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Baldor-Reliance (ABB)

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Baldor-Reliance (ABB) – Electric Motors

ISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Baldor-Reliance (ABB) products listed on this page and others that can be found on the Baldor-Reliance/ABB website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Baldor-Reliance_ABB Brand LogoBaldor-Reliance (ABB) manufactures the broadest range of industrial AC and DC electric motors, IEC motors and medium voltage motors. Types include variable speed, DC, severe duty, washdown, pump, and other general and definite purpose induction motors to provide solutions for any purpose or environment.

AC Motors

General Purpose Motors

Baldor-Reliance single phase and three phase general purpose motors are available in a wide variety of enclosure construction from industrial steel band open designs where water and dust exposure are moderate; to totally enclosed cast iron designs where exposure to water, dust, and corrosives exists.

Three Phase EnclosedThree Phase Enclosed

Single Phase OpenSingle Phase Open

Three Phase OpenThree Phase Open

Single Phase EnclosedSingle Phase Enclosed

Severe Duty Motors

Baldor-Reliance severe duty motors provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications. These premium construction motors include features designed to protect against contamination, moisture, vibration, and demanding duty cycles. Super-E electrical designs are available to create a packaged solution that reduces energy consumption and handles the punishment of the application.

General Severe Duty MotorsSevere Duty XEX Motors

Quarry Duty - Design CQuarry Duty Design C

Dirty Duty PlusDirty Duty Plus

IEEE 841 MotorsIEEE 841XL Motors

Baldor Reliance Crusher Duty MotorsCrusher Duty

Baldor Severe Duty XT MotorsSevere Duty XT Motors

661XL Motors661XL Motors

RPM XE eXtreme Efficient MotorsRPM XE eXtreme Efficient

Washdown Duty Motors

Baldor-Reliance washdown duty motors come in a variety of designs from white washdown to paint-free and stainless steel to food safe. These choices allow the user to select the right motor with the required amount of protection for a specific application. While some applications are exposed to a light washdown, others may require high-pressure cleaning and caustic solutions.

Baldor Reliance Food Safe Stainless Steel MotorsFood Safe Stainless Steel

Brake MotorsBrake Motors

Close-Coupled Pump MotorsClose-Coupled Pump

Paint Free MotorsPaint Free Motors

White Washdown MotorsWhite Washdown

Vector MotorsVector Motors

56J Jet Pump Motors56J Jet Pump

Feather Picker MotorsFeather Picker

Inverter MotorsInverter Motors

Stainless Steel MotorsStainless Steel

Explosion Proof Motors

Baldor-Reliance explosion proof motors are certified for use in hazardous locations or potentially hazardous environments where concentrations of combustible gases, vapors, or dust may be present. These motors meet UL and CSA standards for use in division based hazardous locations per NFPA70 National Electric Code and C22.1, the Canadian Electric Code.

Explosion Proof General Purpose MotorsExplosion Proof General Purpose

Baldor Explosion Proof Pump MotorsExplosion Proof Pump Motors

Explosion Proof Severe Duty 1.15 SF MotorsExplosion Proof Severe Duty

Baldor Reliance Explosion Proof Brake MotorsExplosion Proof Brake Motors

Drill Rig Duty 1.15 SF MotorsExplosion Proof Drill Rig Duty

Pump Motors

Baldor-Reliance pump motor products serve customer needs from swimming pool to very demanding water/wastewater and petrochemical applications. The motors are available in a variety of enclosures and ratings.

56J Jet Pump Motors56J Jet Pump

Submersible_Immersible MotorsSubmersible/Immersible

JM_JP_WCP Close Coupled MotorsJM, JP, WCP Close Coupled

Fire PumpFire Pump

Vertical P-Base MotorsVertical P-Base

Baldor EC Titanium MotorsEC Titanium Motors

HVAC Motors

Baldor-Reliance air moving motors are specifically engineered with industry-driven designs to keep air handling systems running smoothly, quietly, and efficiently, which means better system reliability and performance, with less maintenance.

General Purpose HVAC MotorsGeneral Purpose

Chiller_Cooling Tower MotorsChiller/Cooling Tower

Baldor EC Gold Series MotorsEC Gold Series Motors

Farm Duty Motors

Baldor-Reliance premium efficient farm duty motors are built to perform in the demanding environments of agricultural applications such as grain drying and storage, exhaust fans, conveyors, and a wide variety of commercial and farm duty applications.

Aeration Fan MotorsAeration Fan

Grain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan MotorsGrain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan

Instant Reversing MotorsInstant Reversing

Premium Efficient Farm Duty MotorsPremium Efficient

Universal Crop Dryer MotorsUniversal Crop Dryer

Auger Drive MotorsAuger Drive

General Farm Duty MotorsGeneral Farm Duty

Grain Stirring MotorsGrain Stirring

Irrigation Tower Drive MotorsIrrigation Tower Drive

Dairy_Vacuum Pump MotorsDairy/Vacuum Pump

Grain Dryer_Centrifugal Fan MotorsGrain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan

Incubator_Hatchery Vent Fan MotorsIncubator/Hatchery Vent Fan

Metering Pump MotorsMetering Pump

Definite Purpose Motors

The definite purpose family of motors includes TEFC and ODP two-speed motors and single phase pressure washer motors. Automotive approved motors are available in cast iron designs and meet all requirements for sound power levels. Motors are available for specific pressure washer applications including face-mounted and standard NEMA mounting designs.

