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Hub City (Regal Rexnord)

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Hub City (Regal Rexnord) Gearing

ISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Hub City products listed on this page and others found on the Hub City/Regal Rexnord website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Hub City, a brand of Regal Rexnord since 1992, is a manufacturer of gearing products including a wide range of worm gear, bevel gear, parallel shaft, in-line speed reducers, HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) gear drives, mounted bearings, couplings, and more.

Hub City trade names include HERA, CleanLine, HubLoc, PowerCubeX, Spartan, PowerTorque, IndustriaLine, DuraLine, Poweratio, HubFlex, Century, Hub-Alloy

HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) Gear Drives

heraHERA gear drives feature hypoid helical gearing and are a drop-in replacement for worm gear drives. HERA gear drives are up to 40% more efficient than standard worm gear drives and deliver up to two times more torque with a smaller footprint.

HERA technology offers 90% operating efficiency, which means it converts power from an electric motor into mechanical power with only 10% energy loss. In many applications, using a HERA gear drive will reduce the total energy requirement enough to allow for motor downsizing, resulting in a lower initial cost and efficiency gains.

HERA35, HERA45, HERA55 and HERA75 are available in the most popular configurations. Stainless steel models are IP69K certified and designed to withstand sustained high temperatures and high pressure washdown.

CleanLine Gear Drives

CleanLine Gear Drives are stainless steel or acrylic painted with four levels of washdown protection:Cleanline

  1. CleanLine: acrylic painted housings and stainless steel shafts
  2. CleanLine Plus: aluminum Platinum Plus housings and stainless steel shafts
  3. CleanLine UltraPlus: stainless steel with a smooth exterior, free of ribs, undercuts, and protrusions that are not conducive to washdown, cleaning, and sanitary environments
  4. CleanLine UltraPlus Hub3: stainless steel housings, shafts, and hardware; all surfaces are smooth and polished

HubLoc Keyless Bushing System

Hub City HubLoc Keyless Bushing SystemThe HubLoc Keyless Bushing System creates a keyless, backlash-free mechanical interference fit that eliminates the micro-movement that causes fretting and cold welding.  It has a self-centering design that achieves optimum concentricity and eliminates oscillation in shaft mounted applications.

The design of this bushing system allows for a broad range of bore sizes in a single model by providing a positive dual clamping connection with a minimum sleeve wall thickness.

  • Available in carbon steel and stainless steel
  • One gearbox can be used for multiple shaft diameters
  • Ambidextrous design for mounting on either side of the gearboxHub Loc Cover Options

Cover Options

  • Hub Cap protective covers are made from metal-detectable plastic
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Safety Covers are available for extra protection

PowerCubeX Gear Reducers

PowerCubeX Worm Speed Reducers are available sizes from 1.33 in. to 10 in. center distance and ratios from 5:1 to 216,000:1 (single, double, and triple reduction). More than 300 standard models are available with various input and output types.Hub City PowerCubeX

  • Recess action gearing
  • Alloy bronze gear
  • Power ratings from 0.183 to 100 HP
  • Replaces universal PowerCube models

Spartan Aluminum Worm Gear Drives

Hub City Spartan Aluminum Worm Gear DrivesSpartan Worm Speed Reducers are compact, rugged, and lightweight alternatives for design flexibility. Up to 2/3 lighter and 1/3 smaller than comparable cast iron units.

  • Power ratings from 1/4 to 8.2 HP
  • Output torque to 3,900 in-lbs.
  • Ratios from 7:1 through 4020:1
  • Output speeds 25 to 250 RPM

Product Groups

Parallel Shaft ReducersParallel Shaft Reducers

Worm ReducersRight Angle Worm Reducers

Bevel ReducersRight Angle Bevel Reducers

Helical Hypoid ReducersRight Angle Helical Hypoid Reducers

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