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ISC Companies and affiliate Adams-ISC are distributors of mechanical power transmission parts including shaft collars. For more information about the brands we offer and/or pricing, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Shaft collars are machine components that feature a simple design but play an important role in a wide range of industrial applications. They serve three primary functions; holding components in place, locating or positioning components on a shaft, and creating an attachment between the shaft and another component. Designers have a variety of factors to consider such as style, material, bore size, and shaft geometry before a selection can be made. It is important to identify the requirements, parameters, and limitations of your system in order determine the right style for the application.

Set Screw (Solid)

Climax Setscrew CollarSet screw shaft collars are the most effective when used on a shaft made of a material which is softer than the set screw. Holding power is dependent on how much the screw can impinge into the shaft, which is a function of the relationship between the screw and shaft materials. Unfortunately, the set screw cannot “bite” into the shaft without permanently damaging it, ultimately causing functional problems. The impingement of the screw causes an eruption of material around the screw point resulting in a raised burr, making it difficult to remove and/or reposition the collar. Small angular and lateral adjustments are nearly impossible because the screw point will always be drawn to its original location.

Clamping (Split)

Ruland One and Two-Piece Collars

Clamp style collars are available in one- and two-piece designs and solve many of the functional problems that occur with set screw collars. They use compressive forces to lock the collar onto the shaft which, unlike a set screw, does not damage the shaft. Therefore, clamping collars are easily removed, adjustable, and work well on almost any shaft. Additionally, when the clamp screws are tightened correctly, the clamping forces are distributed uniformly around the circumference of the shaft. This is significantly more secure than the point-contact of set screw collars; as much as doubling the holding power.

Bore size, concentricity, and fastening hardware can all influence the holding power of clamp style shaft collars. Hardware size, thread quality, tensile strength, and tolerances all affect how much torque the screw can transmit to the collar. Forged screws are generally superior to broached screws and the collar material must be strong enough to withstand the recommended torque, so as not to crack or deform.

Ruland Shaft Collars Lineup


Quick-clamping collars are relatively new to the market and operate similarly to other clamping collars. They also do not mar the shaft. Their advantage over standard clamping collars is that they do not require tools to install or remove. They are ideal for light duty applications that require frequent setup changes or adjustments.

  • Cam Lever quick-clamping collars operate with a low profile lever that controls their clamping forces. The integral handle sits flush with the outside diameter and can be finger actuated without tools for quick adjustments.
  • Clamping Lever quick-clamping collars use an adjustable, removable lever that replaces standard collar hardware. The user can lift the handle and twist it to lock it in a new position with a ratcheting action.


Hinge shaft collars allow for easy assembly and disassembly on the shaft. They are a single unit that can be installed without the risk of dropping loose components. They are often used when operating under strict time restrictions and in harsh environments.

Heavy Duty, Thin Line, and Double Wide

Heavy Duty shaft collars have greater widths and larger outer diameters to take advantage of the increased torque of larger screws. If increasing the outer diameter is not an option, increasing the width of the shaft collar enough to support additional screws can also be an effective way of increasing holding power.

Double Wide shaft collars have similar advantages to stacking several shaft collars and can increase holding power.

Thin Line shaft collars have reduced widths and smaller outer diameters making them a good option in applications with space or weight restrictions.

Bore Shape Varieties

Threaded Bore shaft collars provide exceptional axial holding power without damaging threaded shafts. Their simple and flexible design enables quick assembly and easy adjustments.

Round Bore shaft collars are used as stops, locators, spacers, and bearing faces for a wide range of motion control, power transmission, and mounting applications. They are suitable for use on shafts, piping, tubing, and split hubs.

Hexagonal (Hex) Bore and Square Bore shaft collars are manufactured to fit hexagonal or square shafts. They are non-marring and commonly used for agricultural or conveyor applications.

D-Bore clamp style shaft collars have a single flat in the bore and can be used in place of set screw shaft collars. When used on appropriate d-shafting, they offer higher holding power, even surface contact, and will not mar the shaft.


Keyed shaft collars are used in positive drive applications to prevent slippage on the shaft. Other components can be mounted to the shaft collar to allow for the assembly to rotate with the shaft.


Mountable shaft collars are used to mount sensors, fixtures, and other assemblies to shaft collars or to one another. The three different styles are outer diameter holes, outer diameter flats and holes, and quick release.

End-Stop Collars

End stop collars fit over rail assemblies on precision shafting.

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