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Fenner Drives

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Fenner Drives – Link Belting, Keyless Locking

Fenner Drives Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Fenner Drives products listed on this page and many others found on fennerdrives.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Fenner Drives, a division of Fenner PLC, is a manufacturer of link belting products, keyless locking devices, tensioners, pulleys, idlers, guides, and belting accessories. Popular Fenner trade names include PowerTwist Drive, SuperTLink, NuTLink, B-Loc, NeoLink, PowerTwist Move, Eagle, Trackstar, Trantorque, SureConnect, PowerMax, and T-Max.

Link Belting for Power Transmission

Fenner Drives’ high performance link belting is made from custom polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric. Link belting offers problem solving alternatives to conventional endless wrapped rubber belts of classical, wedge, and round cross sections.

PowerTwist belts are offered in classical (red) and metric wedge (blue) section profiles. T-Link style belting is available with NuTLink for classical section drives and SuperTLink for applications using metric wedge rated belts. The PowerTwist Ground Round belting is ideal for systems using traditional round leather, rubber, or polyurethane belts.

PowerTwist Drive, SuperTLink, NuTLink, NeoLink Belting Fenner PT Link Belting Pic

  • Longer belt life, time and cost saving benefits
  • Easier, faster installation without tear-downs or struggling with motor bases
  • Install on captive drives and fixed center drives
  • Make matching sets
  • Better drive efficiency due to minimal belt elongation
  • Reduced noise, longer bearing life due to low belt vibration

Fenner PowerTwist Drive Belts Pic

PowerTwist V & Round Belts
PowerTwist Wedge Belts

Fenner SuperTLink Belts Pic

SuperTLink Wedge Belts

Fenner NuTLink Belts Pic

NuTLink V-Belts
NeoLink V-Belts

Link Belting for Conveying

PowerTwist Move Conveyor Belting is easily made to length by hand without welding and rolls right on existing equipment without the need to dismantle the drive system. Cross sections of 5/16 in. (8mm), 3/8 in. (10mm), ½ in. (13mm), 9/16 in. (14mm), 3/4 in. (19mm), Z/10, A/13, B/17, C/22, and D/32.

  • IncrePowerTwist Move Conveyor Belting Picased belt longevity and durability compared to polyurethane belts
  • Resistance to harsh environments
  • Less tensioning
  • Eliminating inventory of numerous different spare endless belt lengths

PowerTwist Move Specialty Conveyor Belts incorporate design features that are perfect for applications requiring extra grip. All specialty conveyor belts have detachable link design for easy installation.

  • PowerTwist Move SuperGrip Top incorporates a high-grip top surface for slippery environments or steep inclines
  • PowerTwist Move Friction Top has a top layer of 85A polyurethane incorporated into each link, which offers a higher coefficient of friction for added conveying grip

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

Fenner Eagle Logo picEagle Polyurethane Belting provides a comprehensive range of high quality, non-reinforced and reinforced polyurethane belting for light, medium, or heavy duty applications.

Eagle Non-Reinforced Polyurethane Belting is ideal for material transfer and light-duty power transmission applications. Available in round, vee, and flat profiles. Available in Quick-Connect and O-Rings.

Eagle Reinforced Polyurethane Belting is high-strength and low-stretch for longer conveyor lengths, heavier conveyed loads, or medium-duty power transmission applications. Can Cable is the high performance, low cost alternative to steel cables.

Eagle SureConnect is a connector and polyurethane belting system that is made to length simply by twisting the threaded connector into the matching belt.

Eagle Butt Welding and Eagle Freestyle Welding Kits are available for effective belt welding and minimized downtime.

Fenner Eagle Belting pic\

Eagle Poly-V belts are PJ-profile belts designed specifically for roller conveyor applications. Made from polyurethane with elastic reinforcement, Eagle Poly-V belts provide the same load capacity as conventional rubber PJ belts with additional benefits:

  • Abrasion-resistant polyurethane for longer belt life and increased performance in curves
  • High-friction polyurethane decreases the running tension required, reducing belt fatigue and prolonging belt life
  • Oil, grease, and chemical-resistant material

Non-Reinforced BeltingNon-Reinforced BeltingFenner Weld Kit PicWelding Kits

Reinforced BeltingReinforced BeltingFenner Eagle Poly-VEagle Poly-V

Eagle SureconnectEagle SureConnect

Keyless Locking Devices

Fenner Drives delivers a comprehensive line of Keyless Locking Devices (KLDs) that offer quick and easy installation with Trantorque, plus the design flexibility and heavy duty capacity of B-LOC. When compared to traditional connection methods, Fenner KLDs offer the following advantages:

  • A mechanical interference fit with a uniform pressure distribution similar to that achieved through a shrink or press fit
  • A true zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection with none of the operational drawbacks of keyways or splines
  • The ability to mount on plain shafting, which need not be over-sized to compensate for notch factors, which allows for the use of smaller shafts and bearings

Trantorque Logo PicTrantorque Keyless Bushings have a single locking nut and offer easy to use options for mounting and adjusting position sensitive drive components and accessories.

