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Renold Jeffrey

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Renold Jeffrey – Roller Chain, Engineering Chain, Chain Tools

Renold USA Jeffrey Logo picISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Renold USA chain products listed on this page and many others that can be found on renoldjeffrey.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Renold USA is a leading power transmission chain designer and manufacturer headquartered in Morristown, TN. The company dates to 1887, when Joseph Jeffrey patented the first industrial chain in the United States. The company applies more than two centuries of combined experience to develop innovative chain products designed to save time and money.

Renold offers a full chain product line including roller chain, standard attachment chain, and solutions chains such as Synergy, Syno, and Hydro-Service. Renold is also home to the Jeffrey line of engineering chain which encompasses cement chain, drive chain, and many others. Renold has been the trusted chain supplier to top companies with demanding applications for over 130 years.

Renold General Products Overview

Roller and Attachment Chain

Renold manufactures high performance roller chain that is focused on wear and fatigue resistance. Standard drive chain combines a wide waisted plate shape with an end-softened spin riveted pin for easy installation.

Renold offers a range of chains designed to tackle the challenges of corrosion, abrasion, lack of lubrication, and shock-loadings. In these situations, Synergy, Syno, Sovereign, and Hydro-service deliver significantly longer working life than standard chains.

Attachment ChainAttachment Chain

Hydro-Service ChainHydro-Service Chain

Nickel Plated ChainNickel Plated Chain

Self Lubricated ChainSyno Self Lubricated Chain

British StandardBritish Standard

Whitney ChainWhitney Chain

Renold Syno NP ChainRenold Syno NP Chain

Tooth ChainTooth Chain

Abrasion Resistant ChainSovereign Abrasion Resistant

Stainless Steel ChainStainless Steel Chain

Klik-Top Polymer Block ChainKlik-Top Polymer Block

Renold BlueRenold Blue

Xtra SeriesXtra Series

Leaf ChainLeaf Chain

Oil Field ChainOil Field Chain

Citrus ChainCitrus Chain

Zinc Plated ChainZinc Plated Chain

Coil Tubing Injector ChainCoil Tubing Injector Chain

Longer Life ChainSynergy Longer Life Chain

ANSI StandardANSI Roller Chain

Double PitchDouble Pitch

Renold SynergyRenold Synergy

Engineering Chain

Renold engineering class chain is made with the highest quality steel (carbon, alloy, stainless). Components can be case hardened or heat treated. Surface treatments and plating can be added to increase corrosion resistance and extend wear life.

Apron/Pan Conveyor ChainApron/Pan Conveyor Chain

Coal MiningCoal Mining Conveyor Chain

Draw Bench ChainDraw Bench Chain

Elevator ChainBucket Elevator Chain

Knuckle Studbush ChainKnuckle & Studbush Chain

Sugar Mill ChainSugar Mill Chain

Wastewater ChainWastewater Chain

Stacker Reclaimer Conveyor ChainStacker Reclaimer Conveyor Chain

Asphalt ChainAsphalt Chain

Conveyor Series ChainConveyor Series Chain

Drill Rig ChainDrill Rig Chain

Forestry Lumber ChainForestry & Lumber Chain

Meat Packing Processing ChainMeat Packing Processing Chain

Theme Park ChainTheme Park Chain

Welded Steel ChainWelded Steel Mill Chain

Bakery ChainBakery Chain

Dairy Case ChainDairy Case Chain

Drive ChainDrive Chain

Heavy Duty Drag ChainWelded Steel Drag Chain

Renolube Escalator ChainRenolube Escalator Chain

Trident Chain for Theme ParksTrident Chain for Theme Parks

81X conveyor chain81X Conveyor Chain

Accessories and Sprockets

Renold offers a range of engineering chain sprockets and chain accessories, such as chain pin extractors, breakers, assembly tools, and the Roll-Ring; an innovative chain tensioner that can be easily installed where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.

Chain Pin ExtractorChain Pin Extractor

Renold Engineered Chain Breaker and Assembly ToolChain Breaker & Assembly Tool

Roll-Ring Chain TensionerRoll-Ring Chain Tensioner


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