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B & J-USA / Benedikt & Jager

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B & J-USA (Benedikt & Jäger) – Low Voltage Control Gear

ISC Companies and ISC Automation can supply the products listed on this page and others found on the B&J-USA website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

B&J-USA (Benedikt & Jager) products including contactors, motor starters, cam switches, disconnect and main switches, pushbuttons, and switchgear items. To sustain quality in a variety of equipment applications, B&J products are tested under extreme conditions and have stood up to the tests of tropical climates, sandstorms, and snow flurries.


Benedikt and Jager ContactorsContactors

Benedikt and Jager Solar and DC Disconnect SwitchesSolar and DC Disconnect Switches

Benedikt and Jager Capacitor Switching ContactorsCapacitor Switching Contactors

Benedikt and Jager Motor ProtectionMotor Protection

Benedikt and Jager Telux Cam SwitchesTelux Cam Switches

Benedikt and Jager Overload RelaysOverload Relays

Benedikt and Jager DC Switching ContactorsDC Switching Contactors

Benedikt and Jager Lighting ContactorsLighting Contactors

Benedikt and Jager AC Main and Disconnect SwitchesAC Main and Disconnect Switches

Benedikt and Jager Micro and Mini ContactorsMicro and Mini Contactors

Benedikt and Jager Manual Motor StartersManual Motor Starters

Benedikt and Jager PushbuttonsPushbuttons

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