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Lafert North America – Motors and Gearboxes

Lafert North America Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Lafert North America products listed on this page and others found on lafertna.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Lafert NA is the sole North American representative for the Italian manufactured, Lafert IEC motor line, Sacemi Coolant Pumps, and SITI metric line of gearboxes. Lafert NA has been supplying IEC metric motors to Canada, the United States, and Mexico since 1989.

Replacing oddball foreign motors, that are sometimes costly to repair and difficult to source is one of Lafert North America’s specialties.

Product Approvals and Specifications

  • International approvals: IEC 34-1 – DIN – VDE, UL – CSA – CE, ISO 9001 certified
  • Electrical and Mechanical tolerances tested and certified under IEC 34-1 and IEC72-1
  • IP54, IP55, IP56 and IP67 degree of protections available
  • All motors are insulation class F
  • HPI – high performance permanent magnet motors (IE4 level of efficiency)
  • IE3 Premium Efficient units available off the shelf
  • 3 phase motors up to 315 frame in a range of different speeds (2, 4, 6, 8 pole)
  • Single phase motors up to 112 (2, 4, 6 pole)
  • 2 speed motors (1 and 2 windings)
  • Stainless Steel motors (IP56 & IP67)
  • Full size and Compact Self-Braking Motors (2, 4, 6, 8 pole)
  • 2 Speed Self-Braking motors (1 and 2 windings)
  • IEC frame explosion proof motors (2, 4, 6, 8 pole)
  • Servo motors
  • SACEMI Low Pressure circulating Pumps (various types and sizes available)
  • SITI Right Angle and In-Line gearboxes
  • Inverter duty motors

Metric Motors

2 Speed 1 or 2 Windings FB2 Speed (1 or 2 Windings) FB

Premium Efficiency (IE3) AMPH/LABPremium Efficiency (IE3) AMPH/LAB

Stainless Steel DesignStainless Steel Design LA

Standard Efficiency Motors (ST/ AM /AAM)Standard Efficiency ST/AM

Brake Motors (Compact brake DC rectified) MSBrake Motors (DC rectified) MS

Explosion Proof MotorsExplosion Proof Motors MAK

Single Phase Dual Voltage (DVE) MotorsSingle Phase Dual Voltage (DVE)

AAFBAAFB Brake (2-Speed High Torque)

Brake Motors (Full size brake) AAFBrake Motors (Full size) AAF

High Performance (Permanent Magnet)High Performance HPS

Single Phase Motors (LM/LME)Single Phase LM/LME

AMBZAMBZ Brake Motors (High Torque 575V)


Bevel Helical (MBH-BH)Bevel Helical (MBH-BH)

Worm Right Angle - MIWorm Right Angle – MI

Helical Inline Gearbox - MHL(F)Helical Inline – MHL(F)

Worm Right Angle - MUWorm Right Angle – MU

Speed Variators - MKFSpeed Variator – MK(F)


Immersion Type - IMMImmersion Type – IMM

Self Priming-Transfer Type - AUSelf Priming-Transfer Type – AU

Side Mounted Type - SQSide Mounted Type – SQ

Flanges and Accessories

Aluminum Flanges - FLAluminum Flanges – FL

HP Standalone Permanent Magnet AC Motor Flanges - FL (Oversized Bearings) HP Permanent Magnet AC Flanges – FL

Cast Iron Flanges - FLDCast Iron Flanges – FLD

Stainless Steel Motor Flanges - FLS & FLPStainless Steel Flanges – FLS & FLP

Explosion Proof Motor Flanges - FLEXExplosion Proof Flanges – FLEX

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