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Helix Linear Technologies

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Helix Linear Technologies – Actuators, Splines, Lead & Acme Screws

Helix Linear logo picISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Helix Linear Technologies products listed on this page and others found on helixlinear.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Helix Linear Technologies products including linear actuators, lead screws, electric cylinders, linear slides, telescopic rails, splines, drives, mounting solutions, and more. Helix was founded in 2011 to manufacture high-quality lead screws for the growing electromechanical actuation industry. They now offer one of the most comprehensive selections of lead screws and lead screw actuators in the world. Many of their products are designed specifically for medical diagnostic equipment and electronics.

Lead Screws and Acme Screws

Helix lead screws range in size from 1.5 – 50mm diameter with a wide variety of nut designs and materials. Lead screw assemblies guarantee maximum load sharing, minimal torque, and long life. Available screw materials include stainless, steel, aluminum, titanium, and can be coated with PTFE.

Helix Lead Screws and Acme ScrewsLead Screws / Acme Screws

Helix Twin-Lead Acme ScrewsTwin-Lead Acme Screws

Helix FlangesAcme Nut Flanges Imperial / Metric

Lead Screw Nuts

Nuts are available in threaded and flange mounts. Anti-backlash nuts perform with zero backlash, and are self-compensating for wear. Helix nuts are molded from proprietary internally-lubricated Helital material.

Helix Lead Screw NutsLead Screw Nuts

Helix Anti Backlash Lead Screw NutsAnti-Backlash Lead Screw Nuts

Helix Heavy Load Lead Screw Heavy Load Lead Screw Nuts

Helix Power-AC Bronze Acme NutsBronze Acme Screw Nuts

Helix Freewheeling Lead Screw NutsFreewheeling Lead Screw Nuts

Helix Plastic Acme Screw NutPlastic Acme Screw Nuts


Profile Rail Linear Actuators (PRA)

Helix profile rail linear actuators offer smooth, clean, and quiet linear positioning. The PRA is built Helix PRA Linear Actuatorswith either lead screw or ball screw drives. They can be coated with Helix H10X PTFE to increase  nut life by 10x. The lead screw assembly incorporates a standard or anti-backlash nut to eliminate axial and radial lash. The PRA is built with precision ground profile rails for robust guidance and is pre-assembled, offering a turn-key solution for linear motion applications.

Micro Precision Linear Actuators (MPA)

Helix MPA Linear Actuators

Helix low torque/high stiffness Micro Precision Linear Actuators are available in three designs to meet the demands of different linear motion applications. Standard accessories include mounting blocks, limit switches, digital encoders, sensors, and high-payload options. Available with RH and LH twin screws on single rail.

  1. Integrated Precision Actuator (IPA) Lead screw integrated into stepper motor
  2. Coupled Motor Linear Actuator (CPA) Lead screw is coupled with stepper motor
  3. Simple Precision Linear Actuator (SPA) Non-motorized actuator

    Helix MPA Linear Actuators

Can-Stack Linear Actuators / Stepper Motors

Can-stack Linear Actuators offer an economical linear motion solution in a small package. Linear step accuracy ranging from 3 – 400 microns. Dual ball bearings for greater precision and life

Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Helix Stepper Motor / Hybrid Linear Actuators feature precision lead screws and nuts to produce accurate and repeatable linear motion. Manufactured in NEMA sizes 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23. Standard and custom nut designs available. Optional accessories include connectors, wire harnesses, digital encoders, and custom lead screw nuts.

Helix Non-Captive / Translating Screw Linear Actuators are offered in NEMA 8,11,14,17, 23, and 34 frame motors. These stepper motor linear actuators operate with a precision lead screw that translates through the motor housing. The lead screw nut is manufactured from high performance plastic for long life and maximum load carrying.

Helix Ball Screw Stepper ActuatorsBall Screw Stepper Actuators

Helix Non Captive Stepper Actuator Non-Captive Stepper Actuator

Helix External Stepper ActuatorsExternal Stepper Actuators

Helix Captive Stepper ActuatorCaptive Stepper Actuator

Linear Slides

Helix Linear Slides are offered in different sizes to move 700-1600 lbs. They are available in fully-supported or end-supported models and are built with ACME screws or metric ball screws. Motors, encoders, sensors, bellows boots, and twin-lead screws (RH/LH) can also be incorporated into these systems. Options include rail guides, motor mounts, custom carriages, and anti-backlash nuts.

212 Series212 Series

252 Series252 Series

300 Series300 Series

Electric Cylinders

Helix Electric Cylinders

Helix Electric Cylinders deliver high performance linear motion in applications requiring intermittent and continuous duty operation. They are built with a precision stainless steel lead screw or ball screw. Lead screw models include a Teflon-coated screw and internally-lubricated nut. They can be built with digital encoders, magnetic sensors, and linear potentiometers and many types of mounts and ends are available

Telescopic Rails

Helix Telescopic Rails are designed for heavy duty industrial applications that require smooth telescopic sliding with no play such as automated warehousing system applications and electric vehicle battery boxes. TPE = Partial Extension Rails and TBD = Full Extension Rails

Helix HTPE Telescopic RailsHTPE Telescopic Rails

Helix HTDB Telescopic RailsHTDB Telescopic Rails

Ezze-Mount End Supports

Helix EZZE Mounts

EZZE-MOUNT bearing mounts are available with integral motor mounts to offer complete motorized systems. Motor mounts are available for standard NEMA mounts (17, 23, 34, 42), as well as IEC frames for servo and stepper motor applications.

Spline Shafts

SplinesHelix Spline Shafts provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism with rotation for two axes of motion. In a spline assembly, the polymer bushing carries the load between the rotating member (inner race) and the rotating/translating member (bushing). Available in sizes 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch diameters.

Linear Lubricant

Helix Lubricants

Helix Linear Lubricant product line includes specialized greases and sprays that are designed to increase reliability and extend the life of linear motion systems in medical, aerospace, electronic, and military applications.

Stepper Drives

Helix Stepper Drive

Helix Stepper Motor Drives include the HDM Series and HEM Series.

  • HDM Series: Step and direction. Anti-resonance provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability
  • HEM Series: Step and direction. Anti-resonance for optimal torque, extra smooth motion, low motor heating, and low noise

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