Trantorque Micro is a keyless solution for small shaft applications that require precision positioning. Available in shaft sizes 1/8 in. – 5/8 in. (3mm-16mm).

Fenner B-Loc Logo PicB-LOC Keyless Bushings provide a high capacity, zero-backlash shaft-to-hub connection using a wedge principle. Axial force is applied by annular screws to engage circular steel rings and mating tapers. The resulting wedge action creates a radial force on the tapered rings, which contracts to squeeze the shaft while the other expands and presses into the component bore.

B-LOC Compression Hubs are external locking devices that provide a unique method for mounting components without the need for a hub. Axial compression holds the mounted component in place and radial pressure generates an interference fit with the shaft. This is ideal for mounting components that are narrow or cannot be subjected to tensile stresses to a shaft.

Fenner Locking DevicesB-LOC Shrink Discs are external locking devices that provide a high capacity interference fit with all the positive features of  a conventional interference fit, without the mounting problems. They offer extremely concentric and well-balanced connections and are ideal for high-speed applications.

B-LOC Speed is a new series of keyless locking devices engineered to reduce installation time—up to 60%—while maintaining  the same technical capabilities of a standard KLD.

B-LOC WK Rigid Couplings are external keyless locking devices that simultaneously transmit high torques and bending moments that allow your drive to be overhung shaft mounted. By using a B-LOC WK and a simple torque arm to prevent rotation, you eliminate the need for structural foundations, since the drive hangs off the end of the shaft.

Fenner Trantorque Keyless BushingsTrantorque Keyless BushingsB-LOC Compression HubsB-LOC Compression HubsB-LOC WK CouplingsB-LOC WK Couplings

Trantorque MicroTrantorque MicroB-Loc Shrink DiscB-Loc Shrink Disc

B-Loc Keyless BushingsB-Loc Keyless BushingsB-Loc SpeedB-Loc Speed

PowerMax Composite Solutions

PowerMax Logo Pic

The PowerMax line of idlers, drive pulleys, and sprockets offer superior composite design and are engineered for use as high-speed idlers in power transmission and conveying applications. PowerMax Pulleys and Idlers Pic

  • Idlers (/Flat/Round/V-Belts)
  • Cable & DriveN Pulleys
  • Sprockets
  • Mounting Adapters
  • Carriage Rollers

T-Max Tensioners

Fenner T-Max Logo picWhen used in power transmission drives, all V-belts and roller chains will elongate significantly over time if not properly maintained. Incorrect belt or chain tension will lead to increased downtime, lower equipment productivity, and inflated maintenance costs. To achieve optimum drive performance, correct drive belt or chain tension must be maintained.

A self-adjusting T-Max Tensioner from Fenner Drives eliminates the need for regular manual retensioning of drives. Avoid the risk of inadvertently over-tensioning drive components and enhance your overall drive operating efficiency.

T-Max TensionersT-Max Light Duty Rotary Tensioners allow for easy installation and adjustment with a single bolt feature and come in a variety of sizes and mounting styles. They improve performance and extend life for most fixed-center drives.

T-Max Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Rotary Tensioners rugged, heavy-duty construction pairs well with heavy load applications. The torsion spring is designed to absorb momentary overloads and reduce vibration.

T-Max Linear Tensioners fully automatic, straight-line take up and extended life through improved performance on fixed-center drives. The single bolt feature offers easy installation and adjustment while the spring mechanism absorbs momentary overload and reduces vibration.

Trackstar UHMW Belt & Chain Guides

Fight friction and reduce costs with long-wearing Trackstar UHMW Belt and Chain Guides. Standard crowned and flat versions are available for use in guide rail systems. Trackstar Guides are produced using the highest quality virgin black UHMW-PE material to ensure minimum friction and maximum wear resistance.Fenner TrackStar Application

  • Longer Belt and Chain Life – far slicker than steel or other thermoplastics, resulting in less wear on transfer belts and drive/attachment chains
  • Reduced Wear – outwears abrasion-resistant steel by 3 to 1 and PTFE by 5 to 1. UHMW has the highest abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic for longer  life
  • Modular Design – unique two-piece design simplifies installation and replacement of UHMW inserts, while allowing for thermal expansion

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