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Warner Electric

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Warner Electric (Altra) – Clutches, Brakes, Torque Control Products

Warner Electric_Altra Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Warner Electric products on this page and many others found on warnerelectric.com. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.

Founded in 1927, Warner Electric is a global leader in the development of electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions. Warner utilizes the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to design long life, easy-to-use clutches and brakes that provide improved accuracy and repeatability. Warner Electric, now a brand of Altra Industrial Motion, offers the broadest selection of industrial clutches, brakes, controls, and web tension systems from a single manufacturer.

Basic Design Clutch Products

  • PCC Primary Design Coupling Units: PCC Series clutch couplings employ the same basic components as the PC, except for a splined hub and adapter, which serves as a coupling for inline shaft applications.
  • PC Primary Design: Current is carried through brushes and the collector ring to the rotating magnet. The PC design is less expensive than the SF design.
  • SFC Stationary Field Design: SFC Series clutch couplings employ the same basic components as the SF design except for a splined hub and adapter, which serves as a coupling for in-line shaft applications.
  • SF Stationary Field Design: The SF design eliminates collector rings and brush-holder. Ideal for adverse environmental conditions. Mounting tolerances are generally more critical than the PC design. Flange or bearing mounted styles available.

PCC Series Clutch CouplingsPCC Series Clutch Couplings

SF Series ClutchesSF Series Clutches

PC Series ClutchesPC Series Clutches

SFC Series Clutch CouplingsSFC Series Clutch Couplings

Clutch Modules: IEC Mount

Clutch and Brake IEC MountIEC Mount

Clutch Modules: NEMA C-Face Mount

EM SeriesElectro Module EM Series

EUM SeriesEnclosed UniModule EUM Series

UM Smooth-StartElectro Module UM Smooth Start

UM Smooth-StartUM-C Series

Enclosed UniModule WashdownEnclosed UniModule Washdown

UM SeriesUM Series

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Clutches

H110 Series Hydraulic ClutchesH110 Series Hydraulic Clutches

P130 Series Pneumatic ClutchesP130 Series Pneumatic Clutches

P140 Series Pneumatic ClutchesP140 Series Pneumatic Clutches

PTO Clutches

  • PC (Primary Clutch) design requires a brushholder to carry current from the power source to the rotating magnet.
  • SF (Stationary Field) clutch design consists of a bearing mounted magnet assembly, or field, a rotor assembly, and an armature assembly.
  • CMS 250 Series Commercial MagStop clutch/brakes are designed for heavy-duty mowers.
  • Commercial MagStop clutch/brakes for heavy-duty mowers for large grounds maintenance requirements.
  • GT300 clutch/brake model features a triple-groove pulley to accommodate multiple v-belts.
  • BBC-II Blade Brake Clutches (BBCs) are engaged by actuating the operator presence lever and pushing the blade engagement handle.
  • Residential MagStop (RMS) clutch/brakes for mower decks and other implements controlled by a dashboard switch.
  • TG2000 incorporates the features of the Commercial MagStop clutch/brakes into a design specifically for tractors.

PC Design Primary ClutchPC Design Primary Clutch (Off-Highway)

Commercial Magstop Clutch BrakeMagstop Clutch/Brake (Commercial Mower)

RMS Clutch BrakeRMS Clutch/Brake (Tractor/Mower)

SF Design Stationary Field ClutchSF Design Stationary Field Clutch (Off-Highway)

GT 300 Clutch BrakesGT 300 Clutch/Brake (Commercial Mower)

TG 2000 MagStopTG 2000 MagStop (Tractor/Mower)

CMS 250 Clutch BrakeCMS 250 Clutch/Brake (Commercial Mower)

BBC-II Clutch BrakesBBC-II Clutch/Brakes (Tractor/Mower)

Shaft Mounted Clutches

E210 VAR ClutchesE210 Series Shaft Mounted Clutches

SFP Shaft Mounted ClutchesPackaged Stationary Shaft Mounted Clutches

E220 VAR 02 ClutchesE220 Series Shaft Mounted Clutches

SFM VAR ClutchesSFM Series Shaft Mounted Clutches

Electro ClutchesShaft Mounted Electro Clutches (EC)

Tooth Clutches

E320 VAR 00 / VAR 10 / VAR 04 / VAR 14 Tooth ClutchE320 Electro-Magnetic Toothed Clutch

E330 VAR 04 VAR 14 ClutchE330 Electro-Magnetic Toothed Clutch

P310 VAR 00 VAR 10 ClutchP310 Pneumetic Toothed Clutch

Vehicular Clutches

Accessory Drive ClutchesAccessory Drive Clutches

Pump Clutches For Hydraulic SystemsPump Clutches for Hydraulic Systems

AC Compressor ClutchesAC Compressor Clutches

Cooling Fan Drive ClutchesCooling Fan Drive Clutches

Wrap Spring Clutches, Brakes, and Clutch/Brakes

European HoldingHolding (European)

