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Nook Industries

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Nook Industries – Linear Screws, Actuators, Jacks

Nook Industries Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Nook products listed on this page and others found on nookindustries.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Since 1969, Nook Industries has been providing the highest quality linear motion solutions to a wide range of industries including transportation, medical/diagnostics, paper, chemical, food/beverage, solar/aerospace, entertainment, and communications markets.

NOOK Product Overview Brochure


Nook’s precision screw line features an extensive selection of acme, ball, and roller screws.

  • Ball screws offer a highly efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion and are an improvement over acme screws with regard to speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • High precision acme and lead screws are manufactured by thread rolling, thread milling, or thread grinding processes. The screw systems feature centralizing thread forms for smooth, no-wedging performance.
  • Planetary roller screws are part of the lead screw family and designed to convert rotary motion into axial force or vice versa. With a greater number of contact points, roller screws provide stiffness and higher load ratings when compared to ball screws.
  • PowerTorq ball splines allow friction-free linear motion while transmitting torque and are utilized to replace conventional splines. In a ball spline assembly, recirculating bearing balls carry the load between the rotating member (inner race) and the rotating/sliding member (outer race).

Ball Screw ProductsBall Screw

Ball Spline ProductsBall Splines

Screw AccessoriesScrew Accessories

Acme and Lead Screw ProductsAcme and Lead Screw

End Bearing SupportEnd Bearing Support

Planetary Roller Screw ProductsPlanetary Roller Screw

End MachiningEnd Machining

Rod Style Linear Actuators

Nook rod style actuators are designed for industrial and commercial use with AC or DC motors and a wide variety of options such as limit switches, potentiometers, and sensors. Configurations include parallel or inline motor mounts and single or double gear reductions.

  • Programmable linear actuators are designed for continuous duty, long service life, high efficiency, and quiet running performance from one integrated source (motor, drive, controller, power supply).
  • Heavy duty electric cylinders are available with thrust capacities from 500 to 40,000 lbs and are driven by acme screw and ball screws.
  • Economical CC commercial actuators are ready to install directly into OEM applications that require lighter loads.
  • Commercial clevis to clevis actuators fit into smaller areas without sacrificing power or reliability when powering light loads.

Programmable ActuatorsProgrammable Linear Actuators

Commercial Clevis to Clevis ActuatorsCommercial Clevis to Clevis

Heavy Duty Electric CylindersHeavy Duty Electric Cylinders

Commercial CC Series ActuatorsCommercial CC Series

Screw Jacks

ActionJac worm gear screw jack systems are available in standard models with load handling capacities from 1/4 ton to 100 tons. The housings are made of ductile iron and proportioned to support the rated capacity of the unit. Configurations available include linear or rotary motion output (upright or inverted), double clevis, keyed (anti-rotation), and anti-backlash.

Worm Gear Ball Screw JacksWorm Gear Ball Screw Jack

Bevel Gear Ball Screw JacksBevel Gear Ball Screw Jack

Worm Gear Machine Screw JacksWorm Gear Machine Screw Jack

Bevel Gear Machine Screw JacksBevel Gear Machine Screw Jack

Stainless Steel Worm Gear Machine Screw JacksStainless Steel Worm Gear Machine Screw Jack

Jack AccessoriesScrew Jack Accessories

Modular Linear Actuators

Nook modular linear actuators are flexible positioning systems that can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for gantry XY and XYZ positioning duties including inspection, pick-and-place, assembly, or dispensing applications. They are fully assembled with either roller bearing, profile rail or V-groove guidance and belt, ball screw, acme screw, or rack and pinion drive.

Screw Driven Modular ActuatorsScrew Driven

Stainless Steel Belt Driven Modular ActuatorsStainless Steel Belt Driven

Multi-Axis Belt Driven Modular ActuatorsMulti-Axis Belt Driven

Modular Actuator AccessoriesAccessories

Stainless Steel Screw Driven Modular ActuatorsStainless Steel Screw Driven

Clean Room Rated Belt Driven Modular ActuatorsClean Room Rated Belt Driven

Non-Driven Modular ActuatorsNon-Driven

Belt Driven Modular ActuatorsBelt Driven

Explosion Proof Belt Driven Modular ActuatorsExplosion Proof Belt Driven

Rack and Pinion Driven Modular ActuatorsRack and Pinion Driven

Linear Guidance

Nook manufactures a full range of linear slide systems and slide systems components. The PowerTrax line of linear components includes solid shell LBB linear bearings, self-aligning EXCEL linear bearings, HG hardened and ground shafting, pillow blocks, and complete slide systems.

Profile Rail Systems and Runner BlocksProfile Rail Systems/Runner Blocks

Linear Slide SystemsLinear Slide Systems

Linear Bearings and Pillow BlocksLinear Bearings/Pillow Blocks

Cross Roller and Ball RailsCross Roller and Ball Rails

Linear Shafting and Shaft SupportsLinear Shafting/Shaft Supports


Drives and Controls

Stepper Motors, Drives, and Power SuppliesStepper Motors, Drives, Power Supplies

Nook ControllerControl Panels

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