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Renold Jeffrey Synergy Transmission Chain

Strong. Powerful. Even Better Performance.

RJ_logoRenold Synergy has achieved an unsurpassed reputation as the only true high performance roller chain on the market. This is based not only on the years of research and testing that went into its design, but also the response of engineers around the world who have endorsed the wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and exceptional working life they have achieved by specifying Renold Synergy.

Improved fatigue resistance

Plate and connecting link design optimizes stress distribution and fatigue performance. Synergy performs, on average, 30 percent better than other brands under repeated shock loading and continual heavy loads.

Better wear resistance

Independent tests show Renold Synergy performed up to six times better than the highest quality competitor’s chain.

Built to perform

Each component of Renold Synergy is engineered to perfection using cutting-edge design tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It all adds up to chain performance that exceeds the sum of its parts.




The Best Just Got Better…

New specially formulated lubricant has improved initial wear life by up to 50%. Renold Synergy should be lubricated as normal when in operation.

Available in ANSI Standard sizes ranging from 35 to 160 in simplex, duplex, and triplex construction. Available in British Standard sizes ranging from 06B to 24B in simplex, duplex, and triplex construction.

Renold Synergy is simply the best roller chain on the market.

  • Plate Shape – wide waist profile for improved stress distribution; plate thickness maximized within the constraints of the Standard.
  • Bushes – solid extruded bush provides improved roundness and strength compared to curled bushes. Profiled ends improve bearing area and extend wear life.
  • Hole Quality – triple punch holing ensures controlled positional location of pin and bushing for even wear.
  • Interference Fits – optimized to ensure maximize fatigue life.
  • Fatigue Resistance – pre-stressed surfaces increase fatigue resistance.
  • Wear Resistance – profiled components and special pin surface coating enhance wear resistance.
  • Connecting Link – unique in design, allowing for a chain system with no component weaker than another.
  • Exclusive! Unique end-softened pins are cut to length quickly and cleanly using just one tool. Get up and running faster than ever before.


Renold Jeffrey Synergy Flyer

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