European StartingStarting (European)

North American WSC Series ClutchWSC Series Clutch (North America)

European IndexingIndexing (European)

North American Standard CB Series Clutch BrakeStandard CB Series Clutch Brake (North America)

European SlippingSlipping (European)

North American Super CB Series Clutch BrakeSuper CB Series Clutch Brake (North America)

Basic Design Brake Products

  • E510 Brake consists of a magnet, armature and mounting hub for direct mounting to the driven shaft.
  • E520 Brake consists of a magnet armature and mounting hub for mounting to a driven sheave or sprocket.
  • MB Motor Brake: MB motor brakes are composed of a PB brake mounted on a NEMA C-face adapter and cover assembly.
  • PB Brake: PB Series brakes consist of a magnet, armature and mounting hub in a simple and extremely compact design.
  • PBM Motor Brake: Single friction face brakes, activated by power on, and electrically operated.

MB Series BrakesMB Series Brakes

PBM Series BrakesPBM Series Brakes

PB Series BrakesPB Series Brakes

Caliper, Centrifugal, Fail-Safe, and Motor Brakes

  • ERS VAR-11 is an electrically released caliper brake which operates in static and/or emergency stops.
  • FC-G-C410 centrifugal brake is composed of two parts: the core, mandatory driving, integral with two fly-weights and return springs, and the drum connected to the clutch assembly or to a fixed brake assembly.
  • Pan-Cake (PK) brakes are pre-assembled on/off dry electromagnetic brakes used for parking, emergency, and service braking.
  • CBTB electomagnetic axle brakes are specifically for use on electric-powered, dual-drive vehicles.
  • Pan-Cake (EOP Captive) brakes are pre-assembled on/off dry electromagnetic brakes used for parking and emergency only.
  • XS Brakes are highly reliable devices designed as statically engaged/disengaged holding brake.
  • AP Brakes electromagnetic, spring-applied brakes for very flat, low profile, limited space applications.
  • ERX Series spring-operated, pre-assembled, electromagnetic brakes for parking and emergency stop.
  • Sensor WES is a contactless monitoring solution for detection of strokes, especially on spring applied brakes with noise damping systems.

ERS VAR-11-01 Electrically Released Brake Caliper ERS Electrically Released Brake

C-Face Power-Off Brakes with Heavy Duty EnclosuresC-Face Power-Off Motor Brakes w/Heavy Duty Enclosures

Warner PK Pancake Enclosed BrakesPK (Very Thin) Enclosed Brakes

Warner X-Small BrakeX-Small Brakes

Warner Sensor WESSensor WES

FC-G-C410 BrakeCentrifugal FC-G-C410 Brake

Double C-Face Power-Off Motor BrakesDouble C-Face Power-Off Motor Brakes

Warner CBTB BrakesWarner CBTB Brakes

Warner AP BrakesAP Brakes

C-Face Power-Off Motor BrakesC-Face Power-Off Motor Brakes

Warner PK Pancake BrakesPK (Very Thin) Brakes

Warner EOP Spring-Applied Motor BrakeEOP Spring-Applied Motor Brake

Warner ERX Series Brakes ERX Series Brakes

Vertical Lifting Brakes

Warner ERS Fenix 08 Electrically Released BrakesERS Fenix 08 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS VAR 07 02 Electrically Released Failsafe BrakeERS VAR 07 02 Electrically Released Failsafe Brake

Warner CBCx-001 SwitchWarner CBCx-001 Switch

Warner ERS Fenix 09 Electrically Released BrakesERS Fenix 09 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS VAR 15 Electrically Released BrakesERS VAR 15 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS VAR 11-01 Electrically Released BrakesERS VAR 11-01 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS Fenix 10 Electrically Released BrakesERS Fenix 10 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS VAR 07 Electrically Released BrakesERS VAR 07 Electrically Released Brakes

Warner ERS VAR 14 Electrically Released BrakesERS VAR 14 Electrically Released Brakes

FB, ER, ERS, ERD Series

  • FB Series permanent magnet brakes for frequent cycling applications which regularly engage the brake to stop a moving load.
  • ER Series dynamic engagement brakes must be engaged while the shaft is in motion.
  • ERS Series are spring-set, electrically released brakes designed to provide holding functions as well as dynamic stopping in emergency situations.
  • ERD Series brakes are designed to safely keep the load in position in the event of a power or motor failure, whether intentional or accidental.


