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Nexen Group – Precision Linear and Rotary Motion

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Nexen Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components both linear and rotary, power transmission parts, and web tension control products, Nexen works to remain at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and production excellence. Nexen products touch industries where applications improve lives, maximize equipment performance, improve efficiencies, minimize waste, reduce costs, and enhance the environment. These industries include, aerospace, robotics, medical machine tool, automotive, factory automation, packaging and material handling.

Precision Linear Motion

Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion technology is a combination of precision linear drive systems, harmonic gearheads, and high force brakes located at the drive motor or the linear guide system. Nexen’s Roller Pinion System (RPS), Harmonic Gearhead (HG), and Eclipse Servo Brake (SBP) can be combined to form a complete, high precision, zero backlash drive and brake system. Nexen provides a range of options to hold or emergency stop loads in linear applications with Rail Brakes (RB), Rod Locks (RLSS), and Ball Screw Brakes (BSB).

Roller Pinion SystemRoller Pinion System

Servo Motor BrakesServo Motor Brakes

Linear Motion AccessoriesLinear Motion Accessories

Rail BrakesRail Brakes

Ball Screw BrakesEclipse Ball Screw Brakes

Rod LocksRod Locks

Linear CouplingsLinear Couplings

Precision Rotary Motion

Nexen’s Precision Rotary Motion technology is a combination of precision rotary drive systems, high torque rotary brakes, and mechanical torque limiters. Nexen’s Roller Pinion Gears (RPG) and integrated Precision Ring Drive Systems (CRD/PRD) drive rotary motion with very high precision and zero backlash. Nexen Servo Brakes (SBP) and Indexer Brakes (I*300) provide spring engaged, air released, zero backlash holding and emergency stopping in rotary applications. The zero backlash Mechanical Torque Limiters (MTL) reduce machine downtime caused by torque overloads.

Precision Ring Drive SystemsPrecision Rotary Indexer Systems

Servo Motor BrakesServo Motor Brakes

Mechanical Torque LimitersMechanical Torque Limiters

Roller Pinion Gear SystemZero Backlash Gear Systems

Indexer BrakesIndexer Brakes

Rotary Motion AccessoriesRotary Motion Accessories

Ball Screw BrakesBall Screw Brakes

Harmonic GearheadsHarmonic Gearheads

Power Transmission

Nexen power transmission products provide torque in a wide variety of clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and coupling products. Nexen air actuated products are more efficient and economical than electrically actuated products of the same size. Unlike electricity, air does not generate heat during engagement. Less heat allows greater torque transmission and efficiency.

Friction Clutches (Single Plate)Friction Clutches (Single Plate)

Dual Plate ClutchesDual Plate Clutches

Clutch Brake CombinationsClutch Brake Combinations

Tooth ClutchesTooth Clutches

Torque LimiterTorque Limiter

Clutch and Brake ControlsClutch and Brake Controls

Multiple Disc ClutchesMultiple Disc Clutches

Friction BrakesFriction Brakes

Clutch and Brake AccessoriesClutch and Brake Accessories

Tension Control

Web control systems include tension control and web guide systems for the web industry. Nexen tension control clutches provide ultimate web tension control with closely held flatness and finish tolerances, combined with specific friction materials. Tension control brakes have finned or drilled rotors to remove heat effectively. Web tension sensors include load cells for measuring the force applied to a sensor roller, roll diameter sensors, and rotary sensors used with dancer systems. Tension controllers range from simple systems with diameter feedback (open loop), to dancer control systems, to the highest precision systems using web tension sensor feedback (closed loop).

Tension Control ClutchesTension Control Clutches

Tension ControllersTension Controllers

Web Guide SystemsWeb Guide Systems

Tension Control BrakesTension Control Brakes

Tension Meters and AmplifiersTension Meters and Amplifiers

Tension Control AccessoriesTension Control Accessories


Auxiliary ControlsAuxiliary Controls

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