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U.S. Tsubaki

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U.S. Tsubaki (UST) – Roller Chain, Engineering Chain, Sprockets, Cam Clutches

US Tsubaki Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the U.S. Tsubaki (UST) products on this page and others found on ustsubaki.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC. is a premier manufacturer of power transmission products including premium-quality roller chain, engineering chain, conveyor chain, special application chains, sprockets, cable/hose carriers, cam clutches, and other power transmission components such as keyless locking devices, overload protection, gear motors, and couplings.

Tsubakimoto Chain Company was founded in 1917 in Japan and began manufacturing roller chain in 1923. U.S. Tsubaki, a subsidiary of Tsubakimoto Chain Company, was founded in 1971.

UST trade names/brands: Lambda, Super Stainless, Neptune, Titan, Energy Series, LS Chain, KabelSchlepp, PerforMax, Power-Lock, Iron-Hawk, Smart Tooth

Roller Chain

U.S. Tsubaki offers the widest variety of chains on the market including premium roller chain, self-lube LAMBDA series chain, corrosion-resistant Neptune chain, fatigue-resistant super chain, and our latest generation of high-quality, long-lasting ANSI chain.

The revolutionary Super Stainless chain is a unique product that combines the corrosion resistance and extreme temperature operating range of the 600 AS series stainless steel chain with the strength of ANSI carbon steel chain. These chains can replace carbon steel chain 1-for-1 and feature a higher side-bar waist and greater fatigue strength, as well as hardened pins and bushings.

ANSIANSI Roller Chain

SpecialtySpecialty Chain

British StandardBritish Standard Roller Chain

Vacuum Wrapper ChainsVacuum Wrapper Chains

Lambda Lube FreeLAMBDA Lube Free Roller Chain

AttachmentAttachment Chain

Titan SeriesTITAN Chain

Gripper ChainsGripper Chains

Anti CorrosiveAnti Corrosive/Heat Resistant Chain

PlasticPlastic Chain

Chain Tool AccessoriesChain Tool Accessories

UST Super Stainless ChainSUPER STAINLESS Chain

Engineering Class Chain

U.S. Tsubaki offers heavy-duty engineered chain, designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions across a range of applications. Greater reliability, productivity, and wear life are attributes associated with Tsubaki’s engineered class product.

UST Drive ChainsDrive Chains

UST Incline and Traverse Scraper ChainsIncline and Traverse Scraper Chains

UST Feeder Breaker ChainsFeeder Breaker Chains

UST Bar and Pin ChainsBar and Pin Chains

UST Drop Forged Rivetless Drive ChainDrop Forged Rivetless Drive Chain

UST Welded Steel Heavy Duty Hard-Face HDHF Series ChainWelded Steel Heavy Duty Hard-Face HDHF Series Chain

UST Drag Chain AssembliesDrag Chain Assemblies

UST Roller Conveyor ChainsRoller Conveyor Chains

UST Dual Strand Elevator ChainsDual Strand Elevator Chains

UST Forged Mining ChainsForged Mining Chains

UST Drop Forged Rivetless Chains StandardDrop Forged Rivetless Chains Standard

UST Welded Steel Mill ChainsWelded Steel Mill Chains

UST Apron Conveor Chain AssembliesApron Conveyor Chain Assemblies

UST Delrin Series ChainsDelrin Series Chains

UST Steel Bushed ChainsSteel Bushed Chains

UST In-Floor Double-Flex ChainsIn-Floor Double-Flex Chains

UST Drop Forged Rivetless Chains Barloop Bar Link ChainsDrop Forged Rivetless Chains Barloop (Bar Link) Chains

UST Welded Steel Drag ChainsWelded Steel Drag Chains

UST Bucket AssembliesBucket Assemblies

Power Transmission Components

U.S. Tsubaki power transmission parts portfolio includes: Shock Relays, Torque Limiters, Couplings, Gear Motors, and POWER- LOCK keyless locking devices.