FB Series BrakesFB Series Brakes

ERD Series BrakesERD Series Brakes

Warner ERD H Hydraulic Amplified Electrically Released BrakeERD H Hydraulic Amplified Electrically Released Brake

ERS Series BrakesERS Series Brakes

Warner ERD Electrically Released Dynamic BrakeERD Electrically Released Dynamic Brake

ER Series BrakesER Series Brakes

Warner ERD HBF Electrically Released Bi-functional BrakeERD HBF Electrically Released Bi-functional Brake

WR Series

  • WR-180 brakes are an extremely compact design intended for use in static applications.
  • WR-198 brakes can be used for both static and semi-dynamic applications.
  • WR-213 series is ideally suited for the powered wheelchair and scooter markets.
  • WR218/WR220/WR225 static holding, spring applied, electrical and manual released brakes.
  • WR-Thin WR230/WR240/WR250 pre-assembled on/off dry failsafe electromagnetic brakes, highly reliable, and compact for static engagement.

WR180 BrakeWR180 Brake

WR218 VAR 00 Static Holding BrakeWR218 VAR 00 Static Holding Brake

WR220 VAR22 Static Holding BrakeWR220 VAR22 Static Holding Brake

WR198 BrakeWR198 Brake

WR218 VAR 22 VAR 23 Static Holding BrakeWR218 VAR 22 VAR 23 Static Holding Brake

WR225 VAR 00 Static Holding BrakeWR225 VAR 00 Static Holding Brake

WR213 BrakeWR213 Brake

WR220 VAR 00 Static Holding BrakeWR220 VAR 00 Static Holding Brake

Warner WR-Thin WR230 WR240 WR250WR-Thin WR230/WR240/WR250

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Brakes

H420 Series Hydraulic BrakesH420 Series Hydraulic Brakes

P520 Series Pneumatic BrakesP520 Series Pneumatic Brakes

P620 Series Pneumatic BrakesP620 Series Pneumatic Brakes

Shaft Mounted, Tooth, and Trailer Brakes

  • EB Series Electro Brakes mount directly on a motor or through shaft for basic braking functions.
  • E710/720 electrically released, tooth operated brake activated by spring pressure.

EB Series Electro BrakesEB Series Electro Shaft Mounted

Trailer Wheel BrakesTrailer Wheel Brakes

E710 VAR00 Tooth BrakeE710 VAR00 Tooth Brake

E720 VAR00 Tooth BrakeE720 VAR00 Tooth Brake

Basic Design Clutch/Brake Products

  • PCBC Primary Clutch/Brake Coupling: The PCBC clutch/brake coupling series combines a PCC clutch coupling with a PB brake.
  • SFPBC Stationary Field Clutch/Brake Coupling: The SFPBC clutch/brake coupling series combines a SFC clutch coupling with a PB brake.

PCBC Series Clutch BrakePCBC Series Clutch/Brakes

SFPBC Series Clutch BrakeSFPBC Series Clutch/Brakes

Foot Mounted and Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes

Electro Pack performance products are offered as clutches, brakes, and clutch/brake combinations, and can be base mounted, shaft mounted, or installed on or between C-face motors and reducers.

Electro Pack Clutches and BrakesElectro Pack Foot Mounted

Washdown Electro PackWashdown Electro Pack Foot Mounted

Fractional HP Clutches BrakesFractional HP Shaft Mounted

Clutch and Brake Controls

Adjustable Accel-Decel CBC-1825RAdjustable Accel-Decel CBC-1825R

Panel Mounted ControlsPanel Mounted On/Off Controls

Positioning ControlsCBPC Positioning Control

Adjustable TorquesAdjustable Torque Controls

Plug In Octal Socket ControlsPlug In Octal Socket On/Off Controls

Tension ControlsTension Controls

Integral Conduit Box Mounted ControlsIntegral Conduit Box Mounted On/Off Controls

OverexcitationOverexcitation Controls

Wrap Spring ControlsWrap Spring Controls

Coil Products

Encapsulated CoilsEncapsulated Coils

Freestanding and Bobbin Wound Electromagnetic CoilsFreestanding/Bobbin Wound Electromagnetic Coils

Sensors and Switches

Sensors and Safety SwitchesSensors/Safety Switches

Torque Control Products

Magnetic Capping Headsets and ChucksMagnetic Capping Headsets/Chucks

MTB Series Modular TensionMTB Series Modular Tension

Permanent Magnet Clutches and BrakesPermanent Magnet Clutches/Brakes

Ultrasonic SensorsUltrasonic Sensors

ATT Series Advanced TechnologyATT Series Advanced Technology

TB Series Basic TensionTB Series Basic Tension

Pivot Point SensorsPivot Point Sensors

Torque LimitersTorque Limiters

M Series Permanent MagnetM Series Permanent Magnet

Magnetic Particle Clutches and BrakesMagnetic Particle Clutches/Brakes

Rotary Position Sensors BTCS620Rotary Position Sensors BTCS620

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