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HKK Chain

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HKK Chain – Industrial Roller Chain

HKK Chain Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the HKK Chain products listed on this page and others found on hkkchain.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

HKK Chain products include roller chain, anti-corrosion chain, specialty chain, and chain attachments. Founded in 1916, HKK has concentrated its efforts on manufacturing high quality roller chain while pursuing an unrelenting ambition to keep their prices as low as possible while maintaining on time deliveries.

HKK Superior Capacity PlusCustomers around the world in industries such as agriculture, material handling, mining, construction, and industrial manufacturing count on HKK Chain for quality chain at an unsurpassed value.

Superior Capacity Plus: HKK’s unique, patented process that increases the fatigue strength and maximum allowable load of HKK chains.

Roller Chains

HKK Standard ANSI Roller Chains are manufactured for high strength and long life and meet or exceed ANSI standard B29.1. Features include solid bushings and rollers, specially treated pins and bushings, and stringently controlled heat treatment.

HKK Heavy Series Roller Chains have increased link plate thickness—that of the next larger size chain—to provide greater capacity without fatigue failure. Unlike many other brands, HKK single strand heavy chains are manufactured with solid bushings, solid rollers, and through-hardened pins.

HKK E and HE Series Chains are manufactured in accordance with ANSI and API (American Petroleum Institute) standards and are a good option for high shock load applications. They are made using high quality alloys and through-hardened pins to better resist fatigue failure.

HKK Super and Super Heavy Series Chains provide longer chain life under severe loads. Enhanced plate configuration and ball milling plate holes ensure greater tensile strength and resistance to fatigue failure. High-grade alloy steel and four-point riveting provide higher shock load capacities.

HKK British Standard Chains are manufactured in accordance with ISO R606, and are compatible with British standard B.S. 228 and German standard DIN 8187.

HKK Double-Pitch Roller Chains have a pitch that is twice that of standard roller chain. They also weigh less and are lower in price than standard roller chain of the same strength. They are ideal for slow or moderate speed applications, particularly when shaft centers are relatively long. There are two types: transmission type with figure-eight shaped link plates and conveyor type with straight-edged link plates.

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Anti-Corrosion Chains

HKK Aqua-Series II Chains provide maximum corrosion resistance, far superior to Zinc or Nickel plated chains, while still offering the strength of Superior Capacity Plus carbon steel chains. They are manufactured with cold-forged solid bushings and rollers to limit chain elongation.

HKK Stainless Steel Single-Pitch and Double-Pitch Chains are used in highly corrosive and extreme temperature environments. All components are made of 300 series stainless steel (600 series stainless steel also available). These chains have a uniquely-designed solid roller, which will not split or deform like conventional split rollers.

HKK carbon steel Nickel-Plated Chains are used in mildly corrosive environments. They are plated before assembly to ensure complete protection of all parts, while providing maximum strength. These chains are manufactured with solid rollers and solid bushings to extend chain life.

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Specialty Chains

HKK Self-Lubricating Chains are manufactured with oil-impregnated sinter steel bushings that release lubrication slowly while the chain is in operation to allow continuous lubrication in applications where re-lubrication is not practical. No additional lubrication is necessary. The bushing keeps lubrication in the critical bearing area of the pin and bushing. Self-lube chains are recommended for dry applications with little or no shock load.

HKK Side Bow Roller Chain consists of standard solid roller / solid bushing roller links. Specially designed pin links allow increased clearance between the pins and bushings and the roller link and pin link plates. This feature gives the chain freedom to slightly twist or curve on a horizontal plane.

HKK Hollow Pin Chains are constructed with cold-forged solid bushings. This process assures the inside diameter of the bushing is completely cylindrical all the way through. This feature allows for easy insertion of cross rods.

HKK Straight Side-Bar Chain (C Type) is dimensionally the same as ANSI Series Chain, but has straight side plates, ideal for conveying product and/or sliding on a surface.

HKK Leaf Chains are built of interlaced plates held together by rivet pins and are used for applications that require strong, flexible linkage for transmitting motion or lift.

HKK Lumber Chains include three types of 81X series engineering class conveyor chains: 81X, 81XH Heavy, and 81XH-S Heavy Special. Each is designed with different link plate thickness and height to achieve higher allowable loads and durability.

HKK Coupling Chains are made from HKK’s Superior Capacity Plus Chains. Standard coupling chains are assembled using a standard connection. Single pin connectors are also available for easy assembly.

HKK Chain Tools include breakers, which remove pins easily without the use of hammers or punches and pullers, which simplify the process of assembling connecting links onto the chain.

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Attachment Chains

HKK Attachment Chains are standard ANSI single and double pitch chains with modified side plates or pins. Attachments may be used for a variety of purposes such as conveying, timing, or alignment. Unique attachments are available for specialized applications such as poultry, packaging, and forestry industries.

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