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Renold Jeffrey Hydro-Service chains are treated with a mechanical zinc plating process with additional coatings applied for extra corrosion protection. The corrosion resistance of this coating in wet, humid, saltwater or other moisture-related applications is superior to standard nickel or zinc plating.

Unlike some products treated in a similar way for corrosion resistance, Hydro-Service chain is hexavalent chrome-free, ensuring that it is safe and environmentally friendly. This coating can be applied to standard or adapted, BS or ANSI chain.

All components of the Hydro-Service chain are treated prior to assembly in order to achieve full coverage and protection of all vital surfaces, not just visible external surfaces. This helps improve chain wear life and protect against corrosion-related pin and bushing failures. Unlike nickel or zinc platings, the Hydro-Service treatment will not chip or peel. This extremely durable coating will continue to provide exceptional protection where other treatments fail.

Renold Jeffrey Hydro Service Chain Technical Document


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hexavalent chrome-freeRenold Hydro-Service Chain Shot
  • No hydrogen embrittlement failures
  • More economical than stainless steel chain
  • Same strength and working loads as carbon steel chains
  • 30 times the corrosion protection of conventional surface treatments
  • 350 hours corrosion protection during salt spray tests to DIN 50021
  • Plates and rollers shot peened to exact specifications
  • Lubrication that improves wear performance


  • Packaging
  • Sea water environments
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Wash down equipment
  • Outdoor applications

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