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Beltservice Corporation

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Beltservice Corporation – Custom Conveyor Belting Solutions

ISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Beltservice Corporation products listed on this page and others found on beltservice.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Beltservice products including light duty conveyor belting, heavy duty conveyor belting, incline conveyor belting, interwoven PVC belting, custom rubber and PVC profiles, integrally molded synthetic fabric belts, splicing, and conveyor belting accessories.

Some of the top Beltservice trade names/brands include Movex, Beltwall, BeltTS, Fabflex, Magnethane, Proclean, ProTurn, Modutech, Reveyron, Xraythane, and Ziplink.

Core Products

Light Duty

Light duty belting with cover impressions/profiles are commonly used to prevent back sliding on incline conveyors. Compounds available include rubber, nitrile, leather, silicone, butyl, Teflon, PVC, and FS covers for most demanding applications.

Light-Duty 3-Ply Poly 150 WhiteLight Duty Food Belts

Light-Duty BlackLight Duty Hot Stock & Water

Light Duty Incline SpecialtyLight Duty Incline Specialty

Light-Duty 3-Ply 225 PIW Blue NitrileLight Duty Material Handling Belts

Light-Duty Package HandlingLight Duty Package Handling

Light Duty Incline WedgegripLight Duty Incline Wedgegrip

Light-Duty TanLight Duty Transmission Belts

Light Duty Solid Woven CottonLight Duty Solid Woven Cotton

Heavy Duty

More than 50 separate types of heavy duty black rubber belt specifications are in stock for cut flat belt or custom-fabricated orders. We offer a variety of cover thicknesses and can customize belts to provide abrasion and impact resistance, oil and temperature-resisting properties and flame-retardancy.

  • 2 Ply Standard Black: Compounded to provide excellent abrasion resistance and flex life, they are the best buy for the majority of heavy duty applications
  • 3 Ply Standard Black: Offer extra strength and impact resistance.
  • 4 Ply Standard Black: Often used on high tension conveyors with long centers.
  • 2- & 3-Ply Moderate Oil Resistance: Excellent abrasion resistance and long flex life with moderate oil resisting properties.

Heavy Duty Grade 2Grade 2 Heavy Duty 2-Ply

Heavy-Duty High Heat

Grade 2 Heavy Duty 3-Ply Diamond

Heavy-Duty Oil ResistantHeavy-Duty Oil Resistant

Heavy Duty 1-Ply Straight WarpHeavy Duty 1-Ply Straight Warp

Heavy-Duty Flame & Oil ResistantHeavy-Duty Flame & Oil Resistant

Incline Belting

Incline belting is used in high-incline environments, utilizing cover textures and vulcanized profiles to keep transported materials secure while in motion. With different compounds available for fabrication, incline belts can be implemented with virtually any application.

These belts are designed to prevent or reduce slide-back on inclines. Chevron and Steepclimb belting also increase conveyor capacity by quick pick up at the point of loading. Ideal for granular materials such as wet sand and gravel.

Incline Cleat TopIncline Cleat Top

Incline Multi-ChevIncline Multi-Chev

Incline Mini Cleat TopIncline Mini Cleat Top

Interwoven PVC

Interwoven PVC belting offers high service yield and is the best value for most food and package handling applications. Low stretch and high lace retention are common characteristics found on these versatile belts.

Air permeable fabrics are used to fluidize dry bulk powders in gravity conveyors and silos. Available in needled and woven polyester.

Carcass Range
The single ply interwoven polyester construction provides a superior tear and gouge resistant carcass with the following allowable tension ratings in pounds per inch (Width): 120 PIW, 150 PIW, 200 PIW, 250 PIW, 350 PIW, 450 PIW, 600 PIW ,750 PIW

Cover Styles
Cover styles from 1/32″ to 3/8″ thick include: Smooth, White FDA, Green FDA, Black Roughtop, Crescent Top, Chevron Top

Interwoven PVC WhiteInterwoven PVC White

Interwoven PVC 120 Black BrushedInterwoven PVC Black Brushed

Interwoven PVC White Chevron TopInterwoven PVC White Chevron Top

Interwoven PVC 750 BlackInterwoven PVC 750 Black

Interwoven PVC 120 BlackInterwoven PVC Black

Interwoven Incline PVC Black Crescent TopInterwoven PVC Incline Crescent Top

Value Added Fabrication

Custom Rubber Profiles

Cleats are commonly used for conveying up steep inclines. They are hot vulcanized to the belt surface on any centers. Many profiles are available in a wide variety of compounds.

Fully-molded chevrons of various cross sections enable the conveying of wet and/or loose materials up steep inclines. Chevrons can be made closed in the center or open for drainage.

Flanges prevent product from spilling off the edge of the belt. Free-flowing materials are contained without troughing. Flange belts can be made endless or conventionally laced.

Notching enables a V-guided belt to operate on smaller pulleys and reduces tracking problems. Covers of pure gum, neoprene sheet rubber, urethane, roughtop belt, white non-marking belt, etc. can be bonded to the back of V-belts.

Rubber Notched Cleats Rubber Notched Cleats


V-Guides & V-Belt-BackingV-Guides & V-Belt Backing

Integrally Molded Fabflex

Fabflex LogoFabflex belts are manufactured from heavy duty synthetic fabric with high-grade covers. Integrally molded cleats and profiles are part of the belt’s unique solid construction.

Fablon Black MOR
Commonly used in recycling, agriculture, bulk handling, automotive, fruit, vegetable and construction. Their special synthetic fabrics offer minimal stretch and work with smaller diameter pulleys. Available in 2 ply or 3 ply constructions.

Fablon Black SBR/MOR
Fablon heavy duty belts are designed to handle the aggressive transfer and elevation of material such as sand, stone, gravel, recycled asphalt product, and other construction materials. Fablon’s cleat patterns are designed to lock free flowing materials to the belt surface, preventing slip-back.

Fabsyn White Nitrile
Fabsyn FDA/USDA approved food belts are manufactured with synthetic fabric and oil-resistant covers—temperature range is from 0 °F to 220 °F. High grade nitrile compound has a higher oil resistance than PVC or RMV and it is resistant to staining, oil, cleaning solutions, extreme temperatures, and cracking. These belts are integrally molded (no glue ever) and feature the “Blue Line” skim identifier.

Fabflex Topflight Rectangle ProfileFabsyn Topflight Rectangle Profile

Fablon Black Crosstop DiamondFablon Black CrossTop Diamond

Fablon Black BighornFablon Black Bighorn

Fabsyn Corrugated RibsFabsyn Corrugated Ribs

Fabsyn Cleated BeltsFabsyn Cleated Belts

Lightweight Products

Lightweight thermoplastic belts offer unique cover compounds and surface textures for most conveying situations. They feature monofilament, multifilament, and spun fabrics that offer exceptional tracking characteristics while maintaining dimensional stability.

Reveyron is known for highly cross rigid belts used on L and Z shaped conveyors, the hygienic properties of their rice grain pattern belts used in food processing and quality fabrications including corrugated sidewalls, cleats, and splices.

ProClean positive drive belts are the ideal replacement for plastic modular belt in the food processing industry. They help provide a sanitary environment and reduce cleaning costs.

PProTurn LogoroTurn is a line of precision fabricated replacement belts. The three types of ProTurn power turn belts are chain drive, bearing drive, and urethane guide. The most common type, chain drives, are often used in airline baggage and package handling applications.

Nylon core PolyBelt power transmission belts and PolySprint machine tapes represent the best combination of substrate, innovation, and manufacturing. They start with Nitta’s proprietary rubber compound, which produces soft, non-marking covers that are superior in abrasion resistance.

Movex LogoThe Movex product line offers a wide range of chains and modular belts, curves, sprockets, idlers and bearings—a comprehensive and versatile range of conveyor components to fit many applications. The Modutech product line is designed specifically for the food industry and includes plastic modular belts, chains, and conveyor belt components.

Lightweight ThermoplasticLightweight Thermoplastic

Lightweight Fabrication Corrugated SidewallLT Fabrication Corrugated Sidewall

Movex Plastic Modular Belting Straight Running ChainMovex Straight Running Chain

Movex Low Back Pressure BeltMovex Low Back Pressure Belt


Proturn Chain GuidesProturn Chain Guides

Movex Side Tight Radius BeltMovex Side Tight Radius Belt

Movex Side Flexing Chain Low FrictionMovex Side Flexing Chain Low Friction

Proclean CenterdriveProclean Centerdrive

ProTurn Urethane GuidesProTurn Urethane Guides

Nylon Core BeltingNylon Core Belting

Movex Straight Running Belt with Grip TopMovex Straight Running w/Grip Top

Application/Industry Focused Belting

Dry Bulk Powder ConveyingDry Bulk Powder Conveying

Feeder BeltWeigh Feeder Belt


Ziplink Red Natural RubberZipLink Red Natural Rubber

Surface FinishingSurface Finishing

High AbrasivesHigh Abrasives

TrulyEndlessTruly Endless

Ziplink WedgegripZipLink Tan Natural Rubber Wedgegrip

Blast BeltsBlast Belts

Elevator BeltElevator Belts

Filtration BeltsFiltration Belts

Ziplink Brown Smooth NitrileZipLink Brown Smooth Nitrile

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