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Timken Quick-Flex Elastomeric Couplings

Timken Quick-Flex elastomeric couplings are durable enough to stand up under extremely demanding conditions, yet need minimal timken-coupling-groupmaintenance. They are easy to install and require no lubrication. With a lifespan that can match that of the rotating equipment, these couplings help keep the overall cost of ownership competitively low.

There is no metal-to-metal contact with Timken Quick-Flex couplings, so they save money by avoiding replacement of hubs or other metal components. The design helps eliminate interference between coupling hubs that can damage equipment. As needed, operators can replace the urethane insert quickly and easily without removing the hubs.

Quick-Flex couplings handle a variety of industrial jobs:

  • Motor to gearbox (Low torque/High speed)
  • Gearbox to driven equipment (High torque/Low speed)
  • Motors to pumps
  • Any drive shaft to a driven shaft


Timken-Quick-Flex-CouplingsQuick-Flex Couplings Sales Flyer

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