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Hydraulic Hose Assembly & Custom Conveyor Belting

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ISC Companies – Hydraulic Hose Assembly & Custom Conveyor Belting

Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Our hydraulic experts can manufacture and trouble-shoot custom hydraulic hoses to your specification. We have an unmatched parts inventory with a wide selection of hoses, fittings, adapters, and fluid. We understand that hose failures never happen at a good time and that you need your equipment back up and running fast.

A broken hose can be the result of aging, friction, pressure spikes, poor installation, and many other reasons. That is why we have trained hydraulic specialists to evaluate your hose and determine what caused the failure.

We take the following into consideration to make sure we build a hose assembly to meets your needs: hose size, application, material flowing through, maximum working pressure, and fittings needed.

Our shop houses a Gates GC32-XD crimper, which allows us to crimp every hose and coupling in the Gates hydraulic catalog. The GC32-XD uses a cloverleaf design that produces a better crimp than standard annular head configurations and reinforces the piston so the dies move smoother for a consistent crimp without any taper in the OD.

Adams-ISC Crimper and Hose Assemlies

Adams-ISC Custom Hose Assemblies

Adams-ISC Gates Hose Assemlies

Custom Conveyor Belting

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