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P.T. International (PTI)

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P.T. International – PTI (SOLVE IMG) Inch/Metric Power Transmission Parts & Mounted Bearings

PTI_SOLVE Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the P.T. International (PTI) products listed on this page and others found on the PTI website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

P.T. International Corp. (PTI) was founded in 1994 in Charlotte, NC, and is a leading provider of high-quality Metric and American Standard industrial power transmission components and mounted bearings. PTI is the US partner for select European manufacturers including Winkel heavy linear products and Eich spring bushed steel industrial bearings.

Solve IMG Brand LogoIn November 2020, Solve Industrial Motion Group announced the formation and uniting of three strong, established businesses in the industrial bearings and power transmission components industry. The brands include P.T. International (PTI), IPTCI Bearings, and LMS Bearings.


Mounted Ball Bearings

PTI offers a wide assortment of housings and ball bearing inserts with more than 700 housing types including European Metric, Asian Metric, and American Standard configurations. Stock product available through 140mm (Metric), 4″ (American Standard). PTI mounted ball bearings are available in all four standard mounting methods – set screw locking, eccentric locking collar, concentric clamp collar, and tapered adapter sleeve.

PTI offers two brands of inserts in set screw and eccentric mount. The PTI Series uses a steel cage and is grease lubricated with a steel flinger and lip seal. The Euro Series is a European brand that uses a molded nylon cage for higher speeds. They are grease lubricated and have a lip seal between two pieces of zinc plated steel.

Corrosion Resistant Mounted Ball Bearings

Corrosion Resistant units from PTI meet the demands of caustic environments and high pressure washdown environments found in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Materials include stainless steel, thermoplastic, and nickel-plated.

PTI Set Screw Pillow Block Bearing UCPSet Screw Pillow Blocks

PTI Concentric Clamp Collar Pillow BlockConcentric Clamp Collar Pillow Blocks

4-bolt Piloted Mounted ball Flange Bearing4-Bolt Piloted Flange Bearings

PTI Take-Up BearingsTake-Up Bearings

PTI Cylindrical BearingsCylindrical Bearings

PTI Mounted Ball Thermoplastic HousingsThermoplastic Housings

PTI Eccentric Collar Pillow BlockEccentric Collar Pillow Blocks

PTI Tapped Base Mounted Ball Pillow BlockTapped Base Pillow Blocks

PTI 3-Bolt Flange Bearing3-Bolt Flange Bearings

PTI Hanger BearingsHanger Bearings

PTI Mounted Ball Bearing InsertsMounted Ball Bearing Inserts

PTI Mounted Ball Stainless InsertsStainless Inserts

PTI Tapered Adapter Sleeve Pillow BlockTapered Adapter Sleeve Pillow Blocks

PTI 4-bolt Mounted Ball Flange Bearing4-Bolt Flange Bearings

PTI 2-Bolt Flange Bearing2-Bolt Flange Bearings

PTI Swivel FlangeSwivel Flange Bearings

Mounted Ball Stainless HousingsStainless Housings

Mounted Roller Bearings, Adapters & Accessories

SRE and SR2200 products are designed to meet standard ”E” and ”2000” series dimensions and are widely used in bulk material handling, mining, aggregate, grain handling conveyors, bucket elevators, and other heavy industry applications.

PTI SAF and SDAF pillow blocks are available from 3/4″ to 24″ or 20mm to 400mm with larger sizes available upon request. They are available in 2-bolt and 4-bolt housing styles with multiple seal options.

SNG Metric Plummer Blocks are interchangeable with other SN designs and are available in 200, 300, 500, and 600 series. SNG units can be used with spherical roller bearings or double-row ball bearings.

