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The new Tsubaki (UST) Super Stainless™ chain has the corrosion resistance of stainless steel chain combined with the strength of carbon steel chain. It can be paired with UST’s Super Stainless attachments and sprockets to create a reliable system that withstands extreme conditions while providing superior wear life.

You won’t have to do a complete system overhaul to accommodate multi-strand or larger-pitch chains, because Super Stainless chain can replace carbon steel chain one-for-one. This helps reduce cost while operating with the same loads as standard carbon steel chain.


One number 50 Super Stainless chain has the same maximum allowable load as one equivalent 50 carbon steel chain (1,430 lbs. max. allowable load), and exceeds that of one 50-6 600 (AS) series chain (1,386 lbs. max. allowable load).

Super Stainless Strength

Only stainless steel can withstand the harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and high moisture levels present in food-safe and cleanroom environments. Super Stainless is the highest-strength roller chain solution at elevated temperatures and resists a wide range of corrosive conditions such as acids , caustics, alkalis, tap water, and salt water

Ideal Super Stainless Chain Applications

  • FreezersSuper Stainless Applications
  • Food Processing
  • Food Packaging
  • Underwater Applications
  • Splashdown Applications
  • Cleanroom Applications
  • High-Speed Conveyors
  • High-Temperature Ovens


Super Stainless chain offers a higher side-bar waist and greater fatigue strength, as well as hardened pins and bushings. The result is a 100% compliant ASME B29.1 roller chain made entirely of stainless steel.

Super Stainless Features

Super Stainless Brochure

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