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We Supply QUICK FLEX Couplings – Recently Added to Timken-Owned Lovejoy

Quick Flex CouplingsWhen your equipment operates in harsh environments, you need products you can count on, like Lovejoy QUICK FLEX elastomeric couplings. They are durable enough to face extreme challenges, yet need minimal maintenance. They are easy to install and require no lubrication. With a lifespan that may last as long as your equipment, overall cost of ownership remains low. Whatever your application demands, you’ll find a wide range of QUICK FLEX couplings designed to suit your needs.

QUICK FLEX Coupling Features

  • Solid and split covers are designed to accommodate higher speeds and increased torque
  • Inherently balanced from precision machining for high-speed applications
  • Design dampens torsional vibration and shock to help extend life of the coupling and surrounding components
  • QUICK FLEX inserts help reduce downtime and replacement costs because inserts can be replaced without moving or disassembling the driving or driven equipment
QUICK FLEX Coupling Insert


QUICK FLEX couplings provide a solution to a wide variety of coupling applications. The only replacement part needed is the insert itself and it can be replaced in a matter of minutes without removing the hubs.

Because there is no metal-to-metal contact, you’ll save money by avoiding damage to hubs or other metal components. A stainless-steel option of each coupling is also available for harsh environments. These couplings withstand up to 2 degrees of misalignment, as well as dampening vibration and shock loads.

QUICK FLEX Standard Couplings Product Information

  • Twelve sizes with bores ranging from ranging from 9.4 mm to 285 mm, 0.37 inches to 11.25 inches
  • Designed for continuous torque levels from 0.043 kNm to 188.8 kNm, 377 in-lbs to 1,670,826 in-lbs
  • Designed for peak torque levels from 0.085 kNm to 377.5 kNm, 754 in-lbs to 3,341,562 in-lbs
  • Couplings accept shaft misalignment, up to 2 degrees
  • Split cover options help resist axial separating force under high torque
  • Standard and double-ended spacer couplings available for shaft separations of 25.4 mm to 3,048 mm, 1 inch to 120 inches, for increased application acceptance
  • Four bore options available to meet customers’ needs:
    1) Bored, keyed and set screws style – clearance and interference fit; 2) Bushing style; 3) Splined style; and 4) Mill motor style
  • Four insert choices for varying torque needs and temperature ranges up to 177 °C (350 °F)
QUICK FLEX Standard Couplings

QUICK FLEX Standard Couplings


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