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Boston Gear (Altra)

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Boston Gear (Altra Motion) – Gear Drives

Boston Gear_Altra Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Boston Gear products listed on this page and many others that can be found on bostongear.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Boston Gear, a brand of Altra Industrial Motion, is a manufacturer of enclosed gear drives (gearboxes), speed reducers, AC/DC motors, DC drives, overload clutches, torque limiters, power transmission parts, shaft accessories, fluid power parts, and planetary gearheads. Boston Gear is recognized globally as a premier resource for extremely reliable, high-performance power transmission components for use in markets such as food processing, material handling, corrugating machinery, and packaging equipment in applications such as conveying, filling, labeling, sealing, cartoning, bagging, wrapping, palletizing, handling, capping, and tensioning.

Enclosed Gear Drives

Right Angle > Worm 700 Series (Cast Iron/Stainless Steel)

Boston Gear 700 SeriesStandard 700 Series Worm

Boston Gear cfa-700-seriesCFA 700 Series Output Flange

Boston Gear white-bost-kleenBost-Kleen (BK) Washdown

Boston Gear 700-series-posivent700 Series PosiVent

Boston Gear 700-series-modified-speed-reducerModified 700 Series Worm

Boston Gear SS 700 Series Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed ReducersSS 700 Series Stainless Steel

Boston Gear qc-700-seriesQC700 Series Coupling

Boston Gear right-angle-bost-kleenStainless Bost-Kleen (BK) Washdown

Right Angle > Helical Worm, Bevel (Cast Iron/Stainless Steel)

Boston Gear 800BR-series-gear-drive800 BR Helical Worm

Boston Gear Enclosed Bevel RVR100200R-VR 100 and 200 Spiral Bevel

Boston Gear Enclosed Bevel R1000R1000 Series Bevel

Boston Gear SS2000R Series Stainless Steel Gear DrivesSS2000R Stainless Steel Helical Bevel

Boston Gear spiral-bevelRA90 Spiral Bevel

Inline (Cast Iron/Stainless Steel)

Boston Gear HM Series Speed Reducer IncreaserHM Series Helical Speed Increaser

Boston Gear SSFSP Series Stainless Steel Planetary MultiplierSSFSP Stainless Steel Planetary Multipl.

Boston Gear 800 Series Helical Reducers800 Series Reducers

Boston Gear 200 Series Optimount200 Series Parallel Shaft Optimount

Boston Gear 600 Series In-Line Helical Gear Drives600 Series In-Line Gear Drives

Boston Gear SS 2000 Series Stainless Steel Helical InlineSS 2000 Stainless Steel Helical Inline

Motors, Brakes, and Controls

AC/DC Motors and Brakes

Boston Gear Totally Enclosed AC MotorsTotally Enclosed AC Motors

Boston Gear CMBA Series Double C-Face AC BrakesCMBA Dbl C-Face AC Brakes

Boston Gear Open Dripproof AC MotorsOpen Dripproof AC Motors

Boston Gear Permanent Magnet DC MotorsPermanent Magnet DC Motors

Boston Gear WB Series Washdown Duty AC MotorsWB Washdown Duty AC Motors

Boston Gear AC MotorsStainless Steel AC Motors

DC Controls

Boston Gear DCX ControlDCX Control

Boston Gear RP3 ControlRP3 Control

Boston Gear RBD ControlRBD Control

Boston Gear RBX ControlRBX Control

Open Gearing Products

Stock Gears

Boston Gear Spur GearsSpur Gears

Boston Gear Pinion WireSpur Gears Pinion Wire

Boston Gear Helical GearsHelical Gears

Boston Gear WormsWorms

Boston Gear RackSpur Gear Rack

Boston Gear Stem PinionsSpur Gear Stem Pinions

Boston Gear Miter and Bevel GearsMiter and Bevel Gears

Boston Gear Change GearsSpur Change Gears

Boston Gear Internal GearsInternal Spur Gears

Boston Gear Worm GearsWorm Gears


Sleeve, Ball Bearings, Mounted Bearings

Boston Gear Bost-Bronz Oil Impregnated Plain Sleeve BearingsBost-Bronz Oil Impregnated

