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SEW Eurodrive

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SEW-EURODRIVE – Motors, Gearmotors, Inverters & Drive Systems

SEW Eurodrive Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the SEW-EURODRIVE products listed on this page and others found on the SEW-EURODRIVE website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

SEW-EURODRIVE is a manufacturer of power transmission and motion control products including gearmotors, frequency inverters, servo gears, motors, drive systems, industrial gearing, control technology, operator terminals, and industrial communications/interfaces. These products are used in applications such as bus positioning, flying saw, crane control, electronic cam, positioning, storage/retrieval system, table positioning, winding calculator, and constant tension center winders in markets like automotive, airport, food, beverage, material handling, packaging, bulk material handling, forestry, lumber, and wastewater.


SEW-EURODRIVE Product Overview

Gear Units & Servo Gear Units

A gear unit converts the torque and speed of an electric motor so it meets the technical drive requirements of an application. There are three basic designs; parallel-shaft gear units, right-angle gear units, and planetary gear units.

Like standard gear units, servo gear units convert torque and speed. They feature high torsional stiffness while maintaining a very low to constant rotational clearance, which enables extremely high acceleration and high torques.

SEW F series parallel-shaft helical gear unitsF Series Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Units

SEW W series SPIROPLAN right-angle gear unitsW Series SPIROPLAN Right-Angle Gear Units

SEW Helical-bevel servo gearmotors BS.F..CMP..Helical-Bevel Servo Gear Units BS.F

SEW K series helical-bevel gear unitsK Series Helical-Bevel Gear Units

SEW R Series Helical Gear UnitsR Series Helical Gear Units

SEW TorqLOC hollow shaft mounting systemTorqLOC Hollow Shaft Mounting System

SEW S series helical-worm gear unitsS Series Helical-Worm Gear Units

SEW Servo gear unitsServo Gear Units

SEW RES/KES series stainless steel gear unitsRES / KES Series Stainless Steel Gear Units

Gearmotors, Variable Speed Gearmotors & Servo Gearmotors

A gearmotor is a compact unit consisting of a gear unit and a motor. In most applications, the gear unit slows down the rotational speed of the motor while transmitting significantly higher torques than the electric motor alone could provide.

SEW Helical gearmotorsHelical Gearmotors

SEW S series helical-worm gear unitsHelical-Worm Gearmotors

SEW Planetary servo gearmotors PS.F PS.C..CMP..Planetary Servo Gearmotors PS.F PS.C..CMP..

SEW Parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors F..CMP..Parallel-Shaft Helical Servo Gearmotors F..CMP..

SEW W..CMP.. SPIROPLAN right-angle servo gearmotorsW..CMP.. SPIROPLAN Right-Angle Servo Gearmotors

SEW F series parallel-shaft helical gear unitsParallel-Shaft Gearmotors

SEW SPIROPLAN right-angle gearmotorsSPIROPLAN Right-Angle Gearmotors

SEW Helical-bevel servo gearmotors BS.F..CMP..Helical-Bevel Servo Gearmotors BS.F..CMP..

SEW K..CMP.. helical-bevel servo gearmotorsK..CMP.. Helical-Bevel Servo Gearmotors

SEW K series helical-bevel gear unitsHelical-Bevel Gearmotors

SEW Variable Speed GearmotorVARIBLOC / VARIMOT Variable Speed Gearmotors

SEW Helical servo gearmotors R..CMP..Helical Servo Gearmotors R..CMP..

SEW S..CMP.. helical-worm servo gearmotorsS..CMP.. Helical-Worm Servo Gearmotors

AC Motors, Servomotors, Linear Motors & Accessories

SEW AC MotorAC Motors

SEW DRM..DR2M.. series torque motorsDRM..DR2M.. Series Torque Motors

SEW ServomotorsSEW Servomotors

SEW CM.. Series Synchronous ServomotorsCM.. Series Synchronous Servomotors

SEW Electric Cylinder CMS.. SeriesElectric Cylinder CMS.. Series

SEW Encoder systemsEncoder Systems

SEW Premium Sine Oil SealPremium Sine Oil Seal

SEW DR../DRN/DR2.. Series AC MotorsDR../DRN/DR2.. Series AC Motors

SEW Aseptic motors of the DAS.. seriesAseptic Motors DAS.. Series

SEW DRL.. series asynchronous servomotorsDRL.. Series Asynchronous Servomotors

SEW Explosion-proof CMP.. series servomotorsExplosion-Proof CMP.. Series Servomotors