PTI SR2200 Mounted Roller BearingsSR2200 Mounted Roller Bearings

Tapered AdaptersAccessories – Tapered Adapters

Accessories Inch Lock NutAccessories – Inch Lock Nuts

Metric Lock WasherAccessories – Metric Lock Washers

Adapter Mount Ball BearingsAdapter Mount Ball Bearings

PTI SRE Mounted Roller BearingsSRE Mounted Roller Bearings

Spanner WrenchesAccessories – Spanner Wrenches

Metric Adapter Lock-NutAccessories – Metric Lock-Nuts

Inch Lock WashersAccessories – Inch Lock Washers

Inch Based SAF Pillow Block BearingsInch SAF Pillow Block Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearing InsertsSpherical Roller Bearing Inserts

Hydraulic Nut with Axial GaugeAccessories – Hydraulic Nuts w/Gauge

GUK Type Lock NutAccessories – GUK Type Lock Nuts

Withdrawal SleeveAccessories – Withdrawal Sleeves

Metric Plummer Block BearingMetric Plummer Block Bearings

Take Up Frames

PHUSE Series Take-Up Frames provide for a simple, economical solution in applications requiring the ability to adjust belt tension. They include a Cast Iron housing for the bearing and a Plate Steel cover connected to a threaded rod to allow for tensioning.

TUWS Series Wide Slot Take-Up Frames are fabricated from heavy-duty plate steel. The frames are assembled so that the fit between the frame and mating bearing fit together with less clearance, allowing for smoother operation.

PHUSE Take Up BearingsPHUSE Take Up Bearings

Wide Slot Take Up FramesWide Slot Take Up Frames


Eich is the industry leader for high temperature, heavy load bearings. Eich bearings are frequently used in steel mills or applications of extreme temperature such as furnaces or continuous casters.

The spring-wound races with a high tension wrap of high-temp spring steel ensure a tight spring fit onto the shaft as well as into the cylindrical bore of the roll or housing. Eich bearings are designed to operate in the most challenging environments including high temperatures, extreme loads and contaminated conditions.

Eich Roller BearingsEich Roller Bearings

Rod Ends

  • Standard and heavy-duty rated units including designs capable of high-dynamic, high-static axial loads and high speeds.
  • Stainless steel units can be applied in corrosive environments.
  • Right and left, male and female threaded units are all standard stock.
  • Additional rubber seals and neoprene protector caps available.
  • Hydraulic rod ends suited for heavy loads and severe environments.
  • Interchangeable with European standards.

Male Rod EndMale Rod Ends

SealsProtector Caps

Female Rod EndsFemale Rod Ends

Spherical Plain BearingSpherical Plain Bearings


Radial Ball Bearings

Deep Groove (Radial) ball bearings are very common, simple in design, interchangeable, economical, capable of high speeds, and require very little maintenance. They are a logical choice for a wide variety of industrial applications. PTI offers single and double row series from stock.

Radial Ball BearingsRadial Ball Bearings

Power Transmission Components

Shaft Attachments & Couplings

Keyless Bushings offer quick and simple mounting or removal of drive components on straight shafting without a key. The self-centering feature improves balance compared to set screw mounting. When tightened, the interference fit allows high torque, high speed, and a zero backlash.

Weld-on hubs are often used to simplify mounting and popular for large plate sprockets or gears.

The HRC Series elastomeric shaft coupling with TL bushing bore allow the bushing to be easily installed from flange or hub side. Bored-to-size hubs are also available.

TL taper bushings are stocked from 1008 through 5050 sizes covering through 5″ or 125mm shaft sizes.

Keyless BushingsKeyless Bushings

Taper BushingsTaper Bushings

Weld-On Taper Bushing HubWeld-On Taper Bushing Hubs

Shaft CouplingsShaft Couplings

Belt Drive Products

PTI offers a wide range of cast iron drive components for belted applications.

  • Metric XL, L, and H synchronous TL timing pulleys are available for a variety of standard belt widths up to 3″.
  • T-Series and AT Series Metric timing pulleys have a a trapezoidal tooth form and are available in sizes: 2.5mm, 5mm, and 10mm. The AT tooth form is a curvilinear pitch, available in two sizes: 5mm and 10mm.
  • Metric HTD sprockets are available in 5mm, 8mm, and 14mm tooth pitch in standard widths for HTD belts.
  • Metric super-torque TL timing pulleys in 8mm or 14mm pitch sizes.
  • Metric V-belt TL sheaves (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC) are available up to 1250mm pitch diameter and up to 10 grooves for most sizes.
  • Metric variable pitch TL pulleys allow for speed adjustment of the driven shaft and are available in Z, A, and B belt sections.

