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Lubriplate NSF H-1 Food Grade Lubricants

Lubriplate NSF H-1 Registered Lubricants do more than keep your machinery running at its best, they free you from the potential chemical hazard risks posed by Non-Food Grade Lubricants. In fact, using 100% H-1 Lubricants throughout your plant can significantly simplify your HACCP program by completely eliminating lubricants as a potential chemical hazard.

Lubriplate’s complete line of high-performance, NSF H-1 Registered, Food Machinery Grade Lubricants is designed to provide total food processing and bottling plant lubrication capability. Manufactured under strict NSF and ISO quality assurance standards, these lubricants are formulated from the highest quality base stocks combined with anti-wear additives. All Lubriplate H-1 Lubricants are manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants with incidental food contact.

Lubriplate-H1-2Lubriplate Lubricants Company is a leading supplier of high quality, high performance synthetic and petroleum based lubricants to a wide range of industries. Products include; gear oils, compressor fluids, hydraulic oils, multi-purpose greases, NSF H-1 registered food machinery grade lubricants, environmentally responsible lubricants, specialty lubricants, spray lubricants and more.

These lubricants provide superior lubrication and protection for all types of industrial machinery, food processing, and bottling machinery as well as construction, automotive, and marine equipment. The company has executive offices in Newark, New Jersey and manufacturing facilities in Toledo, Ohio. Lubriplate is ISO 9001 Registered.