2 Speed Motors2 Speed

Automotive Duty MotorsAutomotive Duty

Pressure Washer MotorPressure Washer

Baldor Reliance Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor MotorsAmmonia Refrigeration Compressor

U-Frame MotorsU-Frame

Unit Handling Motors

Baldor-Reliance unit handling motors are designed for a wide variety of applications in baggage handling, conveyors, packaging equipment, machine tools, hoists, elevators, and door openers. Features include an oversized top mounted conduit box that provide easy access for making connections. Footed frames include slotted feet for easy mounting.

General Unit Handling MotorsGeneral Unit Handling

Short-Series Brake MotorsShort-Series Brake

High Cycle Brake MotorsHigh Cycle Brake

D-Series Brake MotorsD-Series Brake

IEC Frame Motors

ABB offers wide range of low voltage motors suitable for all industries and applications, fulfilling all international and national efficiency regulations.

Process Performance MotorsProcess Performance

Smoke Extraction MotorsSmoke Extraction

Water Cooled MotorsWater Cooled

Baldor Rolled Steel_Cast Iron Rolled Steel/Cast Iron

Brake MotorsBrake

General Performance MotorsGeneral Performance

Motors for Explosion AtmospheresFor Explosion Atmospheres

Roller Table MotorsRoller Table

Permanent Magnet MotorsPermanent Magnet

Laminated Frame MotorsLaminated Frame

Variable Speed AC Motors

Baldor-Reliance variable speed motors are specifically designed for variable speed control. The platform provides constant torque across the entire operating speed range in traditional NEMA and IEC designs or a power dense laminated steel square frame.

AC Laminated Frame - RPMAC MotorsAC Laminated Frame

Cooling Tower MotorsCooling Tower

Baldor Synchronous Permanent Magnet MotorsSynchronous Permanent Magnet

AC VS Master MotorsAC VS Master

Baldor Reliance RPM XE eXtreme Efficient MotorsRPM XE eXtreme Efficient

Baldor EC Titanium MotorsEC Titanium

AC Inverter Vector Duty MotorsAC Inverter/Vector Duty

Baldor Top Drive Drilling MotorsTop Drive Drilling Motors

Large AC Motors

ABB Large AC (above NEMA) motors are designed with higher than standard torques and low vibration levels which allows for a longer and safe operating life in applications requiring 250 hp or greater, all while meeting the industry’s reliability and efficiency standards. These motors are suitable for petro-chemical plants, mines, quarries, foundries, pulp and paper plants, waste management facilities, and other processing industry applications.

Large Induction Motors

Baldor Reliance Severe Duty MotorsSevere Duty

Variable Speed MotorsVariable Speed

Drill Rig MotorsDrill Rig Motors

Baldor Reliance General Purpose MotorsNXR General Purpose

Vertical MotorsVertical Motors

Low Inrush Current MotorsLow Inrush Current

Hazardous Location MotorsHazardous Location

Slip Ring Induction MotorsSlip Ring Induction

High Inertia Fan MotorsHigh Inertia Fan

Large Synchronous Motors

High Speed (4 & 6 Pole) MotorsHigh Speed (4 & 6 Pole)

Hazardous Location MotorsHazardous Location

Baldor Synchronous Condensor MotorsSynchronous Condenser Motors

Low Speed (Below 6 Pole) MotorsLow Speed (Below 6 Pole)

Variable Speed MotorsVariable Speed

Very High Voltage MotorsVery High Voltage

Vertical MotorsVertical Motors

DC Motors

Baldor-Reliance DC motors offer performance and reliability in tough applications and are available in round frame and unique laminated square frames. Round frame DC motors utilize permanent magnet technology optimizing the commutator, brushes, and inertia to assure the best performance possible. Wound field motors are designed with superior commutation through the speed range to ensure trouble-free operation and the insulation system is designed with extra margin of safety to eliminate performance-limiting hot spots.

Integral HP and RPM III DC Motors

RPM III MotorsRPM III Motors

Round Frame MotorsRound Frame Motors

Lifting Magnet MotorsLifting Magnet Motors

Fractional and Permanent Magnet DC Motors

General Purpose MotorsGeneral Purpose DC Motors

Baldor Reliance Washdown DCWashdown DC Motors

Explosion Proof MotorsExplosion Proof DC Motors

Baldor Reliance Fractional HP MotorsFractional HP Motors

Servo Motors

ABB offers a variety of AC and DC servo motors for industrial, automated applications such as packaging, labeling, wrapping, and cutting. Choose from a wide range of high or low inertia motors with winding options, feedback devices, and gearheads.

Baldor AC Brushless Servo HDS MotorsAC Brushless Servo HDS Motors

AC Brushless Stainless Steel Servo MotorsAC Brushless Stainless Steel

AC Brushless Servo N-Series MotorsAC Brushless N-Series

Precision Servo GearboxesPrecision Servo Gearboxes

AC Brushless Servo C-Series MotorsAC Brushless C-Series

DC Drives

Baldor NEMA 1 DrivesNEMA 1 Drives

Baldor NEMA 4X DrivesNEMA 4X Drives

Baldor Chassis DrivesChassis Drives

Clutches and Brakes


Clutch and Brake ModulesClutch/Brake Modules

Fractional HorsepowerFractional Horsepower

Shaft MountedShaft Mounted

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