Boston Gear Rulon 641 BearingsRulon 641 Bearings

Boston Gear Rod Ends and SphericalsRod Ends / Sphericals

Boston Gear Bear-N-Bronz Cast Bronze Plain Sleeve BearingsBear-N-Bronz Cast Bronze

Boston Gear Molded Plastic BearingsMolded Plastic Bearings

Boston Gear Mounted Bearings Cast IronCast Iron Mounted Bearings

Boston Gear BOSTonE F-1 Glass Filled Teflon BearingsBOSTonE F-1 Glass Filled Teflon

Boston Gear Anti-Friction Ball BearingsAnti-Friction Ball Bearings

Boston Gear Mounted Bearings Stainless SteelStainless Steel Mounted Bearings

Clutch Products

Centric Centrifugal Clutch

Boston Gear Centric Centrifugal ClutchCentric Centrifugal Clutch

Boston Gear NLS Centrifugal ClutchesNLS Centrifugal Clutches

Mechanical Torque-Limiting Clutches

Boston Gear Centric Trig-O-Matic ORC SeriesCentric Trig-O-Matic ORC

Boston Gear Centric WOR Overload ClutchCentric WOR Overload Clutch

Boston Gear Centric Trig-O-Matic Lite LOR SeriesCentric Trig-O-Matic Lite LOR

Boston Gears Centric HOR Series Overload ClutchCentric HOR Overload Clutch

Boston Gear Centric Centrigard CGC Series Overload ClutchCentrigard CGC Overload Clutch

Pneumatic Torque-Limiting Clutches

Boston Gear Centric PDC Series Pneumatic DisconnectCentric PDC Pneumatic Disconnect

Boston Gear Centric VOR Series Vari-TorqueCentric VOR Vari-Torque

Boston Gear Centric POR Series H2000Centric POR Series H2000

Couplings, Shaft Accessories, and Power Transmission Products

Boston Gear FC Series 3-Jaw Insert Type CouplingFC 3-Jaw Insert Couplings

Boston Gear SCC SeriesSCC Series Couplings

Boston Gear FCP SeriesFCP Series Couplings

Boston Gear JP JPE SeriesJP JPE Series U-Joints

Boston Gear Pulleys and Timing BeltsPulleys and Timing Belts

Boston Gear SSFC Series Stainless Steel CouplingsSSFC Stainless Steel Couplings

Boston Gear SAO SeriesSAO Thrust Washers/Bushings

Boston Gear BF SeriesBF Series Couplings

Boston Gear FA SeriesFA Series Couplings

Boston Gear J SeriesJ Series U-Joints

Boston Gear SSC CSSC 2SSC SeriesSSC/CSSC/2SSC Shaft Collars

Boston Gear Roller Chain SprocketsRoller Chain Sprockets

Boston Gear JS SeriesJS Stainless Steel U-Joints

Boston Gear BG SeriesBG Series Couplings

Boston Gear CR SeriesCR Series Couplings

Boston Gear UJNS UJNL SeriesUJNS/UJNL U-Joints

Boston Gear Steel Thrust Washers and BushingsSteel Thrust Washers/Bushings

Boston Gear Roller ChainRoller Chain

Boston Gear SSC CSSC 2SSC SeriesSSC/CSSC/2SSC Collars

Fluid Power Products

Boston Gear Pneumatic AccessoriesPneumatic Accessories

Boston Gear Pneumatic Control ValvesPneumatic Control Valves

Boston Gear Pneumatic Air MotorsPneumatic Air Motors

Boston Gear Pneumatic CylindersPneumatic Cylinders

Boston Gear Pneumatic Air PreparationPneumatic Air Preparation

Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads

Micron TRUE Inline Planetary Gearhead Line: AquaTRUE, DuraTRUE, EverTRUE, NemaTRUE, UltraTRUE, XTRUE

Micron TRUE Right Angle Planetary Gearhead Line: NemaTRUE 90, DuraTRUE 90, DuraTRUE 90 Dual Shaft, DuraTRUE 90 Hollow Shaft, ValueTRUE 90, UltraTRUE 90

Boston Gear Inline Planetary GearheadsInline Planetary Gearheads

Boston Gear Right Angle Planetary GearheadsRight Angle Planetary Gearheads

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