Power Lock Keyless LockingPower-Lock Keyless Locking

Gear Motor and Hypoid MotorGear Motors

Overload ProtectionOverload Protection Devices

Roller Chain CouplingsCouplings

Roller Chain Sprockets

U.S. Tsubaki fi­nished bore sprockets come with a keyway and two set screws as standard. Stock sprockets are made from 1045 cold rolled carbon steel and are black oxide coated for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. No powdered metal is used. All stock sprockets have hardened teeth to RC 35 – 50 standard on ANSI 35 – 80 pitch. This ensures long service life with minimal wear. All hard edges are chamfered and de-burred for the best ­fit.

ANSI Single PitchANSI Single Pitch Sprockets

Steel SplitSteel Split Sprockets


Double PitchDouble Pitch Sprockets

IdlerIdler Sprockets


Double SingleDouble Single Sprockets

Double PlusDouble Plus Sprockets

Engineering Class Sprockets

U.S. Tsubaki sprockets for Engineering Class Chain are made with quality, heat-treated carbon steel, which provides long wear life, resists abrasion, and withstands heavy shock loads. Sprockets can also be manufactured using special materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel, or bronze to meet specific needs.

Drive ChainDrive Chain Sprockets

Steel BushedSteel Bushed Sprockets

Drop Forged RivetlessDrop Forged Rivetless Sprockets

Roller ConveyorRoller Conveyor Sprockets

Welded SteelWelded Steel Sprockets

SpecialtySpecialty Sprockets

Dairy Case FlexDairy Case Flex Bar Sprockets

Asphalt InclineAsphalt Incline Sprockets

Other Sprockets

Smart Tooth sprockets with wear-indicator technology ensure maximum uptime and drive system efficiency by providing visual confi­rmation of excessive sprocket wear. Incorporating this patented technology into sprockets reduces overall system cost by offering predictable maintenance intervals to avoid catastrophic failure. Wear indicator technology is available on ANSI 100 through 240 pitch, and Engineering Class sprockets with pitch lengths greater than 4 in.

UST Smart Tooth SprocketSmart Tooth Sprockets

UST Drum SprocketsDrum Sprockets

KabelSchlepp Cable and Hose Carriers

KabelSchlepp UST Tsubaki LogoTsubaki’s KabelSchlepp division has a proven history of technical excellence in developing products to address the challenges of managing, protecting, and guiding cables and hoses in motion applications. These solutions protect sensitive gliding surfaces, guideways, lead/ball-screws, die-posts, and other components from contaminants.

Choose from nearly 100,000 types, sizes and styles of polymer, steel, and hybrid cable and hose carrier solutions for single- and multi-axis as well as three dimensional application challenges. Plus, numerous accessories including strain relief, support trays, and guide-channels for long travel applications.

  • Cable Carriers: Basic-Line, Basic-Line Plus, Vario-Line, Tubes-Plastic, 3D-Line, Steel-Line, Tubes-Steel
  • Cable Types for Cable Carriers: Control, Power, Data, BUS, Coaxial, Fiber Optic, High Voltage, OEM, TRAXLINE

UST KabelSchleppCable Carriers

UST Cables for Cable CarriersCables for Cable Carriers

Cam Clutches

Tsubaki Cam Clutch (sprag style) products are designed to transmit torque in one direction of rotation, and overrun (freewheel) in the opposite direction of rotation. All utilize the same principles of operation. The three most common types of applications are:

  1. Backstopping: In backstop applications, clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation of drive shafts. With the outer race of the clutch anchored stationary, the inner race can overrun freely in one direction of rotation. Reverse rotation is prevented by the automatic engagement of the clutch. Typical backstop applications are in conveyor systems and gear reducers.
  2. Indexing: In this mode of operation, reciprocating motion applied to the driving race of the clutch is transformed into uni-directional intermittent motion at the driven race. For example, on a feeding roller, the clutch is mounted on the roller and a torque arm is connected to the driving race of the clutch.
  3. Overrunning: Clutches used in this type of application overrun at either the inner or outer race during the majority of the clutch operating time, and are occasionally called upon to lock up and drive. A typical application is a two-speed drive, where an electric motor and a geared motor are connected to a single driven shaft through one-way clutches.


Indexing and OverrunningIndexing and Overrunning

Overrunning and GeneralOverrunning and General

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