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PBC Linear

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PBC Linear – Actuators, Linear Bearings, Linear Guides, and Shafting

PBC Linear Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the PBC Linear products on this page and more found on the PBC Linear website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

PBC Linear started in 1983 as Pacific Bearing Company, creating a patented and innovative solution to the common problem of failing linear ball bearings—the self-lubricating linear plain bearing. Since then, PBC has grown into a global manufacturer of linear motion technology.

Product brand names include; Hevi-Rail, Integral-V, Mini Rail, Redi-Rail, Simplicity, and Uni-Guide, SIMO (Patent Pending).

Round Shaft Technology (RST)

Simplicity® Plain Bearings
  • Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, no external lubricants
  • Low wear and friction, patented PTFE liner
  • Wide temperature range (-400 °F/+400 °F)
  • Corrosion-resistant, excels in dirty environments
  • No rolling elements prevents catastrophic failure
Ball Bearings
  • Polymer cage fits more balls per track than steel cage
  • Built-in double seals
  • Quiet operation and higher load capacity
  • Steel shafts are made of polished, case hardened steel and suitable for Simplicity plain and ball bearings
  • Ceramic coated aluminum rails, non-magnetic, lightweight, and chemical resistant
  • Aluminum alloy support rails available in one- or two-piece design and pre-assembled
  • End-joinable for longer travel lengths

PBC Linear Plain Bearings SimplicityLinear Plain Bearings Simplicity

PBC Linear Ball Bearing Pillow BlocksLinear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks

PBC Linear Shafting Support RailsLinear Shafting Support Rails

PBC Flange Plain BearingsFlange Plain Bearings

PBC Flange Ball BearingsFlange Ball Bearings

PBC Linear Plain Bearing Pillow BlockLinear Plain Bearing Pillow Blocks

PBC Roller Pillow BlocksRoller Pillow Blocks

PBC Precision Sleeve Linear Plain BearingsPrecision Sleeve Linear Plain Bearings

PBC Simplicity Die Set Flange MountsSimplicity Die Set Flange Mounts

PBC Square Bearings and Linear RailsSquare Bearings and Linear Rails

PBC Linear Ball BearingsLinear Ball Bearings

PBC Linear ShaftingLinear Shafting

PBC Simplicity Flange MountsSimplicity Flange Mounts

PBC Flange Die Set BushingsFlange Die Set Bushings

Cam Roller Technology (CRT)


Precision straight rails and hardened rollers are strong and lightweight, ideal for high speed and moderate load linear motion.

  • High load capacities
  • Patented side-adjustable preload simplifies assembly and installation
  • Corrosion-resistant; excels in dirty environments
  • End-joinable for longer lengths
  • Gothic arch rollers with sealed double row bearings
Commercial Rail
  • Cost-effective solution for automation or sliding door applications
  • Speeds up to 1.5 m/s
  • Three rail sizes, zinc-plated steel material
  • Aluminum alloy slider with optional chrome or stainless with rollers of either 52100 steel or 44C stainless
  • Rollers lubricated for life and sealed against contamination
  • Left- or right-hand mountable

Heavy-duty linear bearing system that is cost effective for medium to low precision applications. High radial and axial load capacities ensure a long and productive life. Idea for telescoping applications.

  • Handles loads up to 60 tons
  • Fixed or adjustable bearings
  • Rail available in U or I channel design, sandblasted or lightly oiled
  • Flange plate available pre-welded to bearing
  • Adjustable clamp flange eliminates welding and straightening
  • Ideal for high speed requirements, accuracy, and repeatability
  • V-Guide Wheels – precision ground, dual row bearings, and internally lubricated
  • Wheel Bushings – mount into V-Guide wheels for fixed or adjustable applications
  • V-Rails – simple mounting and alignment, rails available in four sizes, induction hardened polished rail
Hardened Crown Rollers, Rails, and Brackets
  • Simple solution for point-to-point applications
  • Rolling element bearing with hex head
  • Rails available up to 10′ bare steel or black powder coated

PBC Redi-RailRedi-Rail

PBC CR Commercial Rail Linear Guide SeriesCR Commercial Rail Linear Guide

PBC Hevi-RailHevi-Rail

PBC Hardened Crown Roller Bearings PACHardened Crown Roller Bearings (PAC)

PBC VW V-GuideVW V-Guide

Lead Screws

PBC Linear Lead Screws are designed to work perfectly with the Constant Force™ Anti-Backlash nut, applying uniform pressure to the nut at all stages of the motion profile.

  • CNC Roll Threading allows for standard accuracies of 0.003″/ft (0.001″/ft available on request)
  • Proprietary process has resulted in less pitting and flanking
  • 300 series stainless steel with PTFE coating
  • Screw diameters of 6, 10, 12, and 16 mm and 3⁄16, ¼, ⅜, 7⁄16, and ½ inch
  • Various Leads of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 25 mm and 0.05, 0.2, 0.25, 0.333, 0.5, 1.00 inches
  • All nut styles are self-lubricating for the life of the nut
Lead Screw Motor Series
  • NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23 motor sizes
  • 30% more torque available
  • Laser welded screw and motor providing more accurate alignment
  • Larger bearings provide increased thrust capacity and longer life
  • Hollow shaft concentricity ensures minimum screw runout
  • Preload on bearings eliminates axial play
  • Standard mounting provisions for encoder feedback

PBC TS Triangle Nut StandardTS Triangle Nut Standard

PBC RCF Round Nut Constant Force Anti-BacklashRCF Round Nut Constant Force Anti-Backlash

PBC VS Rectangle Nut - StandardVS Rectangle Nut Standard

PBC Non-captive Lead Screw AssemblyNon-captive Lead Screw Assemblies

PBC TCF Triangle Nut - Constant Force Anti-BacklashTCF Triangle Nut Constant Force Anti-Backlash

PBC US Threaded Nut - StandardUS Threaded Nut Standard

PBC VCF Rectangle Nut - Constant Force Anti-BacklashVCF Rectangle Nut Constant Force Anti-Backlash

PBC RS Round Nut - StandardRS Round Nut Standard

PBC UCF Threaded Nut - Constant Force Anti-BacklashUCF Threaded Nut Constant Force Anti-Backlash

PBC Lead Screw AssemblyLead Screw Assemblies -Motor Series



PBC Linear has revolutionized traditional machining with the patent pending SIMO (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) process. The SIMO process uses synchronized cutters, eliminating built-in extrusion variances by machining all critical edges concurrently, in one pass. This ensures tight tolerances, limited variance, and a remarkably straight and repeatable surface.

SIMO actuators are built on either a low profile or tall base rail with configurable bearing and drive options that can be tailored to exceed performance requirements.

  • Belt Driven
  • Long travel lengths
  • Fully enclosed aluminum housing
  • High acceleration, speeds, and rigidity
  • Male and female drive shaft configurations
  • Strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant
ML Series
  • Lead screw with multi-dovetail guided polymer nut design
  • Compact profile, long travel lengths
  • Available with single or dual rail blocks for increased load and moment load capacities
  • High speed precision and precise repeatability
  • Designed to excel in biotech, medical, and small-scale automation that requires a compact design and precise motion
Compact Series
  • 300 series stainless steel lead screw with PTFE coating provides reliable linear motion in tight spaces
  • Plain bearing or ball bearing
  • Lead screw diameter and lead options
  • Constant Force Technology nuts or standard fixed nuts
  • Motor options: Integrated motor or motor mount setup
PL Series
  • Ball or lead screw driven
  • Sealed against contamination
  • High speed cam roller design creates smooth precision guidance
  • Enclosed aluminum housing with Integral-V™ raceway
MUK Series
  • Heavy duty actuator providing precision and rigidity
  • Incorporates two recirculating ball profile rail guideways
  • Single or dual carriage options available
  • Compact aluminum profile incorporates t-slots for easy sensor mounting
Simplicity Linear Slides
  • Various NEMA motor mount sizes available
  • Four pillow block assemblies
  • Two steel shafts
  • Two aluminum support rails
  • Mounting plate
  • Hand crank version available

PBC G Uni-Guide ActuatorG Uni-Guide Actuator

PBC MR-LS Mini Rail ActuatorMR-LS Mini Rail Actuator

PBC MTB Linear Actuator SeriesMTB Linear Actuator Series

PBC Simplicity Linear SlidesSimplicity Linear Slides

PBC ML Miniature Linear Actuator SeriesML Miniature Linear Actuator Series

PBC MR-MS Mini Rail ActuatorMR-MS Mini Rail Actuator

PBC PL Linear Actuator SeriesPL Linear Actuator Series

PBC CS Compact Series Linear Guide SystemCS Compact Series Linear Guide System

PBC UG Series Linear Motion PlatformUG Series Linear Motion Platform

PLC MUK Linear Actuator SeriesMUK Linear Actuator Series

Gliding Surface Technology

Two-piece assemblies equipped with FrelonGOLD® liner create a low friction, maintenance-free, smooth, and quiet linear motion. No metal-to-metal contact.

  • Optimal strength
  • Drive option: lead screw
  • T-slots for ease of installation
  • Easy drop in unit—no alignment necessary
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with industry standard sizes
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Corrosion-resistant, ideal in harsh environments
  • Optional running clearances for misalignments

PBC UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear SlideUGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

PBC MR Mini-Rail Miniature Linear GuideMR Mini-Rail Miniature Linear Guide

PBC Uni-Guide Linear Slide SystemUni-Guide Linear Slide System

PBC LPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear GuideLPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Guide

PBC UGT Tall Profile Uni-Guide Linear SlideUGT Tall Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

Integral-V Technology

Integral-V™ runs along a precision machined anodized aluminum rail with high-speed v-wheel cam rollers, eliminating mounting components, and cutting assembly time in half.

IVT is ideal for contaminated environments and high speed/acceleration applications. SIMO® machined for precision qualified rail surfaces, to within 0.002″. Hardened stainless steel races eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components by 40% Handles loads up to 2,252 lbs.

PBC IVTAAB Linear GuideIVTAAB Linear Guide

PBC IVTAAN Linear GuideIVTAAN Linear Guide

PBC IVTABK Linear GuideIVTABK Linear Guide

PBC IVTAAE Linear GuideIVTAAE Linear Guide

PBC IVTAAQ Linear GuideIVTAAQ Linear Guide

PBC IVTAAG Linear GuideIVTAAG Linear Guide

PBC IVTAAW Linear GuideIVTAAW Linear Guide

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