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ISC Automation & UL Listed Panel Shop

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ISC Automation from ISC Companies is a specialized group of electrical professionals committed to providing custom industrial control solutions.

We are a UL 508A listed panel shop with in-house electrical engineers and designers experienced in drafting, building, programming, and supporting Industrial Control Panels (ICPs) for use in a variety of applications and working environments.

Using UL listed or recognized components in a control panel does not guarantee it will meet applicable UL safety requirements. The only way to ensure that the entire assembly complies with UL standards, is by having a UL certified panel shop build it.

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UL Panel Shop Capabilities

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), HMI (Human Machine Interface), and PC based control systems
  • System planning and evaluation
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Component specification and integration
  • Custom programming and assembly
  • In-house, live system testing
  • Cost-effective control panels, fast ROI

Custom UL Listed Control Panels

Concept, Design, Assembly, Programming, TestingUL Industrial Control Panel

  • Fan and pump control panels
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) and Across-the-Line starter panels
  • Auger and conveyor control panels, including food and beverage
  • Wastewater control panels
  • Crane and hoist / lift and rotation control panels
  • Custom automation panels with PLC and HMI user interface
  • Junction and tie-in panels
  • OEM contract panel assemblies
  • Combination motor starter panels
  • MCP (Motor Control Panels) including large MCC (Motor Control Center) panels
  • Explosion proof / hazardous location / intrinsically safe control panels

ISC Companies UL Certification Listing Details

Our UL certification UL508A relates to Industrial Control Panels (ICPs), which are factory-wired assemblies of industrial control equipment, such as motor controllers, switches, relays, and auxiliary devices. These panels may include disconnect means and motor branch-circuit protective devices. An industrial control panel does not include the controlled loads, including motors, luminaires, heaters, or utilization equipment.

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UL 508A / File No. E358432

  • NITW.E358432 / NITW7.E358432 Industrial Control Panels
  • Certified for United States and Canada

UL 508A covers industrial control panels intended for general industrial use, operating from a voltage of 1000 volts or less and for installation in ordinary locations.

UL Panel Shop Build Work

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Panel Shop Grain Bin Controls

Industrial Control Panel Build

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Control Panel Contactors and Relays

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508A Industrial Control Panel

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UL Control Panel

Machine Guarding and Safety Solutions from ISC Automation

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for an accident to happen or for a citation from OSHA—make machine safety and guarding a priority today and avoid injuries and fines!

We offer a broad range of safety-related parts and services—from simple components to custom machine safety solutions, designed and built by our engineers.

On-Site Machine Safety Consult – We’ll Come to You

Our experts are well-versed in current regulations that apply to plant safety and machine guarding. We can guide you through the process of safeguarding your equipment with an on-site consult, which consists of:Machine Safeguarding Cutout UL Panel Shop Picture

  • a facility walk-through and systems assessment
  • an evaluation of existing machines and processes
  • identification of non-conformities, hazards, and risks
  • a review of our findings and recommendations
  • developing a corrective action/improvement plan
  • designing, building, and implementing solutions

Schmersal Safety Components and SATECH Machine Protection

ISC Companies is an authorized distributor of Schmersal products and SATECH modular machine guards. Together, we help customers with their machine safety needs—whether its providing a simple component or designing a complete safeguarding system to meet current safety standards.

Schmersal and Satech Safety Products

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The Schmersal product portfolio contains over 25,000 products, including keyed interlocks, solenoid locks, electronic safety switches and sensors, coded magnet sensors, safety hinge switches, safety light curtains, safety rated limit switches, safety edges and mats, safety controllers, and industrial grade automation switches and control devices.

Satech LogoIn 2018, Schmersal partnered with SATECH to provide guarding solutions in the US and Canada. SATECH guarding systems are constructed of low carbon steel. Upright posts and panel frame members are a solid extrusion for extra durability. Fence mesh is constructed by 2mm diameter steel wire, arc welded at each junction. The construction methods utilized make the assembled system highly impact resistant.