help get you back up and running quickly!


We help customers reduce downtime, increase production rates, and improve processes.


We can process orders through sales reps, email, phone, fax, etc. whatever is convenient for you.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Our outside and inside sales reps are here to answer your parts and service questions – FAST!

Short Lead TimesShort Lead Times

We get you your parts as quickly as possible by offering a variety of shipping options.


We offer the best parts and fast service that is unmatched by any other distributor.


We help our customers with product maintenance, engineering, support, and automation.

Local ServiceLocal Service

We provide local parts, service, inventory, support – we’re there when you need help fast!

Local InventoryLocal Inventory

We stock a huge inventory of power transmission and electrical parts so you don’t have to.

Timely DeliveryTimely Delivery

We use multiple means to deliver products, from our own delivery truck to local transit companies.


We offer our customers options to reduce their inventory such as JIT and VMI.


We help customers improve working conditions through the products and services we provide.