Synchronous PulleySynchronous Pulleys

Super Torque Timing PulleysSuper Torque Timing Pulleys

Metric Timing PulleysMetric Timing Pulleys

Metric V-Belt SheaveMetric V-Belt Sheaves

Synchronous PulleyHTD Pulleys

Metric Variable Pitch PulleysMetric Variable Pitch Pulleys

Chain, Sprockets & Accessories

Metric (British Standard) and ANSI precision roller and conveyor chains in single, double, and triple strands (quadruple strands in select sizes). Also available in nickel plated and stainless steel.

ROLL-RING Chain TensionersROLL-RING Chain Tensioners

Metric Attachment ChainMetric Attachment Chain

Chain BreakersChain Breakers

Lumber Agricultural ChainLumber & Agricultural Chain


Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated ChainStainless Steel & Nickel Plated Chain

Roller Chain Standard Metric Roller Chain

ANSI and Metric Double Pitch Roller ChainANSI/Metric Double Pitch Chain

Hollow Pin Roller ChainHollow Pin Roller Chain

Metric Conveyor ChainMetric Conveyor Chain

Stainless Metric Attachment ChainStainless Metric Attachment Chain

Roller Chain Standard ANSI Roller Chain

Metric Roller Chain Straight Side PlatesMetric Chain – Straight Side Plates

Accumulator ChainAccumulator Chain

Rubber Top ChainRubber Top Chain

Marathon Series Lube Free ChainMarathon Series Lube Free Chain

Metric Spur Gears & Racks
  • 20° pressure angle metric spur gears modules 1-8.
  • Bored to size, for weld on hubs or keyless bushing.

Metric Spur GearsMetric Spur Gears

Gear RacksGear Racks

Linear Products

Winkel Components

Winkel LogoWINKEL heavy duty linear components and systems feature combination bearings and profiles that provide precision linear motion in demanding environments. Combination bearings fit precisely into channels providing linear guidance with high radial and thrust loading. Anti-corrosion protection options are also available.

PTI Linear Parts

PTI high performance linear ball bearings, shafting, and shaft supports come in Inch and Metric sizes with open and closed configurations, and are interchangeable. Accessories include pillow blocks, shafting, and shaft supports.

Winkel Adjustable Eccentric Axial BearingWinkel Adjustable Eccentric Axial Bearing

Winkel Heavy DutyWinkel Heavy Duty

Winkel Fixed Axial Bearing with Square Flange PlateWinkel Standard Fixed Axial Bearing w/Square Flange Plate

Jumbo Combined BearingsWinkel Jumbo Combined Bearings

C-Channel & I-Beam ProfilesWinkel C-Channel & I-Beam Profiles

PTI Linear Ball BearingsPTI Linear Ball Bearings

Winkel Fixed Axial Bearing Square PlateWinkel Adjustable Eccentric Axial Bearings w/Rectangular Flange Plate

Winkel Adjustable Eccentric Axial BearingWinkel Standard Fixed Axial Bearing

Shim Adjustable Axial BearingWinkel Shim Adjustable Axial Bearing

Oilamide Thrust BearingWinkel Oilamide Thrust Bearing w/Shim

Vulkollan & Polyamide Combined BearingsWinkel Vulkollan & Polyamide Combined Bearings

Winkel Fixed Axial Bearing with Square Flange PlateWinkel Adjustable Eccentric Axial Bearing w/Square Flange Plate

Winkel Fixed Rectangular Flange PlateWinkel Standard Fixed Axial Bearing w/Rectangular Flange Plate

Winkel Radial Bearing Winkel Radial Bearing Units

Winkel Radial Combined UnitsWinkel Radial Adjusting Combined Units

Winkel Lift SystemsWinkel Lift Systems

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