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BANDO USA Power King & Power Ace V-Belts from ISC Companies

Bando USA Brand LogoAs an authorized distributor of BANDO and as our 2021 strategic partner within the Affiliated Distributors Association, ISC Companies is proud to offer the full line of BANDO industrial power transmission belts and products.

Two popular BANDO product lines are the Power KingĀ® classical V-belts and the Power AceĀ® narrow profile V-belts.

Power King (A, B, C, D, E)

BANDO’s continuous improvements in materials, design, and manufacturing methods make the Power King classical cross section belt the workhorse of industry.Bando Power King Post Pic

  • Bias cut, rubber impregnated fabric cover provides superior flexibility and friction resistance. Oil and heat resistant.
  • Ultra high strength polyester cords provide fatigue resistance and length stability.
  • A specially compounded rubber body reduces heat build-up, while firmly supporting the cords to maintain uniform load distribution.
  • Meets RMA standards for oil and heat resistance and static conductivity.

Power Ace (3V, 5V, 8V)

BANDO’s Power Ace narrow profile V-belt transmits power more efficiently and effectively, delivering higher horsepower ratings than classical cross section belts. Power Ace should be considered for any new drive application, as they can transmit the same load as classical belts in 1/2 to 2/3 the space.Bando Power Ace Post Pic

  • The special bias cut angle of the cover fabric reduces stress as the belt bends around sheaves, lowering heat build up that shortens belt life.
  • Extra strong polyester cords are treated for fatigue, stretch resistance and adhesion to ensure the longest possible belt life.
  • The rubber compound of the body is engineered to maintain structural uniformity while allowing flexibility to reduce heat build up.
  • Meets RMA standards for oil and heat resistance and static conductivity.

Power King Cog & Power Ace Cog (AX, BX, CX)

Using BANDO Power King Cog and Power Ace Cog V-belts can help you save on energy consumption and costs. The precision-molded, raw edge cogged construction transfers power with greater efficiency, allowing for smaller sheave sizes and increased power transmission capabilities.Power King Cog Post Pic

  • The bias cut cover stock provides lateral stability across the width of the belt while allowing axial flexibility.
  • Stability, cord integrity, and uniform distribution of load transmission is maintained through the use of BANPRENE cushion stock.
  • The fiber-loaded cogged construction provides flexibility while minimizing heat build-up.
  • Meets RMA standards for oil and heat resistance and static conductivity.

For more information about the products we offer from BANDO, visit our dedicated brand page.