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Brewer Machine & Gear

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Brewer Machine & Gear – Tensioners, Positioners, and Idlers

Brewer Machine and Gear Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Brewer Machine & Gear products listed on this page and many others that can be found on brewertensioner.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Brewer Machine & Gear products include tensioners, positioners, idlers, sprockets, pulleys, and gears (spurs, helicals, miters, bevels, worms). Brewer was the first to establish a standard line of tensioners that are universally adaptable to most tensioning applications. Most competitive units can only be utilized in a very narrow range.

Tensioners and Positioners

Brewer’s Universal Drive Tensioners and Positioners offer full 360 degree controlled tensioning, which eliminates shock loading through excessive chain vibration and horsepower loss through belt slippage.

Base MountedBase Mounted (S, GS)

Flange MountFlange Mount (G)

Shaft MountShaft Mount (A)

Heavy DutyHeavy Duty (BB)

Adjustable Angle MountAdjustable Angle Mount (RS)

Angle MountAngle Mount (R)

Screw AdjustmentScrew Adjustment (H)

AdjustableAdjustable (MHL, MVL)

Floating MountFloating Mount (XM)

Automatic TensioningAutomatic Tensioning (T, MSL)

Slide AdjustmentSlide Adjustment (L)

Idler Sprockets

B-Style Single and Double WidthB-Style Single/Double Width

A-Style Sprocket Steel IdlersA-Style Steel Idlers

A-Style Sprocket Nylon CompositeA-Style Nylon Composite

Flat Belt Idler Pulleys

Brewer Flat Belt Idler Pulleys are suitable for use with flat belts, cog belts, poly-v, and the back side of conventional v-belts and feature a crowned construction, which helps center the belt and prevents rubbing against the outside flanges.

Cast IronCast Iron

Composite NylonComposite Nylon

V-Belt Idler Pulleys

Brewer V-belt Idler Pulleys are available for use with most popular sizes of V-belts (O/A/B Section) and have a series of radial reinforcing ribs to prevent deformation caused by the wedging action of the belt.

Cast IronCast Iron

Composite Nylon Composite Nylon

Idler Bushings QD and Tapered

Tapered BushingsTapered Bushings

QD BushingsQD Bushings

Timing and HTD Idler Pulleys

Timing Pulley IdlersTiming Pulley Idlers

HTD IdlersHTD Idlers

Mounting Adapters

Bore AdaptersBore Adapters

Shoulder AdaptersShoulder Adapters

Clevis AdaptersClevis Adapters

Idler Shafts and Studs

Brewer idler shafts are hardened and ground for maximum idler life. They are shouldered and threaded into units and locked with a set screw to ensure maximum rigidity.

Idler ShaftIdler Shaft

Idler StudIdler Stud

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