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Dodge Imperial ISAF Bearings

Dodge_ABB Brand LogoIdeally suited for large bulk handling conveyors, the Dodge hydraulically-assisted ISAF bearing is easy to install and remove, features two superior sealing systems, and has housings and inner units made of ductile iron for added strength. The ISAF (8” and larger shaft sizes) utilizes a built-in hydraulically-assisted, adapter-mounted installation and removal system.

To install, slip the bearing on the shaft and apply hydraulic pressure to position the bearing on the adapter sleeve. Instead of mechanically rotating a lock nut, the hydraulic system quickly pushes the bearing into position. Once installed, the full shaft contact offered by this unique mounting system reduces or eliminates fretting corrosion. To remove, simply apply pressure to the dismount piston to push the bearing off the adapter sleeve. No feeler gauges or special tools are needed for installation or removal.


About Dodge (ABB)
Dodge is a leading producer of mechanical power transmission products including  engineered mounted bearings, enclosed gear products, and power transmission components, including couplings, sheaves, bushings and pulleys. These reliable and durable mechanical products, many of which have become the industry standard, are designed to perform successfully in the most rugged environments and with the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

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