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NEW NexSafe Rod Locks, Rail Brakes & Servomotor Brakes from Nexen

As an authorized distributor of Nexen Group, ISC Companies is now offering the new line of NexSafe™ Certified Safety Products.

NexSafe from Nexen LogoNexSafe Functional Safety certified Rod Locks, Rail Brakes, and Servomotor Brakes provide a verified, reliable solution that machine builders can depend on. With ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety Certification by Intertek©, these products can be used on a machine for operations such as holding, emergency stopping, or positioning. ISO 13849-1 is a safety standard that assists in the design and integration of safety related parts in control systems or machines. This safety standard includes a system of categorizing the risk a machine poses, and the safety functions to mitigate that risk.

NexSafe products are ideal for applications where safety is a priority. With spring-engaged, air-released functionality, NexSafe products are default to lock, perfect for emergency stopping and holding applications. Optional operating mode sensors further ensure NexSafe products are an ideal fit for safety channels designed for ISO 13849-1 Categories B through 4 and Performance Levels PLa through PLe.

NexSafe Safety Certified Rod Lock for Pneumatic Cylinders or Round Shafts/Rails

  • Precision holding with guide rod systems and NFPA or ISO cylinders
  • Large clamping area means no rod wearNexSafe Functional Safety Certified Rod Lock
  • Can be stacked for additional force
  • Meets IP67 standards
  • Emergency stopping and holding
  • Spring-engaged, air-released
  • Extremely low backlash
  • Can be used in all orientations
  • Cylinder mount or stand alone

NexSafe Safety Certified Rail Brake for Linear/Profile Rails and Guides

  • Compact and powerful
  • Compatible with most profile guide rails and carriagesNexSafe Functional Safety-Certified Brakes for Linear Guides
  • Emergency stopping and holding
  • Brake geometry matches rail system
  • Models to fit most guide rail systems
  • High clamping force
  • Low backlash
  • Spring-engaged, air-released
  • Holds in all orientations

NexSafe Safety Certified Servomotor Brake Mount Directly to Servomotor Flange

  • Powerful, high-torque
  • Installed between the servomotor and gearboxNexSafe Functional Safety Certified Servomotor Brake
  • Sizes to fit all servomotors
  • Meets IP67 standards
  • Emergency stopping and holding
  • Enough torque to stall servomotor
  • Spring-engaged, air-released
  • Zero backlash
  • Long facing life
  • Can be used in all orientations
  • Low inertia

Optional Operating Mode Sensors

Optional operating mode sensor(s) are available for all three Nexsafe product lines and can be used to signal engagement, disengagement, or wear.

ISC Companies and Adams-ISC are distributors of Nexen products. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form.