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Martin Sprocket & Gear

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Martin Sprocket & Gear – Power Transmission Parts, Material Handling, Hand Tools

Martin Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Martin Sprocket & Gear products listed on this page and many others that can be found on the Martin website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Martin Sprocket & Gear, founded in 1951, is a leading manufacturer of power transmission components, material handling products, industrial hand tools, and heavy duty conveyor pulleys. Power transmission products include sprockets, gears, sheaves, bushings, synchronous sprockets, and couplings. Popular Martin trade names include MST, HTS, MPC, MXT, Blue-Flex, Go-Flex, Quadra-Flex, and Martin-Flex.


Roller Chain SprocketsRoller Chain Sprockets

Metric Roller Chain SprocketsMetric Roller Chain Sprockets

800 Series Sprockets800 Series Sprockets

Engineering Class SprocketsEngineering Class Sprockets

Idler SprocketsIdler Sprockets


Spur GearsSpur Gears

Gear RackGear Rack

Bevel GearsBevel Gears

Miter GearsMiter Gears

Worms and Worm GearsWorms and Worm Gears


QD SheavesQD Sheaves

Variable Pitch SheavesVariable Pitch Sheaves

Taper Bushed SheavesTaper Bushed Sheaves

Fractional Horsepower SheavesFractional Horsepower Sheaves

MST SheavesMST Sheaves


QD BushingsQD Bushings

QD Idler BushingsQD Idler Bushings

MST BushingsMST Bushings

Taper Bushed BushingsTaper Bushed Bushings

Synchronous Sprockets

Timing Belt PulleysTiming Belt Pulleys

MPC SprocketsMPC Sprockets

HTS SprocketsHTS Sprockets

High HP HTS SprocketsHigh HP HTS Sprockets


Jaw CouplingsJaw Couplings

Martin-Flex CouplingsMartin-Flex Couplings

Martin Metal Detectable InsertMetal Detectable Insert

Martin Blue-Flex Grid CouplingsBlue-Flex Grid Couplings

Roller Chain CouplingsRoller Chain Couplings

Quadra-Flex CouplingsQuadra-Flex Couplings

Martin Go-Flex CouplingsGo-Flex Couplings

Material Handling

Screw ConveyorScrew Conveyor

Shaftless Screw ConveyorShaftless Screw Conveyor

Bucket ElevatorBucket Elevator

Vertical Screw ElevatorVertical Screw Elevator

Drag ConveyorDrag Conveyor

Modular Plastic Conveyor ScrewsModular Plastic Conveyor Screws

Conveyor Pulleys

Heavy Duty Drum PulleyHeavy Duty Drum Pulleys

Martin Clean Flight Wing PulleyClean Flight Wing Pulleys

Engineered PulleysEngineered Pulleys

Take Up FramesTake Up Frames

Heavy Duty Wing PulleysHeavy Duty Wing Pulleys

Special Construction PulleysSpecial Construction Pulleys


Martin Elite Series Drum PulleyElite Series Drum Pulleys

Turbine PulleysTurbine Pulleys

Bushings and HubsBushings and Hubs


Martin manufactures heavy duty Idlers and components that exceed CEMA standards. Heavy-Duty construction and triple labyrinth seals allow for trouble-free part life in the harshest of applications.

Equal Troughing IdlersEqual Troughing Idlers

Return Rubber Disc IdlersReturn Rubber Disc Idlers

Impact Troughing IdlersImpact Troughing Idlers

Replacement RollsReplacement Rolls

Self-Aligning IdlersSelf-Aligning Idlers

Flat Carrier IdlersFlat Carrier Idlers

Live Shaft IdlersLive Shaft Idlers

Martin Galvanized FramesGalvanized Frames

Steel Return IdlersSteel Return Idlers

Unequal Troughing IdlersUnequal Troughing Idlers

Channel Inset Troughing IdlersChannel Inset Troughing Idlers

Martin Impact BedImpact Bed

Industrial Tools

Martin Tool and Forge, a division of Martin Sprocket and Gear, has been a leading supplier of quality industrial hand tools since 1917. All Martin Tools are made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials and engineering.

Industrial Hand ToolsIndustrial Hand Tools

Body and Fender ToolsBody and Fender Tools

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