SEW SL2 Synchronous Linear ServomotorsSL2 Synchronous Linear Servomotors

SEW /DUE Diagnostic Unit Option/DUE Diagnostic Unit Option

SEW DR...J Variant Synchronous Motors LSPM TechnologyDR…J Variant Synchronous LSPM Technology

SEW EDR.. Explosion-Protected AC MotorsEDR.. Explosion-Protected AC Motors

SEW CMP.. Series Synchronous ServomotorsCMP.. Series Synchronous Servomotors

SEW CM3C.. Series Synchronous ServomotorsCM3C.. Series Synchronous Servomotors

SEW BF.. BT.. double brakes for DR.. series motorsBF.. BT.. Double Disk Brakes

 Brakes and brake controlBrake Control

Industrial Gear Units

SEW X Series Industrial Gear UnitsX Series Helical Gear Units

SEW ML Series Industrial Gear UnitsML Series Helical Gear Units

SEW P Series Planetary Industrial Gear UnitsP Series Planetary Gear Units

SEW PPK Series Planetary Gear UnitsPPK Series Planetary Gear Units

SEW MC Series Industrial Gear UnitsMC Series Helical Gear Units

SEW Generation X.e Helical Gear Units Bevel-Helical Gear UnitsGeneration X.e Helical/Bevel-Helical Gear Units

SEW XP Series Planetary Gear UnitsXP Series Planetary Gear Units

SEW Explosion-Proof Gear Units ATEXExplosion-Proof Gear Units ATEX

SEW M1..N Series Industrial Gear UnitsM1..N Series Helical Gear Units

SEW MD Series Industrial Gear UnitsMD Series Helical Gear Units

SEW P-X Series Planetary Gear UnitsP-X Series Planetary Gear Units

SEW Industrial gear units girth gear seriesSegmented Girth Gears

Decentralized Drives / Mechatronics & Control Technology

SEW MOVIMOT Gearmotor with InverterMOVIMOT Gearmotor with Inverter

SEW MOVI‑SWITCH Gearmotor with Motor StarterMOVI‑SWITCH Gearmotor with Motor Starter

SEW ECDriveS drive for light-duty material handlingECDriveS for Light-Duty Material Handling

SEW MOVI-C CONTROLLER in the Control CabinetMOVI-C CONTROLLER in the Cabinet

SEW IE4 DRC electronic motorIE4 DRC Electronic Motor

SEW MOVIGEAR Mechatronic Drive SystemMOVIGEAR Mechatronic Drive System

SEW Controller for Decentralized InstallationsSEW Controller for Decentralized Installations

SEW Compact Extra-low Voltage DrivesCompact Extra-Low Voltage Drives


SEW Controller for Control Cabinet InstallationsController for Control Cabinet Installations

Inverter Technology

Frequency inverters allow you control the speed of an AC motor. If an AC motor operates directly from an AC voltage supply system, it runs at a fixed speed based on the number of poles and the supply frequency. But, if an application requires an adjustable AC voltage—or a controllable speed—frequency inverters are used to generate an AC voltage that is variable in amplitude (output voltage) and frequency.

SEW MOVITRAC LTE-B+ basic inverter in IP20MOVITRAC LTE-B+ Basic Inverters IP20

SEW MOVIDRIVE B drive inverterMOVIDRIVE B Drive Inverters

SEW MOVI-C Inverter technologyMOVI-C Inverter Technology

SEW MOVITRAC LTP-B frequency inverter with IP55MOVITRAC LTP-B Frequency Inverters IP55

SEW MOVIMOT Standard InverterMOVIMOT Standard Inverters

SEW MOVIPRO SDC Drive InverterMOVIPRO SDC Drive Inverters

SEW Interface Adapters for InvertersInterface Adapters for Inverters

SEW MOVITRAC LTP-B standard inverter in IP20MOVITRAC LTP-B Standard Inverters IP20

SEW MOVIAXIS multi-axis servo invertersMOVIAXIS Multi-Axis Servo Inverters

SEW MOVI4R-U Basic InverterMOVI4R-U Basic Inverters

SEW MOVIFIT compact basic motor startersMOVIFIT Compact Motor Starters


SEW MOVIPRO ADC Application InverterMOVIPRO ADC Application Inverters

SEW MOVITRAC B standard inverterSEW MOVITRAC B Standard Inverters

SEW MOVIDRIVE MDR regenerative power supply unitsMOVIDRIVE MDR Regenerative Power Supply Units

SEW MOVITRAC LTE-B+ basic inverter in IP66MOVITRAC LTE-B+ Basic Inverters IP66

SEW MOVIFIT SC motor starterMOVIFIT SC Motor Starters

SEW MOVIFIT FC Standard Inverters ClassicMOVIFIT FC Standard Inverters


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