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IPTCI Solve Logo Web PostAs an authorized distributor of IPTCI, now part of Solve Industrial Motion Group, and as one of our 2021 strategic partners within the Affiliated Distributors Association, ISC Companies is proud to offer the full line of IPTCI bearings, including the revolutionary new IP69K Series.

Engineered to stand up to the most rigorous operating conditions—including high-pressure caustic washdowns and other cleaning and sanitizing procedures—the new IPTCI IP69K Series is a massive leap forward in safety, reliability, and sealing effectiveness.IPTCI IP69K Insert Bearing

The unique triple-lip and molded rubber composition provides superior protection against the intrusion of water and dust and delivers even more sealing protection with a “lubed for life’ design that eliminates lube holes, grease zerks, and other potential intrusion areas.

The IP69K Series stands up to close-range, high-temperature, and high-pressure caustic washdowns and temporary submersions without requiring any external seals or covers. Additionally, the quality stainless-steel make-up of the bearing is corrosion resistant, which extends the life of the bearing as well as improves performance.

The IP69K Standard

IP: Ingress Protection rating.

First Digit: Protection against solids. “6” means dust tight; no ingress of dust.

Second Digit: Protection against liquids. “9K” means protection against close-range, high-pressure, high temperature washdowns and steam cleaning.

IPTCI IP69K series bearings are ideal for:
  • Food manufacturing
  • Poultry processing
  • Meat processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Bottling or canning
  • Car washes
When extending bearing life becomes mission critical.
  • 10x longer bearing life
  • 50% savings in annual bearing costs
  • 50% savings in maintenance hours

IP69K Series Product Range

Sizes: 201 – 208 (1/2″ to 1-1/2″; 20mm to 40mm). Larger sizes available upon request. CONFIGURATIONS: Available in all major housing configurations (including Stand-Off Series).

Nomenclature: SUC 205 16 IP69K

IPTCI IP69K Series Sizes

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