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Ewellix – Linear Motion and Actuation Solutions

ISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Ewellix linear motion products listed on this page and others found on ewellix.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Ewellix w Tag Brand LogoEwellix (founded over fifty years ago as part of the SKF Group) is a global innovator and manufacturer of linear motion and actuation solutions used in industrial automation, automotive assembly, medical applications, and mobile machinery. Ewellix is headquartered in Sweden and is owned by Triton.

Linear Actuators

Electromechanical linear actuators enable precise, controlled, and repeatable push/pull movements in linear drive applications. Linear actuators serve as efficient, low maintenance, and environmentally-friendly alternatives to hydraulic or pneumatic types. Ewellix specializes in compact, high-quality devices, suitable for many different industry applications. A variety of stroke ranges are available, as well as actuators that can handle medium and high loads.

Ewellix Matrix Series Linear ActuatorsMatrix Series Linear Actuators

Ewellix EcomagEcomag Linear Actuators

Ewellix CAMTCAMT Linear Actuator

Ewellix Operating switchesOperating Switches

Ewellix RunnerRunner Linear Actuator

Ewellix CAHB Series Linear ActuatorsCAHB Series Linear Actuators

Ewellix CAWD Series Linear ActuatorsCAWD Series Linear Actuators

Ewellix CAJA 35CCAJA 35C Linear Actuator

Ewellix CAT, CAR, CAP Series Linear ActuatorsCAT, CAR, CAP Series Linear Actuators

Ewellix Control Units for Linear ActuatorsControl Units for Linear Actuators

High Performance Linear Actuators

Ewellix offers a wide range of high performance electromechanical linear actuators, in a variety of designs and setups, ranging from high load capacities and fast operating speeds to systems designed for the quietest possible operation. Ewellix heavy-duty actuators offer very high positioning accuracy and controllability, enabling precise motion control with loads up to 50 tons.

Ewellix CASM-25CASM-25 Actuator

Ewellix SRSA/SVSASRSA/SVSA Actuators

Ewellix SEMCSEMC Actuator

Ewellix CASM 32/40/63CASM-32/40/63 Actuators

Ewellix LEMCLEMC Actuators

Ewellix CPSMCPSM Actuator

Ewellix CASM-100CASM-100 Actuators

Ewellix CEMCCEMC Actuator

Lifting Columns

Lifting columns (also called telescopic pillars) enable precise, controlled, and repeatable lifting movements of in linear drive applications including those with torsion and offset loads.


Ewellix TFGTFG

Ewellix TLGTLG

Ewellix FREFRE


Ewellix THGTHG

Ewellix TLTTLT


Ewellix TLCTLC

Ewellix TXGTXG

Ball and Roller Screws

Precision Ball Screws
  • Outstanding repeatability and positioning accuracy with preload or slip prevention
  • Smooth running, suitable for high vibrations or changes of direction
  • Large selection of compact rolled and ground ball screws
Roller Screws
  • Heavy load capacity and high axial rigidity with pre-loaded versions
  • Exceptional performance in applications with frequent direction changes and high linear speed
  • High positioning accuracy with excellent repeatability and reliability
Support Bearings
  • Quick mounting on the shaft
  • Lifelong lubrication, maintenance-free
  • Rigid and accurate screw positioning

Ewellix Roller ScrewsRoller Screws

Ewellix Precision Ball ScrewsPrecision Ball Screws

Ewellix Support BearingsSupport Bearings

Linear Guides

Linear Ball Bearings and Shafts
  • High modularity and easy to use
  • Units (Single, Tandem, Quadro) available for almost every application
  • Stainless steel design
  • Factory pre-lubricated bearings and units
Profile Rail Guides
  • Rigid, precise, and easy to assemble linear guide system
  • Long service life, even with heavy loads or over long distances
  • Compact design with high load capacity
  • Various sizes and designs including accessories
Precision Rail Guides
  • Guided systems with excellent running and repeat accuracy
  • Easy adjustment of rail lengths, cage lengths, and materials
  • High operational reliability and reduced downtimes

Ewellix Linear Ball Bearings and ShaftsLinear Ball Bearings and Shafts

Ewellix Profile Rail GuidesProfile Rail Guides

Ewellix Precision Rail GuidesPrecision Rail Guides

Linear Systems

Linear Slides
  • Ready-to-use systems to shorten implementation and set-up times
  • Virtually frictionless, precise and uniform linear movements
  • Wide selection with many options
Linear Modules
  • Integrated drive motor for positioning
  • High and medium speed options
  • Precision rails for maximum accuracy

Ewellix Linear SlidesLinear Slides

Ewellix Linear ModulesLinear Modules

7th Axis for Robots


Cobots are often used for palletizing but reach their limits when the pallet stack reaches a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach by moving it along a vertical axis. The base of the Cobot can be raised or lowered during palletizing so that it is always in an optimum working position, improving productivity and reducing costs.


Cobots combined with the SLIDEKIT 2.0 linear module provide a cost-effective solution to upgrade an existing assembly shop, moving from manually-handled to a fully-